Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C9 Ye Xiangwan Was Misunderstood as Qin Jingxuan's Girlfriend
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Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C9 Ye Xiangwan Was Misunderstood as Qin Jingxuan's Girlfriend
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C9 Ye Xiangwan Was Misunderstood as Qin Jingxuan's Girlfriend

Ye Xiangwan's mouth unconsciously twitched.

Qin Jingxuan seemed to wish that he could make Ye Xiangwan feel even more awkward. He looked at Ye Xiangwan and smiled.

"Miss, you have mistaken me for someone else. My surname is not Cheng. "

Ye Xiangwan sat there as if she was petrified. She suddenly did not know whether she should continue to sit or stand up and leave.

What should she do?

After a while, she gritted her teeth and asked, "You knew from the beginning that I had mistaken you for someone else?"

She thought Qin Jingxuan would at least not admit it. She did not expect him to shamelessly and calmly nod his head. He admitted it!

"So, you have always looked at me as if you were watching a joke? You never reminded me?"

Ye Xiangwan gritted her teeth again.

Qin Jingxuan slowly picked up the teacup and took a sip. "I just want to hear every customer's evaluation of the restaurant objectively as a guest. In the end, your evaluation of the restaurant is not ideal. "

"Your restaurant?"

Ye Xiangwan was stunned.

Qin Jingxuan smiled elegantly and pointed at the young man standing beside him. "This is my nephew's restaurant. "

Ye Xiangwan stared blankly at Qin Jingxuan and then raised her hand to wipe her face. She stood up and left awkwardly.

She had just left the restaurant when she hugged a billboard, hoping to hit it with her head.

What did she do?

In front of the restaurant owner, she said that the food in the restaurant was expensive and not delicious. She even said that the restaurant cheated money. She really wanted to die!

However, before she died, she had to ask the culprit first!

She took out her phone and dialed her aunt's number.

"Aunt, why isn't Cheng Haomiao here?"

"What? There was a guest in the gym, so he didn't come? Why did he do that? He didn't call to tell me that he wasn't coming!"

" I'll talk about it when I come back. "

In the restaurant.

Qin Huaian pulled out a chair and sat down. He knew Fourth Uncle was a man of few words, so he turned around and asked the waiter what had just happened.

The waiter did not know Qin Jingxuan's identity, but he knew Qin Huaian was the restaurant owner.

He looked at Qin Jingxuan hesitantly, then told him everything that had happened.

Qin Huaian stared at Qin Jingxuan with his eyes wide open.

He, Fourth Uncle, who had always been quiet and reserved, actually had such a moment!

He tolerated a strange woman making noise and criticizing the restaurant in front of him without any manners.

He knew that she had mistaken him for someone else, but he did not remind her immediately. He let her lose face like a prank.

His behavior was completely different from his usual self.

This was seriously inconsistent with his arrogant and cold personality!

Qin Huaian waved his hand and let the waiter go. He looked at Qin Jingxuan playfully.

Qin Jingxuan picked up the book next to his hand and gently threw it in front of him. "The treasured version of the 'Bay's Sacred Poetry'. This is your 21th birthday present. "

"Oh my god!"

When Qin Huaian saw the book in front of him, the mischievous look on his face instantly disappeared. He picked up the book on the table like a treasure.

He was very dissatisfied with Fourth Uncle's rude action of throwing the book over.

"Fourth Uncle, this Bay's Sacred Poetry is worth more than ten million dollars. How can you casually throw it over? "

Before Qin Jingxuan could say anything, he asked happily, "Fourth Uncle, how much did you spend to buy it?"

"I didn't spend any money. A few days ago, I went to England to borrow a friend's house. I happened to see that his grandfather's collection had this Bay's Sacred Poetry. I remembered that you always liked to collect all kinds of treasured books, so I used something to exchange for this book with my friend. "

Qin Jingxuan did not explain much. He skipped over how much money he spent in a short language.

But Qin Huaian knew that since this book was worth more than a thousand, Fourth Uncle must have paid a higher price to get it.

In an instant, he felt that he was too happy!

Although this Fourth Uncle was only a few years older than him, and he had been bullied very badly by Fourth Uncle when he was young, But now, Fourth Uncle was really good to him. In this world, he could never find an uncle who was better than Fourth Uncle. Not even his uncle and aunt were as good as Fourth Uncle!

"Fourth Uncle, I love you to death!"

Qin Huaian hugged the book and kissed it. He said happily.

Qin Jingxuan smiled. "As long as you like it. "

Although he was only five years older than Qin Huaian, he was much more mature and steady than Qin Huaian. In his eyes, Qin Huaian was just a child.

Qin Huaian carefully put the book aside and laid on the table. He held his chin and blinked at Qin Jingxuan.

Qin Jingxuan glanced at him and lowered his head to drink tea, ignoring him.

Qin Jingxuan's every move was always elegant and natural.

Qin Huaian saw that he did not have any reaction, so he said helplessly, "Fourth Uncle, you have been abroad for so many years, and now you are finally back. Why did you come to A City?"

Qin family was a big and prosperous family, and their home ground was in Jing City.

When they were young, they grew up in Jing City. He was admitted into the A University, so he came to A City. Fourth Uncle went overseas before he got into university, and he had never come back before.

As for the A City.

In his memory, only the incident from ten years ago had something to do with Fourth Uncle and the A City.

But that incident had already happened for such a long time, and everyone deliberately did not mention it. He did not know why Fourth Uncle came to A City first after returning to the country.

Qin Jingxuan's finger, which was holding the teacup, paused slightly. Then he returned to normal.

The corner of Qin Jingxuan's mouth curled into an extremely faint smile. He said, "I haven't been back for many years. I have nothing to do, so I came back to take a look. "

"You came back to pay homage to your dead love?"

Qin Huaian asked with a smile.

Qin Jingxuan raised his eyes and glanced at Qin Huaian. "Do you all think that I am a pervert who likes men?"

"I definitely don't think so!"

Qin Huaian immediately raised his hands to show his position.

Qin Jingxuan was quite satisfied when he saw Qin Huaian firmly deny it.

Finally, there was someone who believed in him.

Qin Huaian said righteously, "Who said that men who like men are abnormal? Fourth Uncle. Who dares to say that to you? I'll beat him to death for you! You like men openly and honorably. You didn't lie to others about marrying you, and you didn't hide the fact that you like men. You're more honest than anyone else. Besides, there was a good saying. The opposite sex only loves each other for the continuation of their family. Love between the same sex is true love. Fourth Uncle, I support you to the end! "

Qin Jingxuan's smile froze, and he silently swallowed his breath.

Qin Jingxuan's happy mood only lasted until this point. When he heard what Qin Huaian said after that, his heart returned to its original corner, and his heart quietly pretended to be dead.

Forget it, no one understood his loneliness.

He did not discriminate against any love. Regardless of whether it was love between the same gender or love between the opposite sex, any kind of love had the right to live.

But he had always liked women.

What he liked in his bones was women, not men.

However, this misunderstanding had been deeply planted in everyone's hearts since ten years ago. At that time, he was seventeen years old. He had tried to explain, but everyone thought that he had lost "the man he loved," and that he had pretended not to love that person after "his love was destroyed. " Everyone thought that he was lying.

This was too much.

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