Strange CEO/C3 Beautiful Beginning
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Strange CEO/C3 Beautiful Beginning
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C3 Beautiful Beginning

Emilia got down from the cab went straight to the receptionist desk

“How May I....... hold on. You are the cleaner right?” Bay asked


“Oh well I’m afraid to tell you that the screening has been...”

“Cancelled yeah. “

“So why you here? You are resuming on Monday if I’m not wrong?”

“Actually I am here as a customer my friend already paid for a VIP treatment “

“Oh Cherry??”


“Last floor. Room 711”she. Brought out the key “here you go”

“Thank you”. She hurried off.James then came out of nowhere

“Is that not the cleaner?”

“Yes she is “

“Why is she here as a guest?”

“I don’t know “

“Is she a spy?”

“Find out yourself “

“Why are you always pained”

“Do I look pained?”

“I don’t know you always make me look like a gossiper”

“James don’t you have anything doing “

“Where’s Mia?!”

“Why are you asking “

“I am trying to do my job”

“She took a day off sir”

“Why,is she going on a date or something?”

“I don’t know “she paused “her brother is having a house warming party

“Why do you think she hates me?”

“Ask her yourself “

“Always sounding jealous .,I’m heading out for lunch “

Emilia just finished taking her bath,the food is ready but she is not feeling hungry she dialed Cherry’s number

“Hey “

“You sound weak . How about you take some “

“No,tell me what’s going on the Money?”

“Well,it’s my dad’s card besides I am only lending you if you don’t pay on time you will be stuck with me forever “ she chuckles

“Let me guess.........the job was your I don’t know but I”

“That was my dad,My dad and Meghan father are very close friends so thats that

“ I owe you a lot “

“ I know “ she laughed “My dad is having a meeting tomorrow and he is bound to visit Meghan hotel so I was hopeful we could hang out just me you and my dad he is very friendly are you cool with it?”

“Sure I love it “

“I sent you some dresses and a wig f”

“This is too much I feel like crying “

“Don’t mentions.........more importantly don’t pick Leo’s calls “


“He cheated on you he should pay for that if you make things easier he is likely to cheat again”

“I guess you right “ she took a deep breath

“So relax and enjoy yourself “

Leo and miss Jane standing outside the hospital “I don’t understand what’s going on. Leo make me understand explain yourself where is my daughter?”

“She-she I-I-I don’t know”he stuttered

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“ I took her to the hospital,you heard when the doctor said she left through The back door”she puts her hands on her forehead and sighed

“Where’s is she going? I mean she doesn’t no anybody in this city what if she gets kidnapped? What if she get killed? Oh my God”

“Ma’am relax “

“Relax? My daughter is missing “ she brought out a phone and dialed Fredrick his phone was not connecting so she decided to text”hi Mr Fredric I’m so sorry for texting you but please I need your help my daughter is missing our daughter please help me just this once “.

“Miss Jane you should probably go and get some rest “

“Why are you insisting me getting some rest?”

“You are over reacting “

“Wow”she laughs “my daughter is missing and you saying I am over reacting?”

“Yea you acting like you actually care about her”

“Of course I love my daughter “

“Then why did you send her packing?”

“I am here to apologize for that I made a mistake “

“Let’s call the cops. Since you so worried “

“No Way!!!”


“She’s a 22 years old lady and most importantly I sent her packing “

“So what you going to do?”

“I’ll go home call me the minute you set eyes on her “

“Sure ma’am “

Emilia seems to be enjoying her sleep but it was cut short Her phone started ringing “hello “

“Wakee wakee “ Cherry giggles

“Cherry..::...”she checked the time “isn’t too early it’s just 6....”

“In the morning “she cuts in” my dad is punctual very punctual but he will b delaying today he is always busy “

“I’ll getting dressed “standing up

“I’m so excited I’ve missed you so much “

“I miss you too can’t wait to see your ugly little face “

“Hey “

“Just kidding “

“I know. We are using Meghan five star restaurant “she chuckles “they have really nice food “

“It’s very expensive Cherry “

“Not that expensive. Get dress bye!!!” She hangs up

Sighs “always disturbing “She Enters the shower few minutes lates she comes out with a white towel draped around her chest “my mom” she thought “I should text her “ she brought out her phone and drop a text message “ good evening mom I am fine I know you don’t care but I just felt like texting you Have a nice day “ . She picked up her black her dress it has golden stripes it’s a body hug she puts on her undies then the gown. It’s just an inch above her knee she puts lip gloss wears her black new wig it’s curly. She stood next to the mirror “not bad at all” she smiled she brought out her phone took a mirror picture and uploaded it on WhatsApp. A message came in it was Cherry

“Looking good girl” almost immediately her phone started ringing its Leo she picked the audio call

“Ýou block my number “

“What do you want?”

“I want to apologize I was expecting you to come home but”

“Why would I?”

“Well....because.... enmm...yyyour stuffs are still in my house “

“So. You sending me packing too”

“No ooo I mean I was expecting you to come get your things”

“Throw them out “

“Wwwwhat?!.... thats not what I meant you didn’t come home “

“I’m not coming back home “

“I—-l why ?”

“ bye!”she Hangs up she came downstairs to the receptionist desk” excuse me “

“Yes” Bay answered

“Meghan five star restaurant is located where please”

“Down the street “

“Thnks” she. Hurried of

“I don’t understand she doesn’t look Broke”

“Mind your business “ James answered

“Geeez what are you doing here?”

