Strange CEO/C4 Reconcile
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Strange CEO/C4 Reconcile
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C4 Reconcile

******* at Leo’s apartment

“ what is MIA doing in your house ?”Benny asked

“It’s a long story “

“Long story Where’s Emilia?”

“Long story”

“What tf is wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to have any conversation with anyone have been calling Emilia she won’t picked my calls she blocked my number I can’t reach her she ..” He took a deep breath “Mia has refused to leave my house Jane ... what have I gotten myself into?”

Mia came downstairs already dressed

“ hey brother “

“ wtf you doing here thought you said you done with him why ruin his life ?”

“I came back we all make mistakes “

“Oh shutup why you lying to yourself..... you have failed to seduce one of those rich men and you just realize Leo is not that broke has you think I know your dirty games “ facing Leo “ and why the hell dis you allow this wrench...”

“ I am your sister Benny this is not how to talk to a sister “ facing Leo “I’m resuming work tomorrow see you when we see again” she smirked “dear brother have a nice day she said cat walking out

“You Have to look for Emilia is not too late you have to find her “

Monday Emilia is already at work she found a nice comfy house she’ll be living in till whenever she just finished cleaning all the rooms so there’s no much thing to do she decided to look around . This hotel is screaming luxury everything looks so expensive

“Care for lunch!” She flinched “I’m James the secretary”

“Oh I’m Emilia “ she said smiling

“ you like this place?”

“Yeah it’s big and pretty all the flowers everything I love it here” they both smiled

“ I’m going for lunch would you....”



“Is he hitting on her ? Come on it’s just her First day”

“What are you bluffing about “Mia asked

“James is hitting on the new girl I mean it’s too early “

“Why do you care as long as he is not asking us out I’m cool with it besides who is the ........” she smirked” well well “ she left her desk starts walking towards them “Emilia “

She turned around only to see a lady the same lady her boyfriend cheated with her mood was ruin she felt like crying but not in her presence

“James we’ll talk later” she turned to leave but Mia’s word stopped her

“What’s the hurry Miss Emilia or should I say Mrs Leo?”saying those last words made Emilia shiver she felt like digging her nails into her eyes ball

“Have we met before?” She manage to asked

She scoffs “is that coming from you?”

“I have more important things to do “ she smiled climbing the steps “

“ and where you going” she asked James who was about to leave

“You are a receptionist you should never leave your desk and you beginning to annoy me Mia stop acting like a child and do your job properly if you don’t want to be fired”

“I don’t understand “ looking confused

“Seems you have forgotten I am the secretary and you are just a mere receptionist I can make you loose your job with just a snap of my fingers. I only wanted to be friends but you and Bay took my generosity for granted now if you excuse me “ he walked out

Mia went back to her seat

“What was all that about?” Bay asked

“What ?”

“James I’ve never seen him like that before his facial expressions was so not him ...... tell me what wrong?”

“I dont know “ she said with a straight face

“He didn’t ask me to go out with him for lunch “

“He won’t be asking any of us ...well I don’t care I never liked him “

“Why won’t him......”

“Go and ask him yourself I thought you never like him why bother you are annoying me right now” standing up”I’m going out for lunch

***** it’s been two weeks everything going perfectly fine Leo just ask Emilia for a date at a nice restaurant she is trying her best to look super hot and perfect she misssed him so much and couldn’t wait to see him. It’s a night date she opens her closets she picked a green gown the back is wide open its doesn’t need a bra she picked her straight perfect wig then her most expensive shoe to match she drop the clothes on her bed and entered the bathroom few minutes later she cane out. She dried herself rub her body cream wore her gown it’s was her shortest gown she puts on a tight her boobs look perfect without bra she did some makeup Combe her wig she stared at the mirror damn she was looking perfect yes perfect took my purse and left the house. On the getting to the restaurant she realized it was a bar not a restaurant she was a little but disappointed but just then she saw Leo sitting wait for her she hurried towards him

“Hey “ she said smiling

Looking upward “my goodness” standing up”Have a seat”

“Thanks “she said taking her seat

Taking his seat”what would like to order?”

“Nothing . You know how much I hate bars”

“Oh I am sorry I forgot “

“Really ?”

“Ehm I don’t know where start I’m sorry I am deeply sorry I didn’t know what got into me I just”

“Took you forever to apologize “

“It’s wasn’t easy I was scared of facing you please forgive me please Emilia “

“I forgive you “ she smiled

“ I know it’s a bit too early but” bringing out a box” will you “he stood up and knelt down before her “ will you marry me Emilia?”

“Oh my!”she covered her mouth with her hands. Mia came out of no where drops a paper on the table takes a seat “ what’s going on what is she doing here?!” She was loosing it already

“Mia what are you doing here?” Leo asked looking confused

“Sorry to ruin your proposal....miss Emilia we meet again “ she faked a smile

“Why tf are you doing here better start speaking “Emilia asked boiling in anger

“Emilia calm down I’ll handle this “

“Handle this?” Emilia scoffs “speak now!”

