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While the Celestial Gourd had been thrown into chaos in the capital, Xiaoqing had been sent flying who knows how far away with the unconscious Li Xuefeng. By the time Li Xuefeng woke up from his suffering with the medicinal plant in his mouth, the moon was already high in the sky. He spat and realized that the color was also green. He didn't feel any pain except for the astringent taste in his mouth.

Then, he looked at his own position, "It seems that I'm destined to be in the deep mountains, in the deep forests!" Li Xufeng mocked himself as he looked at the endless forest before him. The thick fallen leaves beneath him reminded him of the rarity of this place.

"Aooo …" "Aooo …"

Li Xuanfeng didn't know if he should be thankful for that person's attack or hate him. If he wasn't sealed right now, he probably wouldn't be able to escape from the demon beasts.

Soon, Li Xuanfeng regretted his decision. As soon as he climbed up the tree, he opened his mouth and extended his hand over. He didn't even need to look at the bright red tongue; he only needed to smell the stench to know that he was like a snake's mouth.

"Right." With the cry of a bird, the sickly Xiaoqing immediately perked up. With a shake of her wings, she didn't use much strength. Her pair of exquisite phoenix claws directly threw away the head of the giant serpent. Wasn't that seven inches of the giant serpent?

"Little Qing, you can do it!" As Li Xuanfeng spoke, his men clawed at the snake's tail with one hand.

If one looked carefully, one would realize that this giant serpent was at least ten meters long, and was probably quite intelligent. Originally, when the seven-inch-long snake had been grabbed, it had not lost its ability to fight like a normal snake, but had instead crazily swung its tail at Xiaoqing. Li Xuanfeng's grip had just so happened to grasp onto a powerful tail, and in an instant, a huge force had surged towards Li Xuanfeng's internal organs.

Li Xuanfeng felt like he was a broken wooden raft, but he had to sail in the river without any sense of contentment. He was helpless in the midst of overestimating himself.

Fortunately, he had already suffered enough when he practiced the "Heavenly Thunder Arts", which was one of the spiritual martial arts. This kind of pain was still within his tolerance range, even though his body was sealed and he couldn't feel the true qi, he still tried his best to circulate it through his meridians a thousand times. At this moment, he actually easily used the old Taoist's strange fist technique.

Even though the giant serpent's body seemed soft, as Li Xuanfeng used the strange Five Revolutions Fist, as if he had met his nemesis, his originally violently swaying body finally stopped after a twitch. Fresh, red blood could be seen flowing out from every part of his body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiaoqing's sharp mouth, which had been keeping an eye on the opportunity, moved forward a bit. By the time the azure light disappeared, the giant serpent no longer made a sound. The only thing left was Xiaoqing, happily devouring the giant serpent's essence and gallbladder.

"I didn't expect this fist technique to be so powerful. This is only an auxiliary function." Li Xuanfeng laid on the corpse without a shred of strength left, and only his thoughts were uncontrollably emitted.

At the same time as he used the Five Revolutions Fist to severely injure the huge snake, a huge amount of energy rushed into the meridians of his body. The damaged meridians almost went through exercise, and at this moment, not getting crippled was his usual hard work and luck.

At this moment, Xiao Qing was tugging at the corner of Li Xuanfeng's clothes as she walked towards the corpse of the giant serpent. How could such a small amount of strength move him? Drink blood? "

Li Xuanfeng didn't want to go after receiving an affirmative answer. Looking at the sticky blood wasn't something that a normal person could accept, plus the pungent smell of blood, he really didn't want to try it out.

However, Xiaoqing refused to give up. Li Xuanfeng could only pinch his nose and try his luck. "I'm not poisoned, right?" Recalling the snake gall that Xiaoqing had just eaten, he didn't have the arrogance that Xiaoqing had.

He closed his eyes and took a sip of the thick snake blood, only to realize that it did not smell like he had expected, instead, it had a sweet smell that went down his throat and flowed through his body, causing the originally aching meridians to show signs of turning better. The snake blood was similar to those spirit medicines, it did not need Xiaoqing to urge it, Li Xuanfeng gulped down the snake blood, and very quickly, the large snake's body seemed to shrink as though it had become a dried corpse.

Even though he knew that it was impossible for such a miraculous blood to exist, he didn't expect such a massive body to only weigh slightly more than a jin. Just as he was about to devote himself to his cultivation, a voice suddenly came from an unknown place.

The saying was very true, and one could only ask for what the Dao asked for. Who knew that the sky would be empty? Who knew where it could be found?

… ….

Listening to this song, Li Xuanfeng felt as if he had revealed the truth with a single sentence. Those who didn't understand him now understood that they treated the entire world differently.

