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C6 A Blind Date(2)

Yes, she was an orphan raised by her uncle and aunt.

Although becoming an orphan was not something she was willing to do, when she was married, most families were unwilling to marry a girl whose parents had both died. They felt that this kind of girl could lead to misfortune.

She had previously also had a boyfriend, but in the end, none of them were able to enter the marriage hall with her.

The repeated failures of her relationship made her disinclined to pursue love. She could only silently accept the blind date that her aunt had arranged for her.

Chu Zeyan was not the first person to be introduced to her. When the first few people heard that she was an orphan, they immediately left. Only Chu Zeyan took a fancy to her appearance.

In addition, Chu Zeyan's mother was a tough person. She did not believe that her daughter-in-law would harm her, so she did not stop Chu Zeyan.

Thus, the two of them, who had just met last month, decided to get married just like that.

Ye Xiangwan originally planned to hold a wedding in three months, but she did not expect Chu Zeyan to be arrested two days ago.

Ye Xiangwan originally had no feelings for Chu Zeyan, but she felt that her aunt was quite tired of this matter. She was indeed not in the mood to find a boyfriend. Chu Zeyan did not dislike her, and she also did not dislike Chu Zeyan. She wanted to spend the rest of her life like this.

However, that day, she saw Chu Zeyan come out of the room naked. There were traces of sexual intercourse on his body, and at that time, she felt that he was very disgusting.

After returning home, she was filled with disgust towards him. Coupled with the fact that Chu Zeyan was too lazy to explain to her, Ye Xiangwan decided that she would not marry him.

There were so many men in the world. Other than Chu Zeyan, could it be that she could not find a good man?

Her conditions were not good. At most, she could find a man with the same family background as her. At least the man who did not have so much money to squander at home would not be as dirty as Chu Zeyan.

Ye Xiangwan looked up at her aunt's angry face. She adjusted her mood and smiled. "Listen to me first. "

Yao Siyu did not respond to her.

She slowly said, "You and uncle worked hard to raise me even though you do not expect me to repay you. I hope I can make your life better in the future. My husband and I will have enough money to pay respects to you and uncle. So I clearly knew that Chu Zeyan wasn't a good person. I also agreed to this marriage. "

"But, before I married Chu Zeyan, he ignored me. He slept with my classmate and was caught by me, but he still acted like he didn't care. It's been three days, and he doesn't want to apologize to me at all. "

"He doesn't take me seriously at all. Even if his family has money, do I have a share? When I marry him in the future, can I use a single cent of his money? Having such a husband, When that time comes, my life will be very tough. How can I be filial to you and uncle?"

When Ye Xiangwan started to analyze, Yao Siyu's attitude changed.

When Ye Xiangwan said that they raised her but did not ask for anything in return, she felt a little awkward.

But very quickly her attention was attracted by the following words.

That's right. She wanted Ye Xiangwan to compromise and marry into the Chu family. She hoped that she could please the Chu family and gain some benefits in the future.

However, Chu Zeyan obviously didn't care about Ye Xiangwan. She couldn't hope that Ye Xiangwan could get money from Chu Zeyan.

Instead of letting Ye Xiangwan marry Chu Zeyan, she might as well find a new man for Ye Xiangwan.

Even if that man's family background was slightly worse, it did not matter. As long as he liked Ye Xiangwan enough and listened to Ye Xiangwan's words, it would be natural for Ye Xiangwan to take the money to subsidize them.

No matter how rich the Chu family was, Ye Xiangwan would not be able to obtain any benefits from the Chu family.

After figuring this out, Yao Siyu was no longer as opposed to Ye Xiangwan's decision to break up with Chu Zeyan.

Of course, on the surface, she still had to put on an act. Otherwise, it would appear that she really coveted that bit of money.

Yao Siyu acted like a kind elder.

She touched Ye Xiangwan's hand and said earnestly, "I know you don't like Chu Zeyan. Now that something like this has happened, you don't want to talk to him anymore. But I'm useless. I don't have many friends around me. I can't find a man who is richer than Chu Zeyan. You lost your parents when you were three. Your uncle and I raised you like our own daughter. You suffered so much when you were young, how could your uncle and I bear to let you suffer for the rest of your life? If you marry someone rich. . . At least you can rely on him without having to work every day. Why don't you understand my painstaking efforts?"

Ye Xiangwan had a touched smile on her face.

She lowered her head and saw Yao Siyu caressing the back of her hand. She turned a blind eye.

Even though she felt Yao Siyu's "gentleness," she did not feel touched at all.

Because she was used to her aunt's attitude towards her since she was very young.

Her acting skills and her disguise were also learned in this family.

Her aunt and cousin were not easy to deal with.

Only her uncle truly cared about her. So even if her aunt and cousin were hypocritical to the point that she disliked them, she was willing to act with them just to make her uncle feel comfortable.

After her parents died in a car accident when she was three years old, her uncle was the only one who loved her.

She could not bear to see her uncle unhappy. She couldn't bear to let her uncle worry about her.

Even though the scene of her and her aunt playing harmoniously was disgusting, she never showed any emotion.

"Aunt, I understand. You want me to live a happy life in the future, but Chu Zeyan is really not a good husband candidate. I don't want to continue with him. "

Ye Xiangwan looked up and showed a troubled expression.

Yao Siyu pretended to be silent for a moment and then she let out a long sigh.

She patted the back of Ye Xiangwan's hand and said helplessly, "Okay. If you don't want to be with him anymore, I will find you some suitable men. Go to the blind date. If you think someone is better than Chu Zeyan, then break up with him. If you think those people are not as good as Chu Zeyan. . . Don't break up with him. "

"Thank you, Aunt. "

Seeing Yao Siyu finally agree to her, Ye Xiangwan revealed a smile.

This was really not easy.

She was tired of acting day after day, especially when her cousin was going home in a few days.

It was already enough for her to suffer when she faced her aunt alone. Her cousin, who was better at pretending to be weak, was coming back soon. She was really going to go crazy.

She agreed to blind date because she wanted to get married and leave this family as soon as possible.

She admitted that she was a contradictory person.

On one hand, she was extremely greedy for the warmth that her uncle gave her and was unwilling to leave her uncle. On the other hand, she hated the hypocrisy of her aunt and cousin, and she desperately wanted to leave this family and have a family that belonged to her.

She hoped that this time, she could find a more reliable man.

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