“Well well since the both of you are in a hurry let me make it quick I am pregnant 3 weeks pregnant for my dear Leo” she said smiling

Emilia laughed sarcastically “pregnant? “

“I thought you were on pills”Leo said standing up

“You thought she was on pills?!” Emilia asked

“Well I wasn’t seems we will be having a child together and “ a slap landed on her right checks “how dare you black bitch” Emilia raised her hands to hit her again but Leo stopped her

“Calm down please we can solve this I know we c....” Emilia slap his cheeks “wtf Liaaaa!” Holding his cheeks

“I don’t want to ever see your face again, both of you should go to hell” standing up

She walks straight to He bartender

“I need your most effective alcohol “

“Ehm are you alone ma’am “

“None of your goddamn business “

Bringing out a bottle of wine “ here you go ma’am “

“Thanks “she drop the money on the table”keep the change “she turned around Leo and Mia were gone she took a deep breath “ guess it’s just me and you “ she said holding the bottle she went outside the bar she opened the bottle of wine” cheers to tooooo ehm “she placed the bottle on her lips and gulped till she was out of breath within minutes she emptied the bottle she sat down on the floor crying out loud” Why me” she said hitting her chest “Why always me!”””

“Hey damsel would you....”

“Fuck off” she shouted

“Oh I didn’t mea...”

“Don’t make me use it on you” she said holding her bottle

“Easy” he said walking away

“All of you are cowards “she started crying “why you like my dad ! You promised not to be like him all of you black men sucks “

“Well I don’t “ a familiar voice said she turned around her eyes landed on him he was leaning on a wall he started walking towards her” we meet again

“If it’s not the black the white man stuck in a black man’s body “she giggles “whats is a looser like you doing here?”

Standing next to her”tsk tsk tsk “

“Don’t piss me off”


“None of your business psych “

“It’s going to be a long night “

“He left me !”she shouted “just like my dad my dad left my mom my mom asked me to leave her house now he left me “ she started crying “I just want to die this pain “ she hit her chest “ I can’t take it I should rip this thing off I want to die “

“I remember my own first heartbreak it’s was crazy” he thought to himself “let’s go home” holding her hands

“ where are we going?” She asked standing up

“My house “

“You want to have sex with me!””

“Hell no and yes ,the thought of having in my bed makes me hard your round ass I bet my life it’s as soft of bread damnnnnnn! But no I don’t like having sex with drunk girls “ he thought “ I want to kill your ex boyfriend for making you feel pain “he said it out loud

“No please don’t kill him” she started crying “ he said it was a mistake it wasn’t his intentions “

“ fine let’s go home “



“ I don’t know you”

“We have met twice” he said looking surprised

“I still don’t know you”

“Fine “ he raised his hands in surrender

“Why on earth do you have green eyes?’”

“ have you been dying to say this “

“I mean you black but having green eyes it’s a fake “

“I was born with it okay it’s caused by an illness called....”

“ so you mean to tell me you sick tf why should I follow a sick cell home” she’s shrugged her shoulders “where you going “ she asked josh who was already close to his car “hey!”she shouted running towards him” not planning on leaving me all alone” she said panting

“Well I was trying to be a nice gentleman and take you home but you refused so I’m leaving you her..”

“You leaving me too” she started crying “ my dad left me my mom left me my Leo left me now you want to leave me too!”she shouted

“Good gracious what have I gotten myself into?” He thought “hope in let’s go home “ he said out loud

“Really “she sniffed her nose

“Hop in before I change my mind “ he said with a straight face

“I’ll drive” she giggled

“In your dreams baby “

“ but I really wanna drive “

“ you will drive something but definitely not my car now go in” she enters the passenger seat he started the engine and drove off few minutes they stopped at a massive gate it’s was immediately opened by security he drove past them. He stopped the guy the door was open by two security men “

“Good evening sir “ they both greeted

“What are you wait for ehm... can’t believe I brought a stranger home I don’t even know her name he thought “ hold walked around his car opened the door and pulled Her out “

“Leave me I said I want to drive “ she yelled . He ignored her struggling he took her to his visitors room he drop on the bed and turned to leave but she hugged from behind “

“I will send the maid to clean you up”he said removing her hands from his body he turned around facing her “get yourself together

She lean forward “are you scared, “she said running her fingers on his chest

“You drunk “he smiled “ I don’t like drunk girls “

“Why?” Standing up from the bed she pulled him closer and slammed her lips on his . He pulled her away “whats wrong “

“I don’t want you to regret this”

“ I won’t “

“Trust me you will”

“ I’ll pay you how much do you want?” He turned his back on her “ wait ! “ she walks towards him “ are you gay?” He raised his eyebrows he was looking confused “ yea I mean you are only attracted to men ....right “

“Go and take your bath “he said with a straight face

“Or maybe you are impotent..... am I right?” He smirked “ prove me wrong”

“I will but not today “

“I’ll wait..... I’m very good at waiting “ he walked out of the room closing the door behind she removed her clothes took her bath few minutes she’s out of the bathroom with the towel draped around her chest”what should I wear ?”she noticed a big golden wardrobe she walks towards it “ this look so expensive “ she said running her hands down the wardrobe she opened it behold.......she gasped “female .....he is a gay i feeel bad for him...what should I wear “ she saw a pair of night wear “ so precious but I don’t like wearing someone’s else’s nighties “ she took a pair of joggers and a white sport bra she dives into the bed and slept off.”

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