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After jumping over that hurdle, Li Xuefeng looked like a huge lake. Li Xuefeng curiously asked, "Where did such a huge lake come from?"

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li Xuefeng; he only looked at the black shadow in front of him and felt that it was strange. If he did not sense the aura of the living, he would have thought that it was just another floating island.

Gu Void at the front looked at the black figure above him. Instead, he respectfully saluted and said, "Greetings, Elder Xiao Yao."

The dark clouds slowly descended. Only now did Li Xuanfeng notice that it was a large bird covered in black feathers that flickered with a cold glint that could only be seen with sharp blades. Its two giant eyes were staring fixedly at Li Xuanfeng, unwilling to let go.

"Senior-apprentice Brother, what's going on? Wasn't Martial Ancestor Xiao Yao supposed to not ask about anything in the past?" Yuan Xu was puzzled and asked for help from his senior brother.

"How would I know? It can't be that I've gone senile!"

"Who knows? It's impossible to attack us, so we should take a look first."

At this moment, Li Xuanfeng felt as if he was being glared at by some ancient beast. Even the Mirror Spirit that had been in a deep slumber was trembling. However, at this moment, the few of them could only resign themselves to fate; they were betting their lives that this senior in front of them would not act against them.

"Right." The cry of the bird only caused the crowd to notice the bird on Li Xuefeng's shoulder that was called a plaything. Although its voice wasn't loud, it seemed to be the most noble species, giving off a sense of nobility.

The giant bird gradually lowered its height and became bigger, until it became a fish. It no longer had any interest in Li Xuanfeng or Little Blue on its shoulders. Such an astonishing change only made Li Xuanfeng think of the legendary Kun Peng.

"There's a fish in Darknorth, its name is the Kun … "Those from the Southern Sea Region and the Heaven Lake Sect." With the appearance of this Taoist classic, a bold guess made Li Xuanfeng exclaim, "Could it be that this is — the Kun Peng?"

"That's right."

Before Yuan Xu could reply, a thin old man had already arrived before the Kun Peng. He seemed to slow down, but in reality, he was rushing over to the Kun Peng. He whispered, "Ancestor Xiao Yao, why are you arguing with a junior?" He then looked at Li Xuanfeng and Little Blue who was on Li Xuanfeng's shoulder and said: "I was wondering why Ancestral Master is like this, so it's actually a descendant of the Phoenix!"

At this moment, the Great Void Ancient bent his body and bowed again. Then, he turned to the new Daoist and said, "Greetings, Sect Leader."

The Daoist nodded in acknowledgement before turning to Gu Xu and said, "You've brought back a great fortune for the sect this time. Forget it, I'll help you avoid your punishment and go to the Discipline Academy to get rid of your case."

"Yes." Gu Xu had a face full of pleasant surprise. He actually ignored Li Xuanfeng and directly rode his sword forward.

Li Xuanfeng was like an abandoned child as he stood there stunned. He then heard the Daoist say, "Little fellow, you sure are lucky. Follow me."

"May I know how to address you, senior?"

"There's no need to act like this. You can just call me 'Shiji'."

Naturally, Li Xuefeng did not call them this. He only addressed them as Void Spirit Masters as he watched the white cloud beneath their feet rise up and fly off into the distance. As he rode his cloud, he said, "The Kun Peng you saw was an egg that the founder found when the grandmist continent shattered. I didn't expect it to be so big now after tens of thousands of years."

Li Xuanfeng did not know what Sage Kongming was talking about, but he still said, "There's still one more thing. Rumor has it that the phoenix and the Kun Peng are fighting over the king of the Hundred Birds. I didn't expect the Kun Peng to lose in the end, and even a portion of its essence was taken away by the phoenix.

Li Xuanfeng seemed to have guessed something, and asked again, "Could this be the reason behind Senior Xiao Yao's rage just now?"

The answer was unexpected. "Now you're wrong. Ask who provoked who first."

Li Xuanfeng suspiciously looked at Little Blue and saw that she was secretly lowering her head. He could guess that this little troublesome person had really caused trouble. He said apologetically, "It's really a sin. I apologized on behalf of Xiaoqing." He then asked, "It's just that I, Xiaoqing, don't know how to talk. Please explain."

"You don't know how to talk, he just stole a bit of essence energy, so he's so stingy."

Hearing a voice that sounded like a little girl coming out from the mouth of the bird, Li Xuanfeng was shocked and somewhat baffled. "Xiaoqing, why do you speak?"

Xiaoqing disdainfully said, "She already knows how to do it, it's not like you've ever asked me."

Li Xuanfeng, who was being looked down upon by a bird, was just about to retort, when Sage Kongming spoke in place of Xiaoqing: "This descendant of the Phoenix should have been severely injured, otherwise he wouldn't have stolen my pitiful grandmaster's essence. He can only speak now!"

A column of water shot out from the great lake below as if in response to the words of the Spiritual Master. It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but it only drenched Li Xuanfeng.

Xiao Qing, who had been caught in the crossfire, was enraged. She threw the water pillar and immediately began to cry out loudly. However, she didn't take a single step out of the auspicious cloud.

"Sigh, this is retribution. But who did I offend?" Li Xuanfeng bitterly smiled as he listened to Daoist Master Kong introduce the mountain peak below.

"After you finish serving those three years' worth of servants, you can choose a peak to acknowledge your teacher. After you have mastered your skills, you can choose to join one of the four halls and seven peaks. Everything will be up to you."

"I wonder how the real person would know about me." Li Xuanfeng had finally asked the strange question. Could it be that there really was some kind of prophecy?

"Hehe, I thought you wouldn't ask, but a few months ago there was a report that a disciple was recommended to our sect, I didn't expect …" Seeing this, Li Xuanfeng panicked and then said, "You committed a crime first, and you were even caught red-handed by the person who was going to test you."

Li Xuanfeng came to a sudden realization and carefully said, "You don't know me …"

"Naturally, you passed. Otherwise, you would dare to accept bribes when you thought Gu Xu was there. But your three years of service are unavoidable." After he finished speaking, he waved his sleeve, causing Li Xuanfeng to fall straight down.

After a while of spinning, Li Xuanfeng only saw himself already on the ground. He looked at this place that resembled a great primordial forest and didn't understand what it meant.

Another voice came from the distance. "In three days, you will gather at the highest mountain peak. As for your little white tiger, it should be under the care of the old Daoist."

When Li Xuefeng saw Little White, he really didn't see it. Only Little Blue was standing on his head, looking at something.

Li Xuanfeng looked at the mountain peak that was so far into the clouds. It seemed that he needed to feel that place for three days, but he quickly found out what the true test was.

At this time, the ignorant Li Xuanfeng cursed in his heart for being immoral as he walked. He then thought of Gu Xu who had left him and continued to curse.

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