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Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C7 A Weird Blind Date
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C7 A Weird Blind Date

Yao Siyu's speed was extremely fast. In just a day, she had already contacted a blind date target.

Ye Xiangwan sat on the bus waiting chair opposite the western restaurant and looked at the quiet and luxurious western restaurant.

Her blind date target was inside.

According to her aunt, the condition of the blind date target was really not bad.

He was twenty-seven years old, and was a sportsman specializing in longevity. He went to an ordinary university and had just graduated two years ago.

Originally, after he graduated, he was assigned to a junior high school sports teacher. However, this person was ambitious. He took a loan to set up a health room. It started with a small scale. In these two years, he slowly expanded his business. Now, his annual income was about one or two million.

These people usually had long legs.

Anyway, as long as his legs were long enough, he could barely be considered a handsome man.

So when her aunt introduced him, Ye Xiangwan's first impression of this person was quite good. It was included in the scope that she could consider.

However, when Ye Xiangwan told her good friend that the person she was going to meet today was called Cheng Haomiao, her friend slammed the table and told her one thing.

"Are you talking about Cheng Haomiao? I know him! Before our hometown was demolished, he lived in the same neighborhood as me. I saw him a few times when I was young. He was smart, ambitious, and gentle since he was young. He looked like a good kid, but his feet stink!"

"Don't take the smell of his feet seriously. His feet stink! All the boys in the neighborhood like to play basketball. There was one time when he played basketball with a few guys, and someone accidentally stepped on him when he tried to snatch the ball. He stepped off his shoe. Oh my god, when the wind blew, Even I, who was walking down the aisle, smelled that smell. I can't stand it!"

"Ye Xiangwan, if you find such a man, from now on, even if you spray perfume every day, it will be useless!"

"If you marry him, then I really won't go to your house again!"

Ye Xiangwan rubbed her aching neck and looked up at the sky.

She did not discriminate against men with stinky feet.


But her best friend had said that the man named Cheng Haomiao had stinky feet since he was young. His parents had tried many methods but to no avail.

Because of those stinky feet, Cheng Haomiao was famous throughout the entire neighborhood.

Ye Xiangwan had originally advised herself not to be too pretentious and not to fuss over the problem of his stinky feet. But when she took the bus today, an uncle beside her took off his leather shoes due to the heat. That taste smoked Ye Xiangwan all the way.

An entire twenty minutes of suffering made Ye Xiangwan change her original intention.

She did not discriminate against smelly feet, but she could not tolerate Cheng Haomiao spending the rest of his life with her.

"Since I am already here, if Aunt knew that I did not meet him, she would definitely scold me. "

Ye Xiangwan sighed.

She should go in and meet him.

In a while, her performance was slightly worse, so he would dislike her first. That would be good.

She had given him enough face!

With this kind of guilty feeling, Ye Xiangwan walked into the western restaurant.

Aunt said that her blind date partner was wearing a brown shirt and a dark brown tie. There was a book on the left side of his hand and his phone was placed on the book.

Ye Xiangwan eliminated all of these conditions and finally found a man who met the requirements in the southwest corner.

That man didn't have a black suit on him?

It should be because the weather was hot. So he didn't wear a suit, right?

It was almost 28 degrees outside.

Ye Xiangwan took a deep breath, took out her best preparation state, and headed towards him.

Qin Jingxuan sat alone in the southwest corner. He only ordered a cup of tea and did not order anything for the time being.

The person he was waiting for had not arrived yet.

He picked up the teacup and took a sip of the fragrant tea.

When Qin Jingxuan put down the teacup, he inadvertently glanced over and saw a person standing not far away looking at him.

He frowned.

Why did he meet her again?

Ye Xiangwan smiled and sat down on the chair opposite Qin Jingxuan.

She had only met Qin Jingxuan once that day. Her bad habit caused her memory to drop a little. She could not recognize Qin Jingxuan.

On the other hand, Qin Jingxuan had long recognized that she was the woman who sold herself in front of the elevator.

He silently looked at Ye Xiangwan.

He seemed to have never seen this woman before. Why was she so rude as to sit opposite him?

His nephew would be here soon.

After Ye Xiangwan sat down, she first took a close look at her blind date target.

He was wearing a brown suit. This color was neither too bright nor too rigid. This color was able to show a mature man's calmness and restraint very well.

Not only was he suitable for this color, but he also complemented this color. He was originally very good-looking. He put on his shirt and quietly sat there. Without a doubt, he was like the most beautiful scenery.

Ye Xiangwan could not help but feel a little pity.

He was so beautiful, but why did he have a problem that could not be cured? If it was another woman, she would probably accept a handsome man like him. But she really couldn't accept him.

She adjusted her mood and smiled at the man opposite her. "Sorry to keep you waiting. "

Qin Jingxuan glanced at Ye Xiangwan lightly. His slender fingers caressed the porcelain teacup, but there was no reaction.

In fact, he did not have a good impression of Ye Xiangwan.

Any self-disciplined man would not have a good impression of prostitutes.

He did not discriminate against the weak. He admitted that some women were forced to become prostitutes. However, not discriminating did not mean that he could calmly like them.

He could tolerate her sitting across from him. He felt that he was already well-educated enough.

"Mr. Cheng?"

Ye Xiangwan saw that he was only casually stroking the teacup and did not speak, so she carefully called out to him.

In her heart, there was a voice saying, Didn't he come to the blind date? When he saw me, why didn't he show any hospitality? I'm a little beauty after all!

Mr. Cheng? Qin Jingxuan was startled when he heard this.

So she had mistaken him for someone else.

When he realized that this woman did not approach him for no reason, his mood became slightly better.

His slender fingers left the teacup and lazily leaned against the circular sofa.

"Mr. Cheng, hello. My name is Ye Xiangwan. I am your blind date partner. "

Ye Xiangwan smiled and introduced herself.

Although she was smiling, she thought that he was really rude. He even ignored her.

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