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As the six kings' words fell, Li Xuanfeng's expression became bitter, and he had no choice but to say, "Your Highness, debt of gratitude is the most difficult to repay. Especially after receiving their benefits, you can only put your life on the line."

With that, he formed a seal and said, "Heavenly Thunder Curse."

Just like a bolt of lightning rushing towards the Sixth King, these six kings did not have any form of dragon Qi protecting them, so naturally they could not block it. Without panicking, the woman in red waved her hand, and a talisman flew to the side of the Sixth King's body, forming a half circle of light to protect the person inside.

"Little brother, sneak attacks is not a good habit." The lady in red did not look over, and only walked towards Li Xuanfeng, not caring about whether she sneaked an attack on him or not.

Li Xuanfeng retreated quickly, and another bolt of lightning struck towards the red dressed woman. However, this red figure was like a ghost. Although lightning moved at high speed, it still didn't move. At this moment, the red figure had already arrived in front of him, and a black dagger was thrusting towards Li Xuanfeng.

The dagger's owner's disdain could be clearly seen from the smile of ridicule in his red clothes. He did not expect the person in front of him to be just an embroidered pillow.

A hand shining with azure light blocked the black dagger that was only inches away from him. Li Xuanfeng did not even look at the surprised expression on the pretty face, nor did he care about the blood on his left hand as his right hand directly flew towards the beautiful woman's chest.

"Eh …." The red-clothed girl let out a pained grunt as she quickly retreated, her expression ferocious. "I didn't expect that I, Yun Ke-er, would be injured by a brat like you. Then come and try again!"

The dagger left his hand and turned into a black snake in the air, shooting towards Li Xuefeng. Even the old emperor and the crown prince were engulfed by the black snake, and they were forced to clash head on with Li Xuefeng.

With a bitter face, the black snake was just about to block the incoming flying sword which flew towards the red dressed lady. However, the black snake had no choice but to block the flying sword which came out of nowhere.

On the high platform, there was a handsome little Daoist walking straight towards the platform that was more than ten meters tall. Who else could it be other than Ming Yuan, who had come to Shang Jing with Li Xuanfeng?

What a nice young Daoist boy. His face was like jade, and the flying sword in the air only managed to knock the insolent Yun Ke-er into a corner. He was in a very sorry state. This was the first time Ming Yuan had received the attention of so many people, and he couldn't help but be excited. He actually didn't notice that Yun Ke-er was no longer surrounded by the white snakes.

He didn't have enough time to remind them, and with a flip of the thunder mirror, a cyan colored ring of light surrounded the group of people. "Ding ding ding ding!" The sound rang, and countless red lights shot towards the cyan colored barrier.

Ming Yuan's face widened as he angrily rebuked, "What a vicious witch!"

"What? Aren't all of you hypocrites?" As he spoke, he didn't relax his attacks. Countless red shadows caused the green light screen to be on the verge of collapse. Li Xuanfeng turned to Ming Yuan and said, "Protect them and leave. I will lure this demoness away."

The thunder mirror turned again, and the light screen closed, revealing a lightning dragon that shot towards Yun Ke-er. Relying on her injuries, she wasn't able to recover. They were actually attacking each other.

Yun'er, who had suffered once, knew that Li Xuanfeng's skin was tough and thick. Even though she knew the sharpness of the magical artifact in her hand, she didn't want to give it a try.

Li Xuanfeng's expression changed. Where did these three magic tools come from? He immediately changed his strategy and whispered, "Leave."

Ming Yuan understood immediately. He picked up the nearest Crown Prince's sword and flew out of the city. Just as Li Xuefeng was about to bring the old emperor away, he saw the old emperor say, "I can't leave. I just have to protect the crown prince."

Seeing that he could only fight as he retreated with Yun Ke-er, Li Xuanfeng also headed out of the city. Yun'er didn't look at the unsightly expression of the six kings and wanted Li Xuanfeng to kill her.

Very quickly, Li Xuanfeng had arrived outside the city and regretted his actions. Why did this demoness follow Li Xuanfeng out? Compared to the suppression that Li Xuanfeng had faced at the Imperial Palace, Yun'er could be said to have suffered an even greater pressure. At this moment, Yun'er, who had been continuously beaten up, only had the strength to defend herself.

Li Xuanfeng forced out a smile, "Beauty, how about we call it a day?"

"Oh, why would the eldest young master want to end the battle with a little demoness like me?" Yun Ke-er said with a smile that didn't reach her eyes, "Don't the so-called righteous cultivators like to behead demons and exterminate devils?"

"What kind of righteous person am I? I'm just using money to work my ass off."

"Oh …" Just as Yun Ke-er was about to speak, she felt that something was wrong and dodged to the side. However, it was a bit late, as a large net descended from the sky, only illuminating Yun Ke-er within it.

"Beauty, we have no grievances in the past few days, can we just rest for a while?" Lying on the ground, disgraceful, he panted heavily. "Then if we were to fight individually, I won't be able to take it anymore."

Before Li Xuanfeng could heave a sigh of relief, Yun Ke-er gritted her teeth and angrily said, "Don't even think about it." The dagger once again transformed into a black snake as it charged towards the net.

Li Xuefeng's first reaction was not to rush out and block the net, but to rush out. He was very clear on what the net was using to do. An entire two thousand Explosion Talismans, I'm afraid this small forest will never exist again.

Sure enough, there was a loud sound as Li Xuanfeng was sent flying by the huge shockwave.

… ….

Li Xuanfeng spat out a mouthful of blood. He could only feel that his internal organs were about to shift position as he turned his head with difficulty towards the forest that no longer existed. A red barrier stood tall in the center of the explosion. The barrier was like a smooth jade body that was faintly discernible.

"So big." Li Xuanfeng couldn't help but exclaim in surprise when he heard an angry voice say, "Kid, just wait for me." After that, he fainted.

When he woke up again, he saw several shifty-eyed and rat-eyed figures appear not far from the explosion. He was extremely anxious. "What should I do? Should I die here?"

A familiar figure and a stratagem of a fox using their might appeared in Li Xuanfeng's mind.

He shouted, "Why is Young Master Yu here? Is he here for fun?"

It was none other than the young man with the fan whom he saw at the Azure Sun Sect. The man's face changed as he spoke, "Yes, yes. It was the play which was attracted here by the explosion." One of them looked at the disheveled Li Xuanfeng and asked, "What happened to Young Master?"

"Unfortunately, Senior Brother Ming Yuan was ambushed by a monster just when he came to Shang Jing. Senior Brother went to chase that demon, so I believe he will be back soon."

"Oh, could it be..." Seemingly unable to believe it, he asked again, "Could it be that Young Master has been accepted by Daoist Master Qing Xu?"

Li Xuanfeng casually replied, "That's right, he was just accepted as a disciple by the sect. He is now the seventeenth generation disciple of the Yuanfu Sect."

"Oh." Young Master Yu's expression changed as he said, "Then I won't disturb young master anymore." Ye Zichen quickly dragged the others away.

"Young master, why are you running? I think it would be great if you could do something about it." Someone asked in confusion.

Yu Gongzi said in a gloomy voice, "Don't you know that all the sects leave their disciples with Soul Lamps? If we kill him, we won't be able to escape even if we go to the ends of the earth."

"Right, right." Right, right. Everyone flattered.

"Of course." Yu Gongzi smiled complacently, completely unaware that he had been tricked by Li Xuanfeng. On the contrary, he was quite proud of himself.

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