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It had already been three days since Li Xuanfeng had arrived in Shang Jing. He didn't expect that he would have to spend so much effort just to get back to Shang Jing in one night.

Looking at the people coming and going in the bustling city, there was no longer the bloodshed from a few days ago. The people of Shang Jing looked at the people coming and going with great tolerance and adaptability, feeling a sense of superiority.

After entering the city gates, Li Xuanfeng slowly rode his remaining horse towards the former General Li's manor.

The door was quiet and desolate, and the imperial plaque had been thrown there. Only the cracked door could not see the guard at the entrance.

His father, Li Shijie, was in the courtyard sweeping the floor, while the old steward was standing blankly on the side. He did not go to help, which was quite strange, and Li Xuanfeng noticed that Li Shijie's hair had become a lot more white than before.

"Greetings, father."

Li Shijie raised his head and looked at his son, who he had never doted on before. "Eh, he's back!" Now that he thought about it, he really felt sorry for his son. Just because his father was too similar to him, he brought his resentment to him. However, there was no longer any room to make amends for it.

He only felt that he had paid the price for his ambition. He was fortunate because he had a son that was related to him by blood, and since he had a son that he trusted a lot, he could sweep the ground here instead of in the Sky Prison or had already become a ghost.

Following that, the father and son duo seemed to be talking about something, but fortunately, the old butler at the side spoke up, "Young Master, you're finally back. Old Master is worried to death." Seeming to think that neither of them would believe his words, he continued, "Your Majesty's envoys come here every day to greet your return."

"Oh …"

At this moment, an old eunuch ran over with a few other young eunuchs. Behind him was a group of imperial bodyguards that Li Xuefeng had impersonated before. Before they arrived, the eunuch said in a high-pitched voice, "Greetings, immortal child. Your Majesty is waiting for you."

"What? Am I not back? Is something the matter?"

Only Li Xuanfeng dared speak thus to the Minister of Imperial Household. The eunuch was not angry at all as he panted, "His Majesty announcing that you've entered the palace is definitely a good thing!"

Li Xuanfeng knew this was going on a long time ago, so he asked, "How are the Crown Prince and those two doing?"

"The crown prince is already overseeing the country, but …" He glanced at Li Shijie, who was standing behind Li Xuanfeng, and said in a low voice, "I'm afraid His Majesty won't be able to do it. As for the other two, one of them is under the Dragon Slaying Crossbow."

Li Xuanfeng nodded. "Then let's go."

Watching Li Xuanfeng walk away, Li Shijie was filled with emotion. He didn't regret his choice, but his vision was poor. Besides, who would've thought that something that even the founder of the country couldn't do was actually done by His Majesty, and hidden so deeply. The only thing he regretted was that he didn't treat Li Xuanfeng well. He was afraid that things wouldn't turn out like this.

Entering the palace once again was not the same place as last time. Instead, it was the Long Residence Palace where the emperor lived. The medicinal smell of the room could not be concealed. Even the dragon that had unleashed its divine might a few days ago seemed lifeless and lifeless.

"Greetings, Your Majesty." Li Xuefeng greeted the old emperor who was still half asleep on his bed.

"My celestial child is here." The old emperor forcefully held on to his sickness and forced out a few traces of a smile, "I'm afraid I have to follow mother."

If it were anyone else, they would have knelt down in fear and said, "Your Majesty, Hong Fu, he'll definitely live for a hundred years." However, right now, neither of the two was an ordinary person. Instead, Li Xuefeng said, "Looks like the cost of that Emperor martial art is much higher than what I've imagined!"

The old emperor didn't reply. Naturally, he was the best outcome. Even though he had aged a lot, he had consumed a lot of his energy. With a wave of his hand, an attendant came out from the back with a tray.

Li Xuanfeng looked at the tray he had prepared a long time ago, a porcelain bottle filled with purple jade and a treasured sword. It was just a high-grade Practitioner Weapon. Although it was precious, it wasn't anything special. However, he didn't understand what was inside the bottle. He then picked up the piece of jade and casually played with it.

The old emperor said, "This is a warm jade offered by my foreign envoys. It can stabilize a person's mental state. It is also a rare treasure." He then solemnly pointed to the small bottle and said, "This Holy Dragon Pellet is made by the founder of the country, killing the flood dragon with its blood and essence. It is the most suitable for training the body, and it should be the most effective for dual cultivation in the Spiritual Martial Force.

Hearing the words "there aren't many left", Li Xuanfeng immediately understood what the old emperor meant. He was just trying to recruit him; he had really put in a lot of effort for the crown prince.

The old emperor didn't wait for Li Xuanfeng to refuse and asked, "I still have to thank that little Taoist who sent the crown prince back. Otherwise, I'm afraid that before my ambush can even arrive, everything will be over."

Li Xuanfeng only smiled and asked, "I wonder how His Majesty plans to punish our Li Residence?"

"How about dropping from the first to the third class?" Although the punishment was a full one step down from five, it was quite lenient to see what the crime was.

Li Xuefeng bowed in thanks. "Thank you for Your Majesty's magnanimity. I'm willing to pray for Your Majesty's kindness."

"Mm, you can leave now." Seeing Li Xuanfeng slowly leave, his right hand swept out and only shattered a plate of wine on the ground as he angrily said, "What is more than what is more than what is more than what is more than what is more? Can I really not keep you here?"

In the end, he could not continue any longer, but he knew that he could not hold on. Unlike those so-called reverends who did not have any talent or desire, this Li Xuanfeng was like a true cultivator, and only wanted to pursue the so-called Dao.

"The greediest and most selfless group of people." As he spoke, the old emperor fell asleep.

Li Xuefeng however, returned to the garden. Looking at the mother and daughter in front of him, he said with a smile, "In the future, you must properly filial piety your mother, and do your job of being 'heroic and unyielding,' alright?"


Having received an affirmative reply, Li Xuanfeng only left a letter for the present Regent before heading back to the mountain to beg for forgiveness.

From Ming Yuan's message, he already knew that the person chasing after him that day was the enforcer of the sect. If he wanted to remove the restriction on him, he could only find this enforcer.

And so, in the Azure Sun Monastery, there was a youth carrying a bamboo shoot on his back.

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