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Leo’s apartment

“I thought I told you to call me the minute you set your eyes on her”

“ it was on a bad circumstance we —-“ he paused

“What happened Leo!” Jane was loosing her coolness

“We—— we broke “ Jane was loosing her coolness

“What!” She ran her hands down her head trying to calm herself down” you broke up with my daughter at this crucial moment?”

“I didn’t mean for things to “

“ I don’t care,I trusted you with my daughter I allowed her to fall in love with you even when I knew you where much older than her “

“I’m sorry miss Jane , it wasn’t in—“

“Where does she lives?”

“ I don’t know where is lives”

“Oh my goodness “

“ she works at Meghan that’s all I know “

“ I’ll find her myself “ standing up “ I should never have trusted you with my daughter,” she walks out her is ringing she deep in hand into her purse and brought out the phone she picked it” Hello

“Miss Jane we need to talk where are you?”


“ Yes please don’t hang up”

“What do you want?”

“We need to talk”

“I don’t want to see your face” she hangs up”she walks furiously.getting to her house she noticed a car parked close to her house it’s a Camry latest version no plate number,just in a man came out of nowhere blocking her path



“ we need to talk please “ she allowed Him to Enter his apartment, she offered him so tea she sat on a sofa opposite him” I’m sorry for everything

“Sorry?—- after everything you made me go through you just Sorry “

“ I don’t un—-“

“Trusting a white man” she sobs “ you know I had no one nobody to turn to you left me”

“I don’t understand you left me Jane “

“I left you?”she wipes her teary eyes “ You told me you going to New York for your education , you promised to come back after your Education two days later you told me you won’t be coming back I should move on and I was already pregnant for you”

“Wait hold on,let me get this straight I told you I won’t be coming back?”

“Yes I still have all your mails,I told you I was pregnant you said I should abort the baby you sent me some money to disappear “

“No I never did such, you told me you tired of this distance relationship you need a man who will always be there for you physically,you told me to send you some money for abortion I refuse I told you not to harm my baby I will pay you any amount “

“ what” looking confused “I don’t understand “

“You aborted the baby even after I begged you so much I was so hurt”

“I gave birth to the babies your mother was aware”

“Babies?” Fredrick is looking confused and tired

“I had twins a boy and a girl , she exchanged the baby boy my baby with a dead baby boy “ she cried” she paid the doctor,I felt so weak”

“My mother, now it’s all makes sense when I came back to look for you”

“She told me to disappear if I want to live”

“She told me you dead,”standing up “ my mother did all this?”He knelt down before her” we both are innocent she played a game with us Jane is non of our fault okay”he hugged her” good things is we know the truth now “ she started crying “ please don’t cry

**At Meghan’s hotel

Emilia is arranging her stuffs getting ready to go home her beeep she opened the phone it’s a message from Cherry “Text me when you home “ she read the text out

“Going home so soon?” James asked

“I told you to stop sneaking out on me”

“Sorry,how about dinner?”

“I don’t know “

“You owe me lunch remember?”she said nothing “ so let’s have dinner bills on me”

“Sure,”they both went to an eatery after taking their seat the waiter asked for their orders and left

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“A brother?”

“No, just me”the waiter arrived with their orders they ate their food and got ready to go home

“ I’ll walk you home “

“Okay then “they started walking home

“What’s wrong”


“Yea” you seem moody”

“I’m stressed out I really need to rest “

“How about you rest tomorrow?”

“Really can I do that?”

“You have my permission “

“Thanks James you the best”she giggles “oh this is my apartment feel free to visit anytime “

“Be expecting me anytime soon see you on Monday ,you have Saturday and Sunday off “

“Just Saturday, bye “ she enters her room locking the door,she takes her bath care downstairs opens her laptop and called Cherry

“Hey gal!!!!!”removing her headphones and placing it on her neck “ hope you good”

“Yea And you”

“Had dinner?”


“ I entered her library today”

“What did you find”

“Her will,you know I was expecting to see my dads name on the will”

“Whose name—“

“Felix Who is he ? How is he related to her ? Did she abduct him or,some many questions I saw a picture Of the guy he is a black not totally black but a mixed race she hates black people why would she choose a black persons as her next of kin? It makes no sense”

“Let me see the picture “

“Give me a sec,”she brought a picture “ here”

“I met him today, he works at an orphanage “

“Yea I saw it,his file. She is keeping records about this boy a day old till 23years old,he studied at the most expensive universities and colleges he is super brilliant,he owns four companies right now he is stinking rich “

“You can say that again”

“I need to find out more about this doctor who is always taking pictures with the baby back then”

“One thing is for sure, she abducted the baby and gave him to the doctor to take care of “

“But why, she already has a son”

“So are you planning on telling your dad”

“Yes when he comes back”

“He travelled?”

“He went to look for his ex wife”

***at Jane’s apartment

“So Where’s our daughter?”

“I will introduce you too when next she comes back from travel”

“She is working,wow”

“She dropped out of school,no money “

“I’m sorry I will make it up to you,we will be together for good”

“I need to find my son, my son is not dead your mother replaced my baby boy with a dead baby boy,”

“ I will do all I can, I promise you with my life I will find my son”

**Emilia’s apartment

It’s morning she just woke up too her bath,brushed her teeth , dried her hair she Combe her hair sprayed her body spray,her hair landed on her shoulders. She came down stairs,she noticed her dining table decorated with food she walks towards the table there’s a large box of pizza chicken soup ,spaghetti and meatballs, samosas “

“I didn’t order this——— is this Cherry’s “

“Do you always leave your door unlocked?”

