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After work, Emilia got home her house is always neat

she enters the kitchen took and apple And enters her room bedroom it is a tiny apartment consisting of a small parlor one bedroom and a kitchen, she called cherry she didn’t pick up she tried few times and was about to give up but just then she picked”

“Took you forever “Cherry said, she laying down on her bed too

“ have been busy” Emilia explained

“I understand,how’s work, any admirer?” She asked smiling , Moments with Meghan started playing on her “ hello girl?........ Liaaaa!” She shouted

“Uh.....what....no admirers just work work” she said stuttering

“So any news about Leo?” She standing up she went to her dressing mirror she sat down placing her laptop on her dressing mirrors table”

“ yea I mean no”

“ Seriously Emilia.... you want to start lying now?” No reply “ if you forgave him I won’t nag you I....”

“ we went on date...”

“ sounds nice.... don’t tell me you had sex with him that very day?”

“Hell moo!”

“ I’m proud of you” she giggles



“It didn’t end well right I am not planning on seeing his face he should go to Hell”

“What happened “

“Mia showed up “

“That wench “ Cherry cursed

“She brought her pregnancy test... the most hurtful part was he was just about to propose “

“Propose,wooo” she fans her face with her hands

“She is 3 weeks gone “ she sniffed , there was silence “ he thought she was on pills but she wasn’t “

“So you got drunk “


“And started asking random hot men for sex”

“Cherry!”she chuckles

“ so did you end up with any one”

“Yea but we didn’t have sex”

“ why”

“ because he hates drunk girls “

“Oh”she smiled “ so the next morning “

“ I ran for my dear life Cherry “ they bothe laughed” what’s going over there?

“Something very fishy Dad is saying something like his ex wife...”

“Ex wife!?” Emilia said looking surprised “ your dad has an ex wife ?”

“Girlfriend to be precise “ she lowered her voice” I think she has a daughter for him”

“Oh my goodness is this a good news or a bad news “

“I don’t know but grandma is saying it’s fraud people are trying to steal from him”

“So what’s your dad going to do”

“ He said he will find her if she is still alive....I think my grandma is hiding something from us,you know since I lost my mom and lil bro in a plane crash I have always missed my mom I needed some one to call my mom”

“So what’s your plan!”

“Her library there’s a door inside I need to find the password to that door I think she hiding something “

“Definitely Money”

“We see”

At Fredrick’s apartment

“Mom I really need to find Jane “


“I just have to find her”

“ you’ve got to be kidding..... she betrayed you she betrayed us “

“ she must have regretted her actions mom I just feel...”

“Let me refreshing your memory if you have forgotten because I will never forget what that black bitch did to you and me, she run off with our money claiming she was pregnant can’t race a baby alone need Money for abortion she ended four years relationship and demanded huge money for abortion and she disappeared “

“Mom let’s be honest you never liked her cox she is black and you’ve always hated her, maybe she left because of you “

“What nonsense I was always right I never like her because she is black,back people can never be trusted she is a living proof “

“ I need to find her I don’t care what you think I need to find her I’ll find her “

“ I forbid you “

“ I don’t care what you say mom” standing up

******At Meghan’s apartment

Abiola enters is son apartment

“Where’s my son?”

“He is not at home sir”a servant replied

Coming out of the kitchen “honey what brings you here?”she asked walking towards him

“I came to see my son,”

“I made breakfast,want some ?”

“I’ll be waiting at the dining table” after arranging the table they began to eat”why you here Benita?”

“I wanted to see how my son is doing well”

“I was thinking of making more money “

“You already have more money I don’t know what else you want to have”

“We humans can never be satisfied “

“So what’s your plan “

“Fredrick “


“Yes,” sipping his tea

“What happened to him?”

“He has no heir “

“He has a daughter “

“Not a son”

“ so?”

“I was thinking of setting his daughter up with my son you know like marriage “

“I am not in support of this allow your son to find his true love himself you already made him study so hard he started working at an early age you—-“

“Enough He is not your biological son why are you acting like you care”

“ I care , and beside Fredrick daughter is just 18 he won’t accept your offer he is not obsessed with money like you, his mom is richer than him why don’t you go and marry her instead heard she is searching for a young wealthy man”

“You always made me miss my ex wife”sipping his tea

“And you also make me miss my ex husband “

“This tea taste so bad,did you add some salt?

“No—it’s just my saliva “ she smirked

*****At Meghan five star hotel

Bay and Mia are sitting at the receptionist desk

“ I need to talk her “

“ talk to who?” Mia asked

“Hmmm Her”

“Who ......oh “ starring at Emilia who is laughing hard with James “ is it about James?”

“No,” she lied “

Emilia POV

“ why is she staring at you like that” she asked James

“ I don’t know “

“ is she perhaps jealous?”

“ she doesn’t like me lia”

“What makes you think so?”

“ I just don’t know “

“Do you like her?”

“I used to”he checked his wristwatch “ I have a package to deliver at an orphanage would you like to come?”

