Strange CEO/C8 Coincidentally w
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Strange CEO/C8 Coincidentally w
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C8 Coincidentally w

*at Meghan’s apartment

Meghan just came home but his maid stopped him

“Good morning Mr Meghan your parents are here” she carried his suitcase upstairs

“ what are they doing here?”he went his seating room found them chitchatting,

“Oh you back”she got up and hugged him”Have a seat darling “ he took his seat Benita sat close to him “how’s work, are you hungry I made some—-“

“Thanks mom I’m not hungry , what is he doing here?”

“He? I am your father you—“

“It hasn’t gotten to that” Benita cut in” your father is here to —“

“ I’m not interested “

“It’s a simple matter,you have to get married to Fredrick’s daughter “

“Are you that greedy? She’s barely an adult and you want me to take her as my wife”

“Yes,you can wait till she becomes an adult before you start having marital affairs with her “

“Just listen to yourself dad”

“He has no heir , I am doing you a favor “

“I never asked for it,if you so obsessed with becoming the richest man in the city why don’t you go for the mother she is the actual owner of the wealth “

“How dare you speak to your dad like that?”

“I’ll be in my room”standing up “Have a nice day mom” he left

“Why is he treating me like some shit? I am his biological father his only family “

“Let’s go home honey”

“You bewitched my son”

“The same way I bewitched you,let’s go home already “

“I will be back !”

Meghan enters his room,seats on his bed

“Why haven’t she called yet?”he paused “or was the sex so bad?” Is my dick my dick is perfect “he stands up “ should I call her?” I’ll go to her house instead “

***At Emilia’s apartment

Emilia is still putting on her towel siting on her sofa chewing on her nails”

“It was a mistake,God” Her door opens a huge figure walks in” wt..?

“Why do you always leave your door open?”walking towards her”why are you still in your——“

“What are you doing?!”standing up

“It’s so hot in here,” pulling his shirt

“And what do you think you doing?”

“I’m pulling my shirt “

“Why “

“Because it’s hot in here”he dropped his shirt on the floor and sat down on the sofa

“What are you doing here!”

“Why didn’t you call?”

“Call? Why should——“

“Because am your boyfriend “

“What?— you not my “the door bell rang” who tf is that” she shouted

“Have you started cheating already?”

“Shut up psych “ she walks towards the door”who—-mom?????”

“Hi Lia”they’re stood staring at each other “can I come——“

“What are you—-“

“Mom?”Josh cuts in” what are you waiting for let her in”he held her hand inside “you welcome mom have a seat”

“Thank you” taking her seat Emilia joined them

“What do you want?”crossings her hands on her chest

“Hey you rude” Josh said

“Shut up” She replied him

“Are you two perhaps—?”

“Yes mom she is my girlfriend “

“What,?i don’t even know you”

“Infact we just finished making out”

“What “ facing her mom”he is lying——l mean”

“I am here to apologize Emilia “

“Oh I’ll be “ standing up”upstairs “

“No——not my bed”he hurriedly climbed the stairs Enters her room and close the door behind “room” she silently added before taking her seat”

“Emilia “

“ I told you not to come looking for me”

“I’m sorry —I was— I didn’t know I’m just sorry,I didn’t tell you about my past I was so hurt,I felt like killing my self “

“The past you refused to talk about?”no reply “ what did I ever do wrong you have always hated me , I cried every night you made me feel like an orphan you were always good at not showing up “

“I’m sorry Leee” she sniffs her nose” I have realized my mistake and I am willing to change please “

“Too late I don’t care I don’t have a mother “

“I will tell you about my past”

“I’m listening “

“Well I Have was young and abandoned in the street,I was almost raped but I defended myself by stabbing the white guy in his tommy I was taking to the cell because I attacked a white person”

“Those white snitches I hate them so much”

“I i cried days and night nobody came for me, the police refused to believe my own part of the story, your dad saw me and asked them to bail me out, he bought me clothes,phone and rented nice apartment for me , we were all good until his mother found out his only son is going to get married to a black girl “

“My dad is a white—-“

“Yes He is a white man,he left for New York to further his education two days later he sent a mail saying I should move on he is never coming back, I was already pregnant I told him about the pregnancy he asked me to abort the baby he sent me some money to abort the baby—-I refused to kill my child I gave birth at the hospital I gave birth to twins a boy and girl,his mother Mia Dorathy she paid the doctor the doctor swapped my baby boy with a dead baby boy she gave me money to leave and never return “

“And the baby boy?”