She turned around saw no one she walked towards the seating room she saw him seating down holding a bottle of vodka

“What are you doing in my house?”

“Came to give you some food”

“Leave before I call the cops”

“You told a stranger to visit you whenever he likes and you asking your boyfriend to leave before you call the cops”

“You are not my boyfriend psych——now leave when I’m being nice”

“Don’t make me laugh “standing up “let’s eat I’m hungry “

“Take your food and leaves “

“Why you acting strange, you kissed me yesterday “

“You made me do it.,,,, besides it was a mistake and it won’t happen again “he laughs “ what’s funny ?”

“I will be the one to decide what happens or not”

“You know what ? fuck you! Leave my house this instant “

“Make me “

“I’ll call the cops”she searches her pockets”fuck”she cursed she is only putting on her towel gown,”Leave now,”he dropped his bottle of vodka and stood up

“I just want to eat”he walks towards her

“Take your food and leave”

“Nice hair,” he touched her hair” still wet”

“Don’t touch my hair””he pulled her closer “Let me go!”

Tracing her hair backwards “ you look cute when you angry”he held her jaw” don’t you like it when you asked me to leave I don’t ?”

“I don’t like seeing your face”

“Liar “He planted a kiss on her lips” wouldn’t want to get bacteria from kissing your mouth—-I know you haven’t brushed yet”

“Screw you”he kissed her deeply, she hit his chest but he wouldn’t stop he got hold of the rope holding her gown he pulled it” what the,,” she quickly turned around backing him” what’s your problem what do you want from me?”

“Let’s go on a date “he placed his hand on her shoulders and turned her around “I want you to be my girlfriend “he kissed her fore head

“Why” moving backwards “I don’t even like you”

“You don’t have to”

“What?” She asked looking confused

“What matters is I like you your opinion doesn’t count”

“You most sick “ she said calmly “he lifted her up” put me down you freak “he dropped her on the sofa he is laying on top of her”let me go right now!”

He grabbed her hands pining her to the sofa He leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss he played with her tongue,he used his other hand to locate her boobs her body is so cold touching her boobs with his warm hands made her shiver he played with her boobs sometime deepening the kiss.He stopped

He inhaled “ I don’t want to go deeeper,should I?”no reply “I guess that’s a no” he was bout climb down from her body

“Wait—-“ can’t believe I want him” she thought “please don’t stop”

“Are you sure about this?”he lean forward

“Yes, “ she kissed him, she could feel his hard erection between her thigh he pulled his shirt displaying his nice abs she placed her hands on his abs she quickly unlocked his belt,he pulled her shirt now she is stalk naked he pulled his trousers down. He started placing kisses on her neck she wrapped her hands around his neck.he slides his into her virginal she left out a moan

“You fucking wet”he moves his two fingers in and out of her

“ please don’t stop”

“I’m not planning on stopping “ he brought out his cock ,

“It’s so huge” she thought. He gently placed his cock inside her virginal “ ohhhh” she gasped, he moved was so gently and sweet he started going faster and faster all her emotions are mixed she felt her virginal tighten around his cock within few minutes she explode” she having her first cum. “ they were done he took a shower got dressed she did same

“ so how you feeling “ he asked her

“I need a moment alone please “

“Alright call me if you need anything “ he said walking out

“ I don’t have his contact,what have I gotten myself into “she brought out her phone and called Cherry “ Hey Cherry “

“Hey thought you we’re busy “

“I didn’t go work as a matter of fact I wished I did”

“I don’t understand, are you sick?”

“I think I’m going crazy “

“I don’t understand “

“Remember when I was drunk the guy is my boss and I just had sex with him” she panicked

“I don’t understand a thing you just said,calm down and explain “

“Ok” she inhaled “that night after Leo left, the guy I followed home”

“Yea, you told me nothing happened “

“Yes nothing happened then,but a lot of things have been happening my head hurts so much”


“He happens to be my boss”

“Oh,did he fire or”

“First day at work, he played with my body”

“You allowed him?”

Ignoring her question “it happened twice “

“And you telling me now?”

“He came to my house we just had sex”

“Okay what was he doing in your——“ she paused

“what!”she shouted “you just did what with your boss?”

“ sounds crazy right, I don’t know what to do I’m going nuts,how do I face him on Monday “

“ was it a one night stand?”

“It happened few minutes ago “

“Oh a one morning stand “

“I’m being serious “

“ what did he say”

“He wants to go on a date with me”

“ so you agreed and gave him sex just like—“


“So you like him”

“No he is ——he is”

“He is what”

“He is——you know “

“ I don’t “

“Gosh,you are so not helping “

“What should I do?”

“Quit your work”

“Hell no,I haven’t been paid yet”

“So,you going to wait till then?”


“So how was it”

“How was——Seriously Cherry!”

“I just wanna asked a question mean no harm”

“Oh I see,how about you go and have your first sex”

“I would love it,if you could hook me up Felix “

“Dream on senior, when is your dad coming back home “

“Tomorrow hopefully”

“Maybe He is having nice time with his ex wife “

“You bet” they both laughed

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