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It was a hill, and the morning sun shone on the summit of the mountain and the fog that had not yet dispersed. It was a scene of a deity, responding to the saying that the mountain was not high, but rather had a name of immortals. At the peak of the mountain, a person sat cross-legged and couldn't help but ask if the immortal was cultivating. Fortunately, this place was quite remote, otherwise, who knew how many people would come here to seek the path of immortality.

Li Xuanfeng slowly let out a breath of air. With his naked eye, he could see two streams of light purple gas shooting out from his nostrils. When he opened his eyes, they seemed to flash brightly. He saw several handsome young masters with light brows and starry eyes. They looked like they were only thirteen or fourteen years old.

"Young master, the old master has sent someone."

However, the youth did not pay any attention to him. He even completely closed his eyes. The servant who had spoken just now was not surprised. After a few moments, the youth opened his eyes once again and stood up. He exhaled and said, "Father sent someone here for something." He mocked himself again, "Will he still remember me?"

This servant was dressed in green and was smiling apologetically as he said, "Young master, how could I forget about you? Isn't there a lot of treasures that I send over every month? Why don't we go and meet them?"

"Really? He's probably wishing that I would never return to that home!" The youth mocked and turned around to start punching again. The scorching sun made the servant sweat profusely, but he didn't dare to make any unusual movements. Fortunately, the youth who had spoken just now had finally finished his long martial arts, and said lightly: "Let's go down the mountain."

Even though Du Yan and his servant were both skilled at martial arts, they were only able to catch their breaths when they descended the mountain.

Not far from the foot of the mountain, a manor appeared before their eyes. Several people were anxiously waiting at the entrance. Upon seeing the two people walking down the mountain, one of the chubby men hurriedly said, "Young Master, you're finally back."

"Yes, what's going on, Steward Wang?"

Housekeeper Wang spoke. "Young master, the empress dowager has specially invited you to the capital for the emperor's birthday celebration in three months' time. Master wishes for you to return home early to take a look."

Li Xuefeng smiled disdainfully. He didn't have the honor of an ordinary person being summoned to the palace. He only said, "I understand. Why did you come all the way here for this? I will naturally return in a few days."

Then he asked, "Is Housekeeper Wang done eating? Let's eat together!"

"No, young master, I'll head back to report to the lord." After saying that, he ordered some men to lead the horses and leave. It was impossible to tell that he was a fat man. On the contrary, he had the bearing of a soldier, swift and decisive.

Looking at the few cavalrymen leaving, he smiled and said, "Go back to the village and get me some more food today."

In terms of food, the best way to express one's family background was to see how Li Xuanfeng ate. Ten thousand pieces of black soup, as thick as mud, was the most nourishing soup for energy. There was also another Eight Treasures Chicken, only made from ginseng, angelica, and medlar; it was harvested from the abomasum deep under the sea. It would be hard for ordinary people to see this in their entire lives. After a meal, a maid prepared hot water and bowed, "Master, would you like to take a bath?"

Li Xuanfeng nodded his head as he walked towards the door of a room. He saw a huge pill furnace with boiling water in it. From time to time, there were all kinds of medicinal ingredients roiling about.

It must be known that the silver threads could be refined from ten thousand kilograms of charcoal. Only this item could heat up the spring water until it boiled, and there was also a special formation to control the heat within the cauldron, it was at least two hundred degrees. Feeling the heat, Li Xuanfeng's body began to spin faster and faster as the power from the Heavenly Thunder Spell began to flow into his body, continuously absorbing the heat from the pill.

For an entire two hours, the originally turbid and turbid figure gradually became clear, revealing the jade-like skin within. At the end, the maids standing by the side were all envious.

Li Xuefeng felt that his body was still on the verge of a breakthrough, and he recalled the scene when he chose this cultivation technique.

"Elder, although I, Li Shijie, only have three sons, all of me think of myself as a hero. I remember that when I was young, I always liked to visit the Dao of cultivation," Li Xuanfeng said as he looked at his father, who seemed to be completely ignorant of the situation, and said to the elder, "Let him fulfill the wishes of that year for me!"

Looking at the red lipped Li Xuanfeng in front of him, he turned to Li Shijie and asked, "You must think about it, that《 Heavenly Thunder Arts》 is indeed a rare technique that cultivates both the spirit and martial arts, but if you don't advance, you must retreat. Once you learn it, you cannot stop, nor can you regret it."

"My son should have the courage to do so, but he should also have the opportunity. Otherwise, what use would it be?"

… ….

"What is the use of it … What was the use of it … "Then it's fine if you don't want it!" Li Xuanfeng clenched his fists tightly, unaware of the droplets of blood that had fallen to the ground. It was as if he had been angered to the point that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

When Li Xuanfeng opened his eyes, the moon was already high in the sky, and there was an old man at his side taking his pulse. Li Xuefeng only said, "I know my own circumstances. I'm afraid I won't need to go to the emperor's birthday celebration this year."

"Young Master, you better take care of yourself. Otherwise, how can this old man live up to the grace of saving his life?"

Looking around, other than the man in front of them, there was only fear. Other than the old man in front of them, there was actually no one else as they said with tears and smiles, "I, Li Xuanfeng, thought myself to be a heaven's pride expert. I didn't think that you would be the only one here.

"Young Master, if it weren't for you, I, Li Jing, would probably already be a pile of dried up bones. This old man will do his best to cure you."

Li Xuanfeng already knew that if he wasn't able to break through the sixth level, there would be no way for him to survive. He didn't want to hurt Old Li's heart, so he only said, "Enough, Old Li, I'm tired. You should rest earlier!"

"Then the old man will take his leave."

How could Li Xuanfeng have any thoughts of sleeping? He only struggled to get up to pacify the person in front of him. At this moment, the bright moon was perfectly round, hanging in the sky by itself, like a tall figure that was unwilling to be tainted by the mundane world. He picked up the wine on the table and said to the moon, "Is Brother Yue that lonely? I will go to the moon to drink with my brother in the future. Now, I only wish you a cup of water and wine."

With that, he walked back to the bed, doing nothing but sleeping with the moon. Strangely, the true energy that used to be noisy and incessant was actually peaceful and steady tonight, to the point that it was hard for Li Xuanfeng to have a good night's sleep. It was as if a voice in his dreams was whispering in his ear, "Then I'll wait for one day when I become the king and dance."

The next morning, Li Xuefeng was still curious about the dream he had last night. At his level, how could he even dream? He could only stop thinking and clasp his hands at the crescent moon in the sky. "I, Li Xuefeng, will definitely attend to my promise one day." Or like a door shouting: "Someone, I'm not dead yet!"

A servant came in with a maid and bowed, "Young Master, are you still practicing your martial arts today?"

"Forget it, I am a dying person so it would be best for me to enjoy myself happily for two days. I will instruct," Go and invite the most beautiful girl in the city to come here for me. "

The servant was perplexed. "Young master, the nearest city is a hundred li away from our villa. This …"

"What, are you in a hurry for my death right now? Give it to the dog slave." Li Xuanfeng angrily said, "Even if you want to tie me up, come and tie me up as well!"


For the next ten days or so, it was like singing and dancing, a scene of wealth and honor. Only Elder Li was able to persuade him a few times, but he had no choice but to give up!

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