Strange CEO/C1 Break through
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Strange CEO/C1 Break through
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C1 Break through

Its a beautiful morning the sun is hiding in the sky the atmosphere is cool and quiet. Emilia is sitting outside placing her laptop on her laps just in a video call came in. ‘Twas her best friend Cherry

“Lia whats popping?” She paused “ whats with the long face Lia?”

She faked a smile “ I’m just you know here”

“She refused the offer right “ there was silence “ oh. Come on!!!!”

“ I’m used to it,don’t worry about me” she said trying to convince her best friend

“Why is she being so mean and annoying “

“She’s my mom”

“ and so what?!!!!” She sighed “ she asked you to drop out of school and I decided to ask my dad for help he agreed to pay your fees. So what’s the problem with your mom,why is she refusing like what is wrong with her “

“ I don’t know,she doesn’t like me she says am responsible for all her misfortune,she is tired of me as a matter of fact she will be sending me packing anytime soon “

“No you’ve got to be joking.” She said looking surprised

“I’m dead serious “

“What kind of a mother sends her daughter packing!”

“ she said she is tired of seeing my face . My face reminds her of her mistake. She wished I died in her tummy “ her eyes were filled with tears she wipe them off “why didn’t she kill me herself “

“Stop so any plans cause I have lots of plans “ she chuckles

Sniffing her nose “ nope I don’t have a plan”

“How about you move in with Leo. He will take good care of you beside he is your boyfriend “ she said smiling

“ Yea sounds like a plan ,I guess I should start packing “ standing up

“Okay take care I love you “

“ I love you bye”

Its a busy day at the Meghan five star hotel and suites. At the receptionist desk Bay is going through the new menu while Mia is on her phone .

“Mia “Bay called

“ What” Mia answered barely raising her head,Bay snatched the phone from her “hey!! Give that back !”

“ let’s focus on work”she smiled

“ I see no customer...” she sighed “ heard the owner of Meghan is a 26 years old boy “

“He is 28 and he is not a boy”

“Yea what ever you say so tell me what you know about Meghan “. Mia asked looking concerned

“ His real name is Josh his father named him Meghan because he is the only child and heir to his wealth”

“ Meghan air ways belongs to him too?” Mia asked

“Meghan shopping mall” Bay added

“They are so Rich “ Mia smiled

“You can say that again “

“Heard he is single “ Mia said

“Yeap “

“Heard he is not interested in..........” she lean forward “women “

“Mia !!!!” She shouted

“Shush why shouting “ Mia looking concerned

James came in laughing so hard he was gasping for air

“What’s is wrong secretary James?” Bay asked looking confused and worried

“Ok......wait “ he took a deep breath “Mr Meghan just came back from the states and he is currently using one of the room in the last floor VIP session Rose the club attendant girl you know her?”

“ what is she doing in the hotel ?” Mia asked

“ she came knocking on Mr Meghan door She kept knocking suddenly I heard the door cracked open and he popped out his head and was like YES she was like SiR I BROUGHT YOU A WINE TO he closed the door BANG I thought the whole building was going to collapse “ he continued laughing

“And what funny?”Bay asked

“ hold on... was she planning on seducing him?”Mia asked looking confused

“Yes she was but to no avail ,I am going to my desk “

James left the scene

“I don’t like this James of a guy he talks too much can’t believe he is a secretary he should have been a cleaner “

“Mia what is wrong with you ?”

“ would you believe he asked me out the guts.why would I date a low class like him”

“Mia you are the low class here he is a secretary and you are a receptionist “

“ You don’t get what am saying “

“Make me”

“ I need a working class man a director Manager better still the owner of Meghan “

“Dream on princess “

Night at Leo’s apartment Emilia just finished having dinner with her boyfriend. They are both sitting on a sofa Emilia is laying on his chest while he is watching football

“ so sorry about your mom she is so mean and nasty “

“I’m okay “

“So what’s the plan “

“I don’t have a plan yet”

“I’m here for you always “ he sighed “ babe I gat to go bed “ standing up

“Ok good night “

“Ain’t you coming?!”

“Not feeling sleepy yet “

“Okay “ he lean forward and placed a warm kiss on her lips “don’t keep me waiting “ he climb the stairs

“I should have stayed at home “ she brings out her phone and dialed Cherry’s number she picks almost immediately “Yo girl whats with The hurry?”

“Shut up the service here weak can’t call nobody “

“ where you at?”

“Road trip picnic bla bla bla stuffs and stuffs “

“You sounds bored “

“We have food “ .they both laughed “so where you at ?!”

“Leo’s apartment “she smiled

“ awwwwwwwwww it’s gonna be a long night “

“Nothing is gonna happen”

“ don’t remember saying something is gonna happen what’s the matter?... guilty consciences “ She teases her

“You just one crazy girl “

“What’s up miss Meghan “

“ I wrote a job interview online “

“What position are you looking forward to I mean as a school dropout “

“I’d mop the walls and sweep the floor its has been my dream job “

“Why don’t you come over to my home I mean my dad as two factories and few industries here and there. Any position you want “

“I don’t want to be a burden to you and your “

“You are like a sister to me okk. I want to see you happy”

“Let’s do it this way if I don’t get the job I will come over immediately “

“I hope you never get the job”

“Whoa easy now” they both laughed

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