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C8 Wrong

She didn't care anymore. In any case, she didn't really plan to succeed with this person's blind date. Since he didn't care about her, then she could do whatever she wanted.

It would be best to make his impression of her a little worse. Then she could tell her aunt that Mr. Cheng didn't fancy her at all.

After making up her mind, Ye Xiangwan picked up a thick menu on the table and raised her hand to call for the waiter.

It was a very stylish western restaurant. Even the menu was very exquisite.

Ye Xiangwan flipped through the menu and said to the man opposite her, "I have never been to such a high-end restaurant before. I don't have money, and I can't bear to spend money. "

The waiter in a small suit thought he was the best in the group of people during training. At this moment, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch when he heard this.

It was really embarrassing to say such things to an elegant man in a high-end western restaurant.

Ye Xiangwan pretended to finish speaking for a moment before she reacted. She looked up and smiled awkwardly at Qin Jingxuan. She said, "I'm sorry. I'm just like this. I can say anything when I'm happy. You don't mind, do you?"

Qin Jingxuan was about to take the teacup and drive her away, but he suddenly gave up the idea.

He was a little curious. This woman seemed to have met the Mr. Cheng she mentioned for the first time. Otherwise, she would not have mistaken him for someone else.

But what exactly did she want to do?

Could it be that she was dissatisfied with the blind date?

She was quite interesting.

Ye Xiangwan saw that Qin Jingxuan did not speak and thought that her first step had yielded results. He began to dislike her.

She was very satisfied with her acting skills.

Ye Xiangwan lowered her head and continued to flip the menu. Suddenly, she called out in surprise.

The waiter was also shocked.

"Oh my god, the price for the cream mushroom chicken antler soup is 398 yuan!"

Ye Xiangwan pointed to the soup on the menu and said in surprise, "It's just a little chicken and a little mushroom. Yesterday when I went to the market, the chicken was only 16 yuan per jin and the mushroom was only 12 yuan per jin. Is there any chicken and mushroom in this soup?"

Ye Xiangwan turned her head and looked at the waiter.

The waiter's professional smile cracked.

His good character told him that he could not be rude to the customers at this moment.

"Miss, the dishes in our restaurant are all meticulously cooked by the chefs. . . "

"Answer my question. "

"[No. ]"

The waiter twitched his mouth and forced a smile.

Ye Xiangwan shook her head and smacked her lips. "Mr. Cheng, not me. This restaurant is too profitable. I can buy a lot of chicken and mushrooms with 100 yuan. The price of a bowl of soup in their house is 400 yuan!"

Qin Jingxuan calmly stroked his teacup and looked at what she wanted to do.

Ye Xiangwan flipped two pages and said, "Black pepper grilled meat is actually worth 399 RMB? I will sprinkle some pepper and cumin powder on the barbecue at home. It will not cost 30 RMB in total!"

The waiter could barely maintain his expression.

God, come and save him. He was about to lose control of the violence in his body.

Qin Jingxuan, who was sitting at the same table, was as quiet as he was at the beginning.

Next, Ye Xiangwan dealt a brutal blow to the restaurant's price.

"Fried shrimp toast, this is not bad!"

"What? A plate of prawn is worth 600 yuan? Are you really kidding me? I'm not eating. "

"Western beef tail soup is worth 444 yuan! The pig tail in the market! It's only a few dozen yuan per jin. I might as well buy a pig tail and cook it myself! "

"Honey-flavored salmon is worth more than 2,000 dollars? I don't want to comment. Who hasn't eaten fish meat before? "

"This is cheap, only about 40 yuan. So it's just onions, cucumbers, cherries, and tomatoes. "

After being picky about more than a dozen dishes, Ye Xiangwan finally stopped.

The waiter looked at her with a look of despair and laughed, "Miss, are you thirsty? How about I pour you a glass of juice?"

"Is this free?"

Ye Xiangwan immediately looked up and asked.

The waiter opened his mouth and did not want to speak again.

Ye Xiangwan waved her hand and said, "Forget it. Give me a cup of plain water. "

After a pause, she did not wait for the waiter to speak and asked, "Could it be that plain water is also not free?"

The corners of the waiter's mouth twitched.

Ye Xiangwan deliberately used the menu to cover half of her face and whispered to Qin Jingxuan, "A plate of fruit salad in this restaurant costs forty to fifty dollars. "

The waiter gritted his teeth and held back his itchy hands. He really wanted to hit her. However, considering that he would be fired if he hit her, he endured it!

Qin Jingxuan sat quietly on the circular sofa and looked at Ye Xiangwan.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the person he was waiting for had arrived. He slightly curled his lips and smiled very faintly.

He waved his hand, "Huaian, here. "

A tall and sunny young man walked over with a smile and saw Ye Xiangwan sitting opposite of Qin Jingxuan.

He paused.

He walked to the side hesitantly, looked at Qin Jingxuan, and then looked at Ye Xiangwan. He blinked mischievously and said, "Fourth Uncle, this can't be my fourth aunt, right?"

Ye Xiangwan froze the moment Qin Jingxuan smiled.

This smile reminded her of the embarrassing scene in Chunjiang Hotel a few days ago.

When she turned around and saw the tall and sunny young man, her heart skipped a beat. He was waiting for someone? Then I don't think I've mistaken him for someone else, right?

She didn't even have the time to ask. The young man's words stunned her.

She subconsciously shivered.

Her gaze slowly swept across the face of the young man who had just arrived. She then looked at Qin Jingxuan, who was opposite her. Ye Xiangwan was a little stunned.

This man looked to be only 27 or 28 years old.

The key was that the young man called Fourth Uncle was also in his early twenties!

Qin Jingxuan looked at Ye Xiangwan playfully. "Don't speak nonsense. "

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