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Seeing them leave, Li Xuanfeng let out a long sigh of relief. He had been careless just now, but he had been lucky enough to avoid them. Knowing that this was not the place to stay for a long time, it was likely that there would be people running here. He braced himself and headed towards the capital.

At this moment, another elite soldier had appeared in the city, wearing a dark black armor, wielding a huge dragon spear. This was also a rare dragon blood horse, and Li Xuefeng was assured that the old emperor had still kept a trump card. With these five hundred True Dragon Guards, as long as it wasn't just one more Yun Ke-er, the situation would be settled.

Li Xuefeng carefully thought about it and realized that he had nowhere to go. He could only head home and wondered how his nominal father was doing.

The three kings had long since been eliminated. They knew that no matter who won, they would not let them go, so they simply sat there without caring about their image. They didn't give any applause to the people below.

The six kings were still in high spirits. Although the guards below the stage still held the upper hand, as long as they waited for the West Army to gradually arrive, the mighty crossbow would have already been destroyed. Thinking of the outcome, the six kings were overjoyed.

Waiting until Li Shijie led the Western Army and dared to come here, the last of the Six Kings fell to the ground. He smiled at the people who were still resisting and said, "What's the point of being listed, submit to me … "Uh, This King will naturally treat everyone kindly, so I will recreate my 'Great Gan' and 'Golden Age'."

The panicking ministers had long been under the control of the wise six kings. Although the fight for the throne today was not perfect, and the three kings were the first ones to rebel, they immediately kneeled down and said, "We are willing to follow the six kings to Xi'an for the rest of our lives."

Seeing that Wen Chen had taken the initiative to surrender, Hong Qi naturally did not want to be outdone. However, he was worried that his own interests would be damaged, so he only looked at the leader of the auxiliary country's officials.

Helpless, the Duke of Jia Fu pinched his beard and braced himself before asking, "I wonder if we may see the glory of our ancestors."

"Naturally, other than those few clans, I believe that all of you will be even more formidable than our ancestors. "Come with me and sweep away this world."

The two of them meant that one could not just keep their titles, the other meant that they could not only keep their titles, but might also have a closer hope. He then turned to look at the officials behind him.

He knelt down happily and said, "We are willing to follow the six kings to fight against the world." In truth, to these people, they no longer had the courage and blood of their ancestors when it came to battling on the battlefield. As long as they could guarantee their own interests, they would be like milk to their mothers, not caring about anything else.

Only the few families that were standing had ashen faces. Naturally, they knew the meaning behind the six kings' words. They could not help but resent the fact that they had picked the wrong people. The crown prince had been so disappointing that he had abandoned them and ran away.

Although the generals were unwilling, they still had some courage. Taking out their weapons, they charged towards the men Li Shijie brought along. Someone shouted angrily, "Li Shijie, your brother, the traitor, will die a horrible death."

"Hehe, a good bird chooses a tree. I, Li Shijie, will naturally abandon my darkness and come to the light."

One of the old generals was so angry that his beard trembled. It was his uncle, the third prince, who scolded him, "You are not as loyal as your son."

Puff … - Blood splattered everywhere, and the person who had spoken earlier had his head chopped off by Li Shijie. Without caring about how much of the courage these people had mustered was lost, he said to the army behind him, "Kill all those who are standing. After this, the Six Kings will never forget all of you."

The soldiers all accepted the order and rushed to the senior officials, who no longer had the courage, as if they had been injected with chicken blood for the sake of glory and wealth.

Their target was the blood and blood, and without any will to resist, how could they be an elite army's opponent? Soon, the pure white marble was dyed red, and the magnificent clothes were torn, and the precious utensils were destroyed.

The old emperor's gaze was focused on the slaughter below with no expression. He spoke to the six kings as if he was talking to himself, "Unexpectedly, I was still wrong about him. Mother could be wrong about him too." He was also somewhat happy as he said, "Thankfully mother left me Xuan Feng, so I'll end this today!"

The six kings did not understand what the old emperor meant. Did he still have some trump card? It seemed that he had forgotten something. When he saw the dark black armor, he couldn't believe his eyes, "Could this be the legendary True Dragon Armored Guard?"

He then retorted, "Impossible, even the founding ancestor was unable to make the supposed True Dragon Armored Guard truly appear. You … How could you? "

"Hehe, although I know that I can't compare to the Grand Ancestor, but this is the only thing that is worth me seeing my ancestors. I was originally going to use it on the enemy kingdom, but now it's going to be used on my son."

He seemed to be laughing, but also crying. Looking at his own child, he also felt like he was six sons. He didn't expect him to be this anxious, so he closed his eyes and couldn't bear to look anymore.

Right at this moment, a streak of light shot over. The two deathsworn beside the six kings changed their expressions, and used their bodies to block the body of the six kings. However, the result was unsatisfactory. The surrounding three feet exploded along with the high platform. Naturally, the three people in the center had no way of surviving. Dragon-slaying Crossbow, a national divine tool of the Great Gan, truly had the power to slay dragons.

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