Spoiled Wife: Scheming Husband is Awesome/C14 If You Want to Eat You Have to Pay a Price
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Spoiled Wife: Scheming Husband is Awesome/C14 If You Want to Eat You Have to Pay a Price
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C14 If You Want to Eat You Have to Pay a Price

Lu Ren quickly rushed over to save her dinner from Li Huai's mouth, but he was unable to do anything as he was worthy of being called a hero, being so nimble and quick.

Lu Ren looked pitifully at Li Huai Jin, who was eating with relish, with a pleading and innocent look, his eyes were filled with accusation.

However, he didn't notice it at all.

Lu Ren saw that the plate of chicken neck was about to hit the bottom. Since he couldn't take pity on it, he decided to be a bit more heartless.

"Mr. Li, do you know where all the chickens come from?"

Li Huai carefully paused for a moment, but only glanced at her once, and continued eating.

"Do you know about instant chicken? A method to allow a chicken to grow rapidly in 45 days, to let them eat some kind of hormone, maybe even to the point of having multiple chicken legs and wings! "

Lu Ren laughed coldly in his heart as he saw a certain someone's hand stop in his tracks.

"Mr. Li, do you know how to give hormones to chickens?" Lu Ren's sneer intensified as he continued, "They took the syringe and injected it into the chicken's neck."

As he finished speaking, Lu Ren crossed his legs and leaned back on the sofa. He had an arrogant air about him as he watched Li Huai Jin put down his chopsticks.

Humph … See if you can eat it?

As expected, Li Huai was unwilling to eat anymore. Seeing Lu Ran's deliberate smile, a hint of a smile flashed in the depths of his eyes.

This girl was doing everything she could!

"What? Not eating anymore?" Everyone knew the answer.

The corners of Li Huai's mouth twitched as he shook his head.

"Hehehe …" That's right, don't eat it, it's not healthy. " Lu Ren quickly pulled his body over and stretched out his hand to grab the plate. He will solve the problem himself, but …

"Since it isn't healthy, then let's just collapse!" Li Huai Jin was a step faster, his slender fingers quickly pulled at the plate, he stood up, and carried the plate towards the kitchen.

"Ah …" Li Huai Jin, you dare! "

Lu Ren finally could not hold it in anymore and shouted loudly. He charged forward once again, pouncing on Li Huai Jin's back with force. His arms were around his waist, dragging him with all his might to prevent him from destroying her dinner.

"Li Huai Jin, I'm so hungry!"

Lu Ren used all his strength to hold him back, stretching his neck and peeking out from his arm. His little face was full of pleading and anticipation as he stared at the plate of braised chicken neck with stars shining in his eyes.

Woo woo … * My dear dinner, it is my incompetence that I should let you fall into the hands of the Demon Dwellers.

I will save you no matter what!

Li Huai Jin was very pleased with the soft body that unconsciously pressed up against his back.

However, the little girl was completely unaware of it. Her entire mind was on this chicken neck, and it seemed that this red, black neck was even more charming than his, Li Huai Jin?

"You want to eat it?"

Li Huai raised his eyebrows lazily, his voice carrying a kind of evil smile.

"Mhmm!" Everyone was focused on the chicken neck, nodding their heads quickly and expectantly. He didn't even notice the gap between the two of them.

"You have to pay a price if you want to eat it!"


Lu Ren laid behind him in a daze. The two of them were silent for a moment, and then she realized that she was still pressed up against his body.

He quickly jumped away from Li Huai Jing, and Lu Ren stood at the side. Looking at his evil smile, he couldn't help but forget his pleading attitude just now. The flame of anger was like a small flame that was being poured with oil, turning into a raging fire.

"Li Huai Jin, this is my home. I made this food. Do you think I can control it?" Humph! It was obviously the Jiu Que's nest, and he was still the main guest here.

This was something intolerable!

Lu Ren's pretty face turned red from anger. He looked at the plate in his hands and was still scared. After all, he still had hostages in his hands.

"Is that so?" Li Huai was not angry, but instead smiled. This time, his smile was very clear.

It was the first time they had revealed such an obvious smile since their conversation broke down on his territory.

As a result, Lu Ren had almost given up on his smile.

"Cough …" Lu Ren did his best to suppress his heart from beating wildly. He lowered his voice and glared at Tang Wulin, "Hurry up and put down my dinner. If I starve to death, you will definitely be the killer."

Taking a step closer to him, she reached out her hand to grab the plate in his hands. In the blink of an eye, her hand failed, but his other empty hand suddenly pulled her closer to him, firmly grabbing onto her waist, and then pressed her close to him.

"I said that if you want to eat it, you must pay the price."

The plate in Li Huai Jin's hand was still as steady as before. Presumably, he had been the one to serve the plate as a waiter, this skill was too overpowered.

Lu Ren struggled slightly, but was pushed towards his chest again.

Lu Ren looked up angrily and met his smiling black eyes. The eyebrows that were raised were clearly on purpose and were filled with provocation.

"What do you want?"

Lu Ren became angry. Usually, Lu Ren was a good person who never had a temper and rarely got angry. Everyone familiar with her knew that she was very angry and would not easily get angry. But... One exception.

That was, when you were hungry, everyone was the most likely to be angry. There was no need to mention the fact that in front of his eyes, he was unable to eat the tasty food. That little brat's fiery temper was definitely uncontrollable.

Lu Ren was provoked again and again because he was starving. Then, she wouldn't be blamed for going crazy this time.

He used all his strength to push Li Jin Huai away, and then shouted angrily: "What the hell do you want?"

But what answered her was the crackling of plates.

Lu Ren listened to the sound, looking at the plate in front of him and the fallen chicken neck. A bit of red sauce on the bottom of the plate also splattered onto the floor, and a piece of chicken neck seemed to be struggling to hang on her slippers, but in the end … It still fell to the ground.


Lu Ren looked at the mess in front of him, his eyes quickly turning red. Killing intent rose in him, as if he hated this person to the extreme.

Ah Ah Ah Ah …

Everyone in the Lu family didn't fight, really, they all said he had a pretty good temper, and he never quarreled, let alone fought.

But was this a fight?

No... It was a kitten that recklessly pecked at its owner's body.

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