“ yea I don’t have anything doing “

“ let’s go” standing up” we’ll be using the Hotel’s car “ they both walk out of the hotel entry the car “ tighten your seat belt we are going on a fast and furious ride—— just kidding “ he gently drove off , few minutes they were at the orphanage

“This is so big ...” getting out of the car” wow”

“ it’s big right?” James asked standing next to her” let’s go in “ they got to the receptionist desk”

“Welcome to pride orphanage home,are you to abduct a child or here to check on......?”

“ I’m looking for Mr Felix “

“Oh dear he went to Qatar for a business trip came back yesterday I don’t know if he will be stopping by today sir”

James inhale “okay then” just in a purple Lamborghini drove into the compound “

“Oh there he is” the receptionist said

Emilia POV

“This city is made up of rich people I must say”a black he wasn’t black he is a like a mixed race he has curly hair and very very tall he is putting on a jalabia a long garment wore by Muslim he gently closed the door and walked towards The receptionist “ is he the owner of this orphanage?” She thought to herself he is standing close to James he has brown eyes pointed nose and a perfect pink lips , he had dimples

“Mr James what a lovely surprise “ he said smiling

“We were asked to give you this package Mr Felix “

“Just Felix you way order than me” he chuckles

“ but you richer “ James added

“I don’t like being referred to as mr it makes me feel old I mean I’m just 23”

“23,,,Yep he looks like a kid not just a kid but a rich kid” she thought to herself

“Ok Felix meet Emilia—— Emilia meet Felix “

“ Hi Emilia lovely name “

“Thank you Sir”

“ thank you for the package Mr James,”

“You always welcome good day “ they left entry the car

“He is soooo young he is my age”

“Yea and super rich, he is an orphan no parents no siblings “

“Seriously,oh my goodness I feel so bad for him”

“He was brought up by the owner of the orphanage, he went to different expensive schools colleges name it”

“I don’t know what to say I mean is he lucky or unlucky “

“What matters is the money lia “ they arrived at the hotel, they both got out of the car, “

“Emilia “ Bay called out


“Mr Meghan wants to see you VIP section “

“What now?”

“I don’t like the way he is treating you “ James said

“Trust me it’s nothing to worry a bout I promise “

“If you say ,go before he gets angry “

“Sure” she hurried off

“James we need to talk”

“I’m listening “

“Why are always with her what’s the relationship between you two are you”

“Cut me some slacks gal, is non of your goddamn business “

“ I thought you liked me” she said calmly

“Well I used too”

“What happened “

“You happened Bay you ignored me you made me feel too available now if you excuse me”

“I’m sorry,I regret.......” he walked out on her

At the VIP section

Emilia enters the room closing the door slightly

“ close the door properly “ he is seating on the sofa, she closed the door properly walking towards him she stood few feet’s away from him” where have you been”

“ I was with James we went to deliver some——“

“James—- is that his name?”

“Yyyes sir”

“Why are you always hanging around with him? Do you like him?”

“Well that’s non of your business I mean sir,,he is not like that he is being friendly like a brother would”

“Is that what he told you?”

“No—- but”

“ I don’t like seeing him around you acting all funny “

“He is fun to be with “ standing up and walking towards her

“And me?”

“Sir?” Walking backward

“Am I not fun to be with”

“ is this the reason why you asked me to come and see you sir”

“Sir?”leaning closer to her face” you are being way too polite”

“ I don’t want to loose my job”

“Are you not excited to be with me?

“I don’t know what you talking about”

“ so you don’t like me?”

“I’m leaving “ she turned to leave but he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closers slamming her lips with his,she tried to pull away from the kiss but he was strong, he grabbed her two hands with his hand holding her jaw with the other hand,he pushed towards the wall releasing his lip from hers, she was breathing heavily “ Let me go you bastard ,” she panted

“ I enjoy the kiss “ he said smiling,h

“Fuck you”

“One more word I’ll continue “

“Go to he——“ he kissed her she pulled away from the kiss he grabbed her two hands placing it above her head he is using his one powerful hand,he touched her boobs with his other hand her nipple were hard” fuck “ she caused her body for wanting his touch.she is putting on a short gown he played with her hard nipple” let me go you psych”he slowly lowered his hands to the length of the gown “ what tf do you think you doing?” He puts hands inside the gown she is putting on a tight” Hey!!!!!!!”he gently moved upward locating her boobs she gasped as his hands touched her bare boobs caressing it gently she calm down he leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss she kissed him back, he released her hands she immediately wrapped her hands around his neck she moan to e every touch she was dripping wet,then he stopped the kiss”

Returning back to her senses “oh my goodness “ she placed her hands on her mouth “you sick bastard” she ran out closing the door behind her “ what just happened I kissed that freak it was a mistake ,,he seduced me” Mia came out of nowhere

“Are you sleeping with Your boss”

“I don’t know what you talking about “standing up straight

“You know have always wondered how you got a job in Meghan now I know what you did”

“ I don’t care what you think, I don’t know you mind your goddamn business “

“You should stop making it obvious “

“Get rid of your eyes if you most “ walking out on her

“I didn’t know you were this cheap,”

“I didn’t know either”

“ I am not pregnant “

“What?”turning around

“ I was never pregnant “

“You whats now? “

“ I am always on pills “ she smirked

Emilia scoffs “I’m not surprised,you have always been a cheat enjoy your relationship “ she walks out

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