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It was like a fish that could only swim in the water, or a tree that could only live on the ground. Li Xuanfeng felt as if he was originally in the air, and only when he was in the air would he be able to live a carefree life.

Gu Xu looked at Li Xuanfeng and praised, "I didn't expect you to be like this on your first flight."

Although humans yearned to fly, after leaving the land, they became unaccustomed to it. Some drowned in the water, but on the land, no one had ever heard of any unlucky person dying while walking. Similarly, there were many accidents in the sky. Even though they were unwilling to admit it, there were still people who were afraid of heights and fell to their deaths in the world of cultivation.

At this moment, when Gu Xu saw Li Xuanfeng's expression of enjoyment, he couldn't help but admire him. This kind of person not only had a natural familiarity with the various evasion techniques and Sword Kinesis Flight, but he also had a better and faster grasp of them than others.

At this time, looking at the small boat flying in the air, the colorless barrier created beautiful sparks from the friction with the air outside. At this moment, looking at the small boat flying in the sky, looking at the colorless barrier friction with the air, it created beautiful sparks.

Gu Xu didn't want Li Xuanfeng to sit in the well and watch the sky, so he smiled and said, "It's nothing. The outside world can only be described as the stratosphere. It's safest. It's dangerous only when we reach a higher place, so of course it's more beautiful."

"Oh, I'm going to go to a higher place." Not only did he naturally yearn for a higher realm, but at the same time, he yearned for a higher realm, as if that was his home.

Gu Xu said in a harsh tone, "How many people want to see higher, want to see further, but you have no cultivation base, your cultivation base is not high enough, what qualifications do you have? What do you have?"

"Why, what?" Li Xuanfeng muttered to himself, why did he have to have such high demands? Since no one owed anyone, he would just snatch it himself. He faced Gu Xu and said, "I can't do it."

Gu Xu looked straight into his burning eyes and didn't say anything. He only cared about his flying boat.

For the next four days, they ate and slept on the flying boat. Although the two of them could talk less and less, if it wasn't for the fact that they had already reached their destination, Xiaoqing probably wouldn't be able to take it anymore.

In the blink of an eye, a huge mountain appeared in front of them. Yes, there was a huge mountain thousands of meters up in the sky. No one knew its width, but they couldn't see its height.

"This, this..."

Li Xuanfeng didn't know how to describe his shock, or perhaps it could even be said to have exceeded the scope of what he could describe with his own words.

When a person can fly in the sky for the dream, you see a mountain has flown up, is there anything more sad than that.

"I'll let you see the real Immortal Void Sect." Gu Xu's cold tone also contained a sense of pride. The heart force of a sect was terrifying, and only in this way would it be able to make that cultivator's expression change. This was the first time Li Xuanfeng felt the power of a big sect, and also the first time he felt the weight of the word 'hollow'.

Gu Xu didn't say anything. He just performed a double-handed technique and muttered something. It was weird that even though the mountain looked quite close to them, if one wanted to go there, they would find it to be very far away, as if they would never be able to reach it in their whole life. When he looked again, he didn't know when, but a waterfall had appeared in front of him. The flowing water flowed straight down, as if the Milky Way had descended to the ninth heaven.

Li Xuanfeng curiously asked, "Could this be an illusion technique?"

"Something like that." Gu Xu did not say anything, but he controlled the flying boat to directly rush towards the bottom of the waterfall.

The distance from the mountain to the underground was indeed more than three thousand feet. It was extremely imposing. The river that flowed underground extended for who knew how many miles.

At the place where the waterfall fell, there was a small house standing, and upon seeing the flying boat, a young man walked out. He saw two people and said, "Greetings senior brother, didn't senior brother take a mission to enforce the law? Why did you find a disciple?"

"Hehe, if this brat has committed a crime, I will bring him here to receive punishment."

"I didn't expect senior to bring back a disciple. This is the first time!" He then looked at Li Xuanfeng and said, "Kid, I'm called Yuanxu. If you need anything, come find me. Also, tell me how you got lucky."

"..." Li Xuanfeng didn't know how to reply, so he could only stand there. Fortunately, Gu Xu said, "You can leave now, right? I don't want to wait another two hours."

Yuan Xu smiled and said, "Sure, Martial Brother. I will set sail for you now."

At this moment, Li Xuanfeng discovered that even though the waterfall flowed for a thousand miles straight, there was not a single sound that came from it. The boundless aura and the silence seemed to have a strange combination.

Against common sense, Li Xuanfeng stopped thinking about it. He watched as a wooden raft slowly flowed down the waterfall, and Yuan Xu held an emerald green bamboo pole and stopped in front of them.

Stepping on it, Li Xuanfeng felt that it didn't look like a piece of wood at all, but instead like a piece of jade. He turned to Yuanxu and asked, "Daoist Master, was this made of jade?"

On the contrary, Yuan Xu laughed out loud at Gu Xu and said, "You are not ashamed, but a ghost immortal dares to call himself a real person, you must have taught him!" Someone replied, "This is the hard labor you want to punish. Go to the mountain and chop this' Jadeite Bamboo '."

Gu Xu coldly replied, "One day, I will call myself a real person. I just want to see who will be the first one."

"Alright, let's take a look then." His pride rose as he spoke, even though he was now working as a boatman, even though the boat was a bit upscale.

Seeing that the two of them weren't concealing their schadenfreude, Li Xuanfeng was curious. "Isn't it just a few bamboos? It can't even be hard to find a place for me to stay." After that, Li Xuanfeng found out that this broken bamboo was tougher than stone, and it had really stumped him.

Although there was no sound from the waterfall, its downward momentum was indeed incomparably powerful. Li Xuanfeng had personally tested it, and the piece of silver he carried with him had not been thrown down at all. It was directly crushed into fine powder by the immense impact, causing Li Xuanfeng to believe that the bamboo was truly extraordinary.

With just a single swing of the bamboo pole, one could see the bamboo raft immediately rising upwards, and after a few attempts, from afar, one could see the end of the waterfall. A huge amount of water sloped down from here, and looking at this mountain from such a close distance, it gave people an even greater pressure, and at the same time, shocked them.

At this moment, Li Xuanfeng asked again, "Two Spiritual Masters, where did this mountain come from?"

With a sense of pride, Gu Xu began to talk about the history of this island in front of him. "Do you know the history of our continent?"

"Wasn't it established by the Celestial Sage Ancestor?"

"That's true. It's just that after the ancient era when the grandmist continent broke down, the chaotic battles between the four races are unknown!"

"Yes." Li Xuanfeng replied honestly.

Yuan Xu, who was on the side, said, "After the Primordial Era, the Primordial Continent broke apart. Our continent was once a part of the Primordial Era." Under Li Xuanfeng's shocked gaze, he said, "And what you saw here was only a piece of debris."

One must know that Li Xuanfeng had never heard of any limitless continent that Li Xuanfeng was from. He couldn't help but to be filled with admiration for the Sacred Ancestor; this was a true supreme expert. What did he mean by changing the sky and taking the stars and moon? How could he compare to this?

"Be careful." Yuan Xu shouted loudly. The two of them started pouring their Zhen Qi into each other. Li Xuanfeng also started to operate the Zhen Qi that Gu Xu had released a few days ago.

There was a loud "Hey!" and the raft that had been flying straight up the waterfall leaped high, like a huge flying bird leaping straight towards the end of the waterfall.

Just like a fish leaping over a dragon's gate, the sky would naturally be a new world once one jumped over it. Just by thinking about it, one would know what would happen if they jumped over a thousand feet.

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