“Replacing Mia “

“Leave “

“Director is back”


“Yeap “

“That womanizer he is....”

“He slept with you?”

“Hell no”

“I’m not convinced “

“What are you saying ?”

“You are not his type”

“He is not my type either “

“That’s why I like you “

“I think you right James “

“About what ?”

“This new cleaner” there was silence “she looks like a spy”

“I don’t think so”

“You said she looked like a spy yesterday “

“And you said she does not look like a spy “

“I mean that Was yesterday “ she sighs” nevertheless mind”

“I’m going out “ there was silence “care to join?”

“Hell no”

“Why” there was no response “ don’t I look good enough ?am a working class too”

“And a womanizer “ she added

“Have you ever caught me in an hotel with a woman?”

“You are always asking ladies out “

“Should I start asking men out too?”

“You desperate to be in a relationship “

Isn’t that what ladies prefer?”

“I mean you are always asking ladies out “

“I’m looking for a perfect lady to fall in love with build a bond why am I explaining myself “

“Do you like me?”

“Like you?”

“Yes “

“ Why will I like you when you don’t like me “

“You just asked me out “

“You just turned me down “

Sighs “ just leave “

“That’s a one weird ass lady” he said walking out.


At the Meghan’s Restaurant Emilia is on her phone. She felt something she turned her face.

“Hey baby girl” Cherry shouted

“Shiiiish” Emilia said placing her fingers on her lips her voice was too loud

Taking a seat “relax”

“Goodness gracious what are you putting on?”Emilia asked

“ an outfit” she’s putting on a baggy jeans black big shirt and croc shoes to match

“You look like a ........ what’s the word”?

“A piece of jem “she chuckles “so why haven’t ordered anything yet ?”

“Everything look so expensive “

“The bills is on my dad quit worry your little ass”

“Sure ......speaking of your dad “

“He’ll be here anytime soon, so let’s order shall we?”

“Not that hungry “

“Let’s wait for dad.....I’m thinking of dying my hair........Red”

“It won’t look good on you”


“Cox you white “

“Please don’ it won’t look good on me cox I’m white?... that’s just crazy

“It’s the truth”

“So you saying you will look good in red hair and I won’t???”

“Cherry” a manly voice called her name she turned to the direction

“ here”

Taking his seat “just like I promised” he smiled “ You must be Emilia

“Yes sir”she smiled “ thank you so much for everything sir I really appre........”She was cut off by his phone beep

“Sorry I have to....” his facial expression changed

“Dad what’s wrong?”

“I......let me...... I’ll get back to you...just wait “he left his seat

“What’s wrong is he always like this ?”

“No I mean sometimes but..... don’t worry it’s just business “she forced a smile

“Hello Jane?”

“Fe..Fredrick ?”

“Yes this is Fredrick am I speaking with Miss Jane?”


“Jane is this really you”

“Why did you call ?

“ I weell I saw a text message saying your daughter I mean our daughter is missing I don’t remember having a child with yo.....”

“The message wasn’t meant for you “

“But you mentioned my name”

“It was a mistake now good bye “ she hangs up

“Jane is still alive?”

He rushes back to Cherry

“We have to go “ he turns to Emilia “ I’ll make it up to you” he pecks her cheeks

“I’m not leaving with you I want to stay with my friend”

“Please Cherry I beg you “

“Why do I have to come with you?”

“Cherry listen to your dad”

“ I want you to do the preparation for my mother’s birthday be in charge “

“I wasn’t planning on leaving soon “she hugs Emilia “I’ll miss you”

“I’ll miss you too” she watch them leave she felt the need to use the restroom she got up and hurried towards the restroom. All the restroom downstairs where locked she had to climb the stairs and make use of the first restroom she set her eyes on. After relieving her self she retouched her make up “ whats the need?” She opened the door only to bump into a hard surface “this is definitely not a wall” she thought looking upward she sets her eyes on green sparkly eyes ready to devour her

“Excuse me “he said harshly

Standing up straight “sorry”

“And what is a black bitch doing in the male restroom “

“Seems I heard wrong this words are coming from a black ni***a “ she thought

*”are you listening?” He said leaning towards me

She moved backwards “seems I am over reacting....what do we have here?” He raised an eye brown “well we’ll if it’s not a white man trap in a black man’s body”

He smirked “want some?”

“Want?!”she asked looking confused

“you were trying to get my attention ,want to have a piece of me?” Leaning forward

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him backwards “ in your dreams. Ass hole I am not having this conversation “ she was about to leave but he blocked her path “ whats your problem bro?”

“Bro?” She has the perfect brown eyes and plumb lips perfect for blowjob having such thick lip around my cock makes me shiver ,those perfect boobs are already begging for my touch and the Fuck she just called me bro”

Covering her chest” what the Fuck are you staring at?”she tried to take her leave but he held her hand pulling her backwards “let me go!” She tried to break free but he pulled her closer making her face to hit his hard chest he lean forward making her gasp he continued to lean forward living a small gap she could hear his heartbeat and his Fragrance is all she perceive” what do you think you doing ?”

“Tsk tsk tsk “

“ a black guy having green eyes I must be seeing things...... Let me go right now” she said out loud. “ a total stranger is trying to mess with my body “ she felt his hands on her lap moving upward she had no choice but to hit his ball he let her go immediately holding his balls she ran out without looking twice she rushed to her table picked her items and dashed out of the restaurant she hurried back to her room panting heavily “

“Wtf was that “ she lay down on her bed “ but gat to admit he is horribly cute yes horribly disgusting

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