Little Qing only felt that the aura being emitted from Li Xuanfeng's body was close to nature, and couldn't help but cause people to have a good impression of him and want to get close to him. She immediately flew up to Li Xuanfeng's head, unwilling to get down.

Thinking like this, his mind fell into an eternal silence. It was as if he was neither sad nor happy at the same time. A thousand years had passed, and it was unknown if it was just a thousand years or just a moment of confusion. At this moment, the old Daoist Qing Xu would probably exclaim, "A sudden insight, you really are a genius."

However, at this moment, there was only an intelligent but still animal bird and an ignorant and unconscious Li Xuanfeng. Naturally, no one would be surprised by this, not to mention an old man who was gradually walking over from a distance as a woodcutter and part-time hunter.

… ….

When Li Xuanfeng woke up again, the sky was already bright. He looked at the old man in front of him and said, "Old sir, it's early!" Was it you who was singing? "

"Good morning, young man. In order to make a living, I had to run around sooner or later, and I was just blindly singing. " He looked at the sorry figure of Li Xuanfeng and asked, "What's wrong with this young man?"

"To be hunted down by others, I have no choice but to do so." Li Xuanfeng did not lie to him. Even though he was running a bit strangely, he was not here to chase him. He was just afraid that the old man in front of him would not be able to take it.

Li Xuanfeng saw the strange look on the old man's face as he carried a bow, a machete, and a bamboo basket on his back. He asked, "What is the old man doing when he enters the mountain?"

"This little one will go into the mountains to gather some herbs. This little one might be able to beat up some prey and then hunt some."

Li Xuanfeng laughed, "Old sir is quite free and easy, there must be a lot of prey!"

"Where did it come from? If it wasn't for the fact that I'm old and weak, I wouldn't be in such a state." He looked at Li Xuanfeng's bloodied appearance and said, "Young Master, why don't you follow this old man to change?"

"Then I'll be troubling you." Li Xuanfeng looked at himself. His entire body was covered with wounds and blood, and he was also covered in a lot of dust. It was really as ugly as one could imagine.

… ….

Carrying the huge snake, Li Xuanfeng and the old man who called himself Cai Zhe finally stopped at a small valley. This valley was located in the lee of the wind, and at the entrance of the valley, there were three thatched cottages, and behind the houses, one could see some fields of lush green. Even better, there was a small stream meandering by the west side, which made Li Xuanfeng praise, "It really is a good place, it's just that Old Cai has been working too hard and lonely."

"Nothing much, this old man has also practiced some of the rudimentary skills passed down by his ancestors, he was actually able to have some peace and quiet by himself."

The old man put down the herbs he had collected along the way and started a fire to cook. Soon, smoke began to rise, bringing a bit of popularity to this fairy-like valley. Li Xuanfeng originally wanted to help, but after thinking about how he had never served anyone since he was young, he gave up on that unrealistic idea.

After changing into a set of coarse clothes, the old man walked towards the back of the house. It was too tiring. First, Yun Ke-er had resolved the situation to deal with that young noble, and now, she was being chased down by the mysterious man. If not for Little Blue's final burst of godly might, Li Xuanfeng would not have survived.

Especially after experiencing this morning's epiphany, he now felt that things had changed for him. He could not let go of this feeling of exhaustion no matter how hard he tried.

"To think that I have grown so much older." Li Xuanfeng thought for a moment, then casually walked upstream.

When they reached the corner, the stream that was originally straight down suddenly turned left, and a large rock just happened to be across the corner. When he arrived at Li Xuanfeng, he couldn't help but stop. His unsettled state nearly caused him to load it up. He raised his head to see a gourd vine laid there sickly. He was afraid that the yellowing leaves might not have enough life force.

Li Xuefeng looked at the gourd vine that was about to wither. Looking at the small gourd on top of it, he couldn't help but like it so much that he wondered if he should take it back with him. He tried to dig with his hands, but to his surprise, a clod formed under his roots. With a light tug, he lifted it up. The black soil and the yellow soil were incompatible.

He returned to the thatched hut with the still sickly calabash vine in his arms and apologized to the old man, "I'm sorry, but I took it back when I saw that I liked it. Please forgive me."

"Hur hur. "There's no need for the calabash vine to be taken care of. It's better to have this young man take care of it."

… ….

After resting for a day and a night, Li Xuanfeng followed the old man's directions and headed towards the city. There was an animal skin bundle containing the snake skin and the gourd vine. After Li Xuanfeng left, the valley that was once hidden in mist seemed to have never appeared before. Only a faint voice whispered, "In that case, we can finally pay off this cause and effect."

Li Xuanfeng did not know anything about this. He just wanted to know more about the situation in Shang Jing.

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