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After three days of difficulty, Li Xuanfeng looked at the prefectural city of Shangguan. Compared to Shang Jing, it was much smaller, but as it was a stronghold of the border, the military aura was extremely strong, so naturally the investigation was much stricter.

Based on the information he knew, he actually flew directly from Shang Jing to two counties in a single night. Even if it was a straight line, it was already close to a thousand miles. He couldn't help but look at Xiaoqing, who was standing on his shoulder, in astonishment.

Li Xuan didn't understand why Xiaoqing would be so formidable, but he stopped thinking about it and walked towards the city gate.

"Please show me Lu Yin." Li Xuanfeng habitually reached into his arms and discovered that he had never had a guide, so he could not take out the guard badge that he had received from the palace two days ago.

The soldier felt it was odd when he saw the token and could only say, "Please wait a moment." It looked like he was looking for his superior. Not long later, an uncle walked over, looking like an officer.

He looked at his medallion and asked in a strange tone: "Greetings my lord. What business do you have here?"

Even though the guard commander was only a guard, he was still a sixth grade. As for bodyguard commander Li Xuanfeng, he was fourth grade, so how could the city lord dare to be disrespectful?

Li Xuanfeng did not have any thoughts of wasting words. He was really anxious to know how the situation in Shang Jing was right now. He only said: "We are only passing by. Are we able to use the nearest relay station?"

Although it was an important border town, it was certain that relay stations were well-developed. However, the use of militarily important areas was naturally very strict. The person on the other side couldn't help but say: "This isn't decided by a small official like me. Why don't you go to the library to rest first? This official will find someone to ask for you right now."

… ….

Helpless, Li Xuanfeng could only follow the City Lord's instructions and arrive at the library. Relying on his identity card, he arranged a room for a good rest.

Honestly speaking, ever since he had descended the mountain, he had not had a good rest. Now that he was in this ordinary bed, Li Xuanfeng was able to rest there, mainly because his spirit had finally relaxed, although the danger had yet to completely pass. He did not know who had obtained the victory, and whether his clan still existed or not.

Li Xuanfeng guessed that it was because of the last bit of conviction that he had been chased by someone. Now, he thought of what Qing Xu had said at that time, "I don't know if this belief is a blessing or a curse, I'll just give it to you as a way to avoid disaster. After all, the Void Essence Sect still has a bit of prestige."

If it wasn't for the fact that he pretended to be a disciple of the Void Essence Sect, then perhaps he would be facing the current Li Xuanfeng, but naturally, there wouldn't be any more terrifying characters chasing after him.

When he opened the door, he discovered a middle-aged man dressed in a scholarly attire. From this, he could tell that Li Xuanfeng was currently weak, and even the sound of his footsteps was difficult to distinguish; this was impossible for him in the past.

The middle-aged man was extremely courteous and did not care about Li Xuanfeng's astonishment. Naturally, he did not notice Li Xuanfeng's disrespect, and instead calmly introduced himself: "This one is Murong Eminent, an aide to the Du Family, and greets the Lord Commander. May I know what your name is?"

Li Xuanfeng knew very well who Du Shufeng was. Even though he had been able to single-handedly block the path of that greedy and strong neighbor from the north for dozens of years, the impact he had on someone like Li Xuanfeng, who basically ignored the world, was still quite big. Honestly speaking, with Li Xuanfeng's current status, he should still feel proud to be treated like this by his close officials from his residence. Unfortunately, Li Xuanfeng was not just a small commander of the imperial guards, so he could naturally wait patiently. He also bowed and said, "My name is Song Chao.

Murong Jie might not be the person Du Shuai valued the most in the mansion, but he was definitely the youngest and most highly regarded, so he naturally could not be underestimated. Murong Jie might not be the person Du Shuai valued the most in the mansion, but he was definitely the youngest and most highly regarded, so he naturally could not be underestimated, because he could not be underestimated.

Although Li Xuanfeng acted as if he didn't care about others at a distance, he had to admit that Murong Jie's character was good enough, or perhaps his skin was thick enough. He didn't seem to notice and continued to speak passionately, "Looking at Young Master's appearance, it seems like Young Master isn't too peaceful in Shang Jing recently!" Without waiting for Li Xuanfeng to reply, he hurriedly said, "I heard that it seems like the princes are rebelling. Young master, it's best if you don't go back in a hurry."

"It's alright. My family still has some influence. Besides, the three kings and the six kings probably won't make a move against a small figure like me."

First of all, there were a few powers who sounded modest, but in reality, they were either confident or foolish. Li Xuanfeng did not seem like a fool anymore, and now, it was even more impossible for Murong Jie to let Li Xuanfeng go, so he said with a laugh, "Sir, you probably don't know that the north side is not honest recently, and there is a problem with that side as well, so this inn does not have a single moment of leisure at all."

After saying that, he pointed in the direction of Shang Jing, completely throwing away Li Xuanfeng's intention to borrow a horse.

Seeing Murong Jie leave gracefully, Li Xuefeng didn't care if what he said was true or not. Since he couldn't borrow the government's superior horse, he could only go to the horse market to take a look. It was just that a sudden invitation had disrupted Li Xuefeng's plans for the afternoon.

… ….

Looking at the famous general Du Yuanting, who sat at the head of the group of five, Li Xuanfeng felt no joy but only trouble. It seemed like Murong Jie must have said something, because he didn't believe that Du Shuai was simply treating him to a meal.

He didn't have any thoughts of hiding anything anymore, he just smiled and said, "Li Xuanfeng greets Du Shuai. We should have met three years ago!"

Du Shuai, who was always very calm, no longer looked calm. He said in shock: "Isn't that immortal child in Shang Jing? Why did he come here all of a sudden?" After a long time, he recovered his breath and said, "I didn't expect the immortal child to still remember."

According to the news, two days ago, Li Xuanfeng had displayed his prowess in Shang Jing, but now, he was in Shangguan County. Even the famous generals were not an exception.

"It's just because of a few reasons, I wonder how's the situation in Shang Jing now?"

"Now that His Majesty has pacified the rebellion, the three kings have been confined and the six kings have died of illness."

"Oh." Li Xuanfeng already knew the result when he saw the suspected True Dragon Armored Guard that had never appeared in the world. He wasn't too surprised, so he asked again, "Does Marshal Du know about the situation in my Li Residence?"

"I think it's just to let General Li think at home, and all the people in Shang Jing are looking for immortal children. I never expected that immortal children would come to this barbaric land."

Li Xuanfeng let out a sigh of relief after knowing that nothing had happened in the mansion, and immediately said, "I wish to return to Shang Jing."

Just by looking at Li Xuanfeng's appearance … Du Shuai said in his heart, "He's still a child after all. It seems like the conflict between him and his father isn't that real." When he thought about the border army that the three kings had mobilized, he felt a headache coming on. "That border army was actually mobilized by the three kings themselves. I really had no idea. I plead for Your Majesty to punish me."

Since it was a punishment, he naturally wouldn't pursue the matter. Just knowing the situation, he avoided the possibility of a thunderous anger. It seemed that Du Shuang was well versed in the path of being an official, and his reputation as a general was truly not simple.

Li Xuefeng didn't have such thoughts. He only said, "Okay."

The next day, in order to calm the heart and soul of Commander Du, Li Xuanfeng rode off on his horses with a gift from Marshal Du. Looking at the departing back view, Du Yuanting, who was on top of the city wall, could not help but sigh, "Children should be like Li Xuanfeng!"

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