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There were already people waiting in front of the temple door. If it wasn't Ming Yuan, then who else could it be? As soon as they saw each other, they immediately asked, "Just where did you go? It's fortunate that you came back early. If you were two days late, I'm afraid you'd never be able to recover your true qi."

After he finished speaking, he pulled Li Xuanfeng and walked towards the back of the gate.

As he walked along a small stone table, he could see two people sitting beside it. One of them was the Clear Void Zhenren whom he had met before, and the other one was Li Xuanfeng, who was absolutely familiar with gray robes, three long whiskers, and a somewhat old-fashioned expression. When he sensed that the familiar aura was coming from the person chasing him, Li Xuanfeng subconsciously shrank back his neck.

The Daoist man ignored the two people around him and said to Qing Xu, "I didn't expect Junior to be so wise. I won this round, but this punishment is unavoidable."

"What, I want to accept a great talent for my sect. What do you think, senior?"

The gray-robed Daoist fell into deep thought, then spoke out again. "Since that's the case, then just follow me back to your post for three years. What do you think, junior apprentice-brother?" Qing Xu pointed at an ancient book and muttered, "I wonder …"

"I'll naturally send you to Senior Apprentice Brother for more information."

After receiving an affirmative answer, the gray-robed man turned his head to look at Li Xuanfeng and said, "Kid, you must remember, pretending to be a disciple of my Void Essence Sect is a normal matter, it's to abolish your cultivation and cut off your immortal path. As you are young and have yet to fully step into the cultivation world, you are only punished for three years as a servant of my sect.

Without waiting for Li Xuanfeng to reply, he turned into a gust of wind and disappeared, leaving only Li Xuanfeng sighing with emotion, "This is a true cultivator, truly a carefree person."

To the side, Ming Yuan was delighted. "I didn't expect you to be able to enter the sect because of a blessing in disguise. Where the hell did this luck come from?"

Li Xuanfeng was puzzled. "Why is it still a good thing?"

Ming Yuan asked back, "What do you think about Azure Sun Temple compared to your villa?"

"Naturally... Hm? "You mean spiritual energy." After all, Li Xuefeng was a little more intelligent, so he asked, "Since that's the case, why did you punish me like this? It doesn't seem like a punishment!"

Ming Yuan didn't say anything, he just looked like his own master, Qing Xu. The latter chuckled and said, "Don't look at me, I was only giving that senior brother of mine a rotten book, and it's your own outstanding talent." With that, he sighed and said, "A thirteen year old peak Qi Refining Stage cultivator is really not easy to deal with in this small place."

"Master, you're too biased. Why didn't you let me, your disciple, go?"

"What are you going to do? In a few years, won't you directly become a room disciple?"

"Oh." Ming Yuan responded and then said to the embarrassed Li Xuanfeng, "Don't mind it. I was just playing. Aren't you going to take a look at Little White? It has become a lot fatter."

As Li Xuefeng said this, he finally remembered that Little Blue had flown away just like the entrance to the mountain. So she was bullying Little White.

Arriving at the courtyard where he used to live, Elder Wang stood there helplessly, looking at the two kids fighting. One of them was scratching the wings of the other, while the other one was patting the head of the tiger with his wings, looking extremely happy.

As for the result, Ye Zichen could tell when Lil 'White ran over in a hurry.

"Roar! Roar …" From the sound of it, it was hard to imagine a tiger cub yelling like a pig. It was hard to tell where it had learned it.

The little guy was hungry again, or it seemed like he wanted to eat the spirit energy in Li Xuanfeng's blood. In short, Li Xuanfeng had suffered greatly, and in the past few days, he had been completely exhausted, so tired that he almost fainted after being sucked in. He slapped the tiger's head and angrily said, "Why do you look just like a vampire from Sky Country?"

Xiao Bai knew it was wrong, so it could only use its head to constantly rub Li Xuanfeng's pants. No, it saw that Li Xuanfeng was helpless, so it picked up the little tiger and walked towards its own house while holding its fainting body. It only had time to say to Elder Wang, "You should go rest too. I'll go find you later."


When Li Xuanfeng finally woke up, it was already too late. He didn't expect to sleep so long, even though his body was still weak. This was the result of his damaged Profound Qi, and he could only slowly recuperate.

He walked out and saw Elder Wang standing outside the door. He quickly asked, "Elder Wang, you've been waiting for a long time."

Elder Wang didn't follow Li Xuanfeng's words and instead, asked, "Is Young Master ready to leave?"

"Hur hur, you already know it." Li Xuefeng didn't know what to say. He still needed to say, "Elder Wang has brought me many things. You and your daughter should stay in my villa!"

"This old servant is waiting in the manor for Young Master to achieve Immortal Ascension." He had already paid his respects.

Li Xuefeng looked at the white-haired Elder Wang in front of him and returned to the winter when the manor had just been built. The manor that the empress dowager had bestowed upon herself before her death had just been completed. On that snowy night, an old and frail man carried a little girl and collapsed at the manor's entrance.

That day when Li Xuanfeng saved the child and made the little girl into a little girl, the man had already aged.

Without mentioning when they would leave, after Li Xuanfeng and Ming Yuan finished eating, it was finally time for Li Xuanfeng to receive his "punishment."

He was still wearing that grey robe. While Li Xuanfeng was wondering if this master had rested, this Daoist then opened his mouth and asked, "My name is Gu Xu, how come I lost so much Profound Qi in one night? What did you do last night?"

Li Xuefeng glanced at Whitey, who was sleeping soundly in his arms. Just as he was thinking about how to respond, the Daoist man didn't say anything and just threw over a pill. "Origin Replenishing Pill, it can replenish your vitality. You should meditate and adjust your breathing!"

Thus, after half an hour later than scheduled, Spiritual Master Ancient Void took out a small boat. As the wind blew, in the blink of an eye, it had turned from the size of a palm into a small boat that could accommodate three people.

He flew straight up into the air, bringing Li Xuanfeng with him to a new place, a new starting point.

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