“His still alive I need to find him”


“My—-your father came back”

“Why” looking confused

“Everything was planned by his mother he never sent those emails “

“What if he is lying “

“What will he gain from it”

“You right—-so?”

“He wants to meet with you and he promised to look for my son “

“I dd—don’t know what to say”

“He is a very busy person when he is less busy he will fix a date. Is that okay by you”

“Sure” she smiled

“I guess —I should get going “

“Why? Please stay”

“ I don’t want to inconvenience you “

“No you—-“

“If you want I can get a bigger house for her” Josh replied from the dinning table

“How tf did you get there?”

“No,next time I’ll stay ——when he is not around “she smiled

“Mom I swear it’s not what you think “

“It’s okay don’t be shy —you old enough , I’ll pay you a visit next time”standing up

“I’ll miss you “ she hugged hee” can’t wait to see what my dad looks like and my bro “ she chuckles “

“See you!”Emilia escorted her out” call me if you need anything “ she said closing her door “and you” walking towards him”who tf do you think you are?”

“Your boyfriend “

“I am not interested in you stay the fuck away from me psych “

“Why should I “

“Because I don’t like you”

“Your opinion doesn’t matter “


“What matters is I have feelings for you “

“Wow——Just Leave please “

“No “


“I’m sleeping over “

“No no no I won’t accept that”

“ I don’t remember asking you to accept “

“Leave my——“her door bell rang” mom?” She rushed towards the door”mom did you”opening the door she saw an elderly man”

“Where’s he?”Abiola asked

“I’m sorry who”

“My only son “

“I’m sorry your—-“ oh my goodness “ Josh walks up to the door”

“What’s taking you so——Dad?

“Dad?”Emilia said slowly she was loosing it already she felt her stomach tighten


“Mom?” Emilia could not stand properly she enters her room sat on her sofa placing her two hands on her cheeks trying to calm herself down”I’m so dead my job is gone otilor “

“What are you two doing here”

“Let me inside you —-“

“Calm down honey” Benita said calmly “ let’s go in” they all entered

“Mia was right,you sleeping with your cleaner”

Emilia POV

“Mia I’ll kill that lil piece of trash oh dear my heart is about to explode I think I’m dreaming this is all a dream”

“Now you stalking my sex life too really dad”

“I told you to get married to—-“

“ I like her and I would love to get married to her”


Emilia POV

“No he did not just I’ll go nuts “

“You will do as I say “Abiola shouted

“Why should I”

“Listen “

Meanwhile Benita sat down close to Emilia

“Hey” she said calmly

“Huh” Looking confused

“Want some juice?


“His dad can be really noisy at times,but Josh always wins the argument “


“I’m Benita Josh step mom”


“Relax your mind no one is taking your man away from you”

“My man?”

“Why are you still in your towel?”

“Oh that—well”

“He loves sex just like his dad” she smiled

“Oh—wait what”

“Is this how you want to Pay me back for all have done for you you little ingrate”

“ you can’t order me around I’m not a kid”they paused “ how did you know I was here?”

“You little piece of shit couldn’t wait for us to leave your house “

“Honey you do know miss dorathy hate black people”

“She doesn’t give a fuck about her grand daughter “

“I am not interested in a sixteen years old girl “

“Why you little ——“ he coughs

“Dad are you okay?”

“Will you listen to me after I die?”

“Yes” he smiled

“Honey” standing up”let’s go home——I’m bored”

“I need to teach-“

“I’m horny” Emilia opened her house in shock “are you coming or not” no reply “ fine” walking out “ I’ll make use of my dildo——have a nice time with my son “ she smiled walking out of the door immediately followed by Abiola”

Emilia POV

“My head hurts , what kind of a dream is this my heart is about to pop out” she placed her hand on her chest”is this the end of me?”

“Are you okay”he seats next to her”what’s wrong”

“I need you to leave my house,leave my life”


“Please just leave——LEAVE!”she shouted

“Are you trying to piss me off”

She stood pointing at the door” Leave my house Mr Meghan!” Within seconds he pinned her down on her sofa he tighten his grip on her hands”what are you doing?”he increased the pressure pinning her both downs she couldn’t move an inch” You hurting me—-it hurts —stop—-I’m sorry “ she sobbed silently “stop please “

“Do you cry so easily “ he said jokingly “you should have seen your face “ he laughed “ you look sexy when you scared “ he climbs down” Don’t ever ask me to leave your house “she seats properly arranging her towel” you should go and change you making me hard already “

New chapter is coming soon
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