Spoiled Wife: Scheming Husband is Awesome/C5 Have a Good Time in Your Life
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Spoiled Wife: Scheming Husband is Awesome/C5 Have a Good Time in Your Life
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C5 Have a Good Time in Your Life

Such a forceful gaze and a close distance that made her hold her breath made everyone in Lu Li feel as if they couldn't take it anymore.

"Road..." "Everyone..."

Li Huai Cha called her by her full name, no longer on land.

Lu Ren felt a little more at ease, but also felt a little disappointed. Heh … Actually, it had been like this since a long time ago. This kind of celebrity was just playing around with her.

"Maybe …" The corner of Li Huai's mouth suddenly rose. Before Lu Ren could even react, he suddenly lowered his head and quickly pecked her on the lips.

"Mm …" You can try. "

Seeing Lu Li's silly look, she smiled and didn't understand what was going on. She ran her long finger across Lu Li's face before turning around and leaving.


What was the situation like?

Lu Ren didn't know how he had left the banquet, didn't know how he had gotten home. It was only when the phone rang that her thoughts were interrupted.

As everyone looked at the phone number that displayed their mother's name, they all became alert.

"Mom, why aren't you resting yet?"

"Isn't it your dad? I dreamt that you fell into a beast's nest in the middle of the night, and insisted that I call you." Madame Lu looked at her husband, who was too worried about her daughter, with disdain. Her phone was snatched away by her husband, "Everyone, are you alright? Did anything happen, how was life there? "Why don't you come back and stay with dad …"

Lorry chattered on for a long time. He was nothing more than a girl.

Half an hour had passed since Lu Quanren had convinced his father not to worry.

Sighing helplessly, she decided to forget about everything else that she didn't understand. She got up and went to the bathroom to take a hot shower to have a good rest.

Tomorrow is a Saturday break. She had already made an appointment to go shopping with her good friend Chen Di. Furthermore, based on her previous mysterious excitement on the phone, it was unknown what kind of boyfriend she had this time around.

Next day

Lu Ren arrived at the square in front of the mall. Without waiting for two minutes, he saw his good friend get out of a silver-gray car. After smiling and waving to the man in the car, she walked towards Lu Ren after seeing the car drive away.

"Hee hee …" When Chen Di saw the smile on her face, she admitted it without needing to be asked, "This time, I really fell in love with him."

Lu Ren nodded slightly but did not have much of a reaction.

Everyone, I'm serious." The calmness of her friends left her with no place to say anything! "Having a good relationship and no one to share it with, it's pretty painful, isn't it?

"I know you're serious. This is the third time you've told me that this year. " Lu Ren was already used to it. This friend of hers was a typical rich beauty. Her boyfriend was not lacking and was very keen on love. However, every time she was in a relationship, she would seriously invest in it. The reason was Chen Di's three-minute hot temper. Every time she had a relationship for almost three months, she felt nothing new about it, which resulted in her quickly breaking up.

It wasn't that she was crazy, but that she didn't feel anything.

"Sigh …" I'm serious this time. " Chen Di emphasized it again. However, after thinking about what he had said before, he still felt a little guilty.

"I know!" Lu Ren patted his friend's hand, "So, I wish you …" Have a good time! "

"Wah …" "Everyone, quickly look, my idol is too handsome."

Chen Di looked at the big screen and became infatuated, almost drooling all over the floor.

The moment Lu Ran raised his head, he was met with Li Huai's perfect smile. After a slight pause, he muttered the indisputable phrase, "lingering like a ghost."

"Everyone, to be honest, the person I will never change my heart and love the most in my entire life is still Li Huai Jin!" Chen Di reluctantly told Lu Renren that she was a loyal fan of Li Huai Jin.

"Darling, can you be more realistic?" Lu Ren said helplessly, "Li Huai Jin is like a piece of cake in your hand, it's extremely delicious and I really want to eat it. But... Unfortunately, the cake was made of wax. You can see things you can't eat, understand? "

"Even if it's wax, I'd like to lick it." Chen Di seemed to feel wronged as he spoke, he even intentionally wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and said, "Then, my life will be complete."

Lu Ren's forehead was twitching. Perfection?

"Li Hai, Wuya, go back to the shore, Benefactor Chen." Lu Ren patted Chen Di on the shoulder as if he was seeing through the world of mortals. She truly felt that Li Huai Jin really couldn't be eaten while looking at him.

If he really did eat it … The taste wasn't bad, but the aftertaste was … Terrifying!

In his mind, the image of that handsome and frightening face once again appeared, causing Lu Ran's heart to turn cold.

"No …" Once you enter the Li family, your love will be like the ocean, deep like the ocean. For a girl like you who doesn't even have a relationship, you won't understand. "

Lu Ren really wanted to shout, 'Motherf * cker's membrane is already broken! It's broken! The one who broke my body is still your idol! I'll use your words to say that I'm absolutely at the Great Perfection Stage!'

Of course, everyone remained silent.

"Hehe …" Alright, let's get straight to the point. Can't you hurry up and start dating? I, New Ana, am by the side of many young talents. In a few days, I will ask around. I will definitely solve your personal problem. " Chen Di was extremely worried about his good friend's slow and ardent temper. He was even more anxious to sell his good friend out.

"Oh." She gave a simple answer. After all, she wasn't young anymore, and the question of being in love couldn't be delayed any longer. Maybe if he met the right one, he would get married.

"Hehe, in return, everyone, you will accompany me the day after tomorrow to see Li Huai Jin's fan meeting." Chen Di's words made Lu Ran's heart jump again.

"No!" Lu Ren rejected it without thinking.

"You … "Even if you don't want to, you have to." Chen Di was even more determined.

Everyone had a bitter face, and the surroundings were filled with people, full of excitement, admiration, and excitement … It made the surrounding girls blush.

Why didn't she object to it? Looking at her good friend who kept shrieking Li Huai Jin's name, she really couldn't understand what was so crazy about that man.

When the crowd of crazy fans suddenly thought of a scream, the calm Lu Ren quickly covered his ears and looked at the backstage entrance in front of him. That eye-catching figure gradually became clear.

"Monster!" She did not deny this man's good looks. Of course, she did not admit that such good looks were actually pleasing to the eyes.

Standing in the middle of the stage, the cheers that filled the sky quickly quieted down when his index finger touched his thin lips.

Lu Ren stood amongst the crowd and silently watched the man who had hooked up his most enchanting smile. His heart trembled slightly so much that he didn't even notice it himself.

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