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In the forest, Li Xuefeng looked at the hare that was slowly roasting in his hand. A quarter of an hour ago, it had been jumping around wildly, but now, only the fragrant meat was left as a warning to the world about the existence of a rabbit.

The fragrance attracted Li Xuefeng's attention as well as the other aboriginals in the forest.

"Roar!" A beast's roar came from behind Li Xuanfeng. He panicked and didn't look behind him. Instead of retreating, he rushed straight to the back of the bonfire. Only at this time did he have the chance to look at the person or beast that made that sound.

A monster with the appearance of a rhinoceros appeared in front of Li Xuanfeng. Looking at its massive body, it was hard to imagine that it would silently move behind Li Xuanfeng. Li Xuanfeng's expression was grave as he slowly took out his sword and prepared to attack at any moment. Although he knew that the existence that could silently appear behind him was not one that he could resist, he did not give up on the thought of resisting.

Just as Li Xuanfeng was keeping his guard up, he could see the rhinoceros slowly moving forward. The immense pressure only made Li Xuanfeng continue to retreat backwards, and then it opened its mouth and picked up the roast meat Li Xuanfeng had thrown away in a panic. At the same time, a vague voice came out of its mouth, "I've eaten this fragrant meat again, I really miss it!"

Although it wasn't the first time he had seen the demon beast speak, hearing it again from Li Xuanfeng, he was still shocked. He asked somewhat panickedly, "Didn't the previous senior eat me?"

"Brat, don't you know that you are not allowed to eat humans in this Yuan Kong Mountain? Otherwise, do you think that you seniors would dare to let you juniors leave?"

"Oh." Although he felt a little awkward, Li Xuanfeng still braced himself and asked, "Then Senior has come …"

"Isn't it just eating a piece of roasted meat from you? What are you talking about? Are you even a man? You're really embarrassing yourself." Finally getting to the point, he said, "Tell me what kind of mission your elder asked you to assign, and I, Hu Lao San, will do you a favor."

"Thank you, senior. It's very simple. You just need to get me to the highest mountain peak within three days."

"That's just it..." The rhinoceros revealed an expression of shock, then it angrily said, "I'll give you three months. Try it, I won't even dare to say where you'll be in three days. Can you?"

"What, is it difficult?" Li Xuanfeng was stunned when he saw this.

Seeing this, the demon laughed loudly, "Brat, you have offended someone. With those few mountain peaks as the base point, there are a total of thirty-seven demon kings in the vicinity. Even if you were to walk in a straight line, you have to pass by at least four demon kings' territories.

Li Xuanfeng thought for a bit. With Sage Kongming's ability, he naturally would not be deceiving Li Xuanfeng. In that case, the only thing he could do was … He turned to Hu Lao San, who was lying on the ground after finishing his meal, and pleaded, "Senior, please help me."

"I can wish you all the best, but …" As he spoke, a human-like smile appeared on Hu Lao San's face.

… ….

The sky was slightly bright, and from this mountain in the sky, one could see the spectacular sight of the rising sun. The blazing sun had also cast its boundless vitality onto the earth, filling the sky with a golden light that illuminated the entire world. It was also the only moment for the monks to gather the purest of the sun-violet gas. Nothing had anything to do with Li Xuanfeng. He was only staring blankly at the demons that came and went.

An upright elk tossed a huge black tiger in front of Li Xuanfeng. A faint fishy stench told him that he might still be whistling arrogantly in the forest a moment ago.

Another elephant with only half a tusk left used its nose to pick up a bunch of ginseng and Lingzhi that could be seen in human form and casually threw them on the ground. One could not tell how precious these things were at all. Li Xuanfeng also saw an old monkey, whose fur was completely white, carefully place a stone jar in front of Li Xuanfeng's eyes. Li Xuanfeng believed that the old monkey would definitely come for him if he touched the stone jar.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li Xuanfeng. He just wanted to test his strength and then this Hu Lao San would send him out of his territory. That was all.

"Hey, roast this wild boar for us." Li Xuanfeng's ears shook as he saw a wild boar appear on the ground. Its two huge fangs had only cut two deep trenches into the ground. When he turned around to look at the person or demon, Li Xuanfeng only thought that it was the brother of the dead pig on the ground.

Other than a broken fang, it had the same grayish-black skin and two short legs.

"Did you roast this pig for you?" Li Xuanfeng couldn't believe what it meant for pigs to eat pigs.

The wild boar said impatiently, "Hurry up, that's right!"

Li Xuefeng had no choice but to dig into the skin of the wild boar and pull the tendons out. He found some seasonings on the ground and roasted the shiny golden wild boar. Then, the meat was fresh from the oven. "Good, it's delicious." As the wild boar ate, it patted Li Xuanfeng's frail body. An ordinary person would not be able to endure the kindness from a demon if they had not practiced their body.

It was unknown where Hu Lao San got so many monster friends from. When the sky completely brightened, they saw him stand up to greet the two even stronger rhinoceroses. He said, "Big brother, second brother, why have you come only now? I'm afraid that others will take them all."

"You must have eaten all of it yourself. Today, you finally met a human willing to cook for us. You must eat more." The most muscular rhinoceros jokingly scolded, "If it wasn't for …"

"Brother, let's talk about it later!"

His big brother, who knew that he had misspoken, no longer spoke. Instead, he patted Li Xuanfeng's shoulder to express his good will.

It was only his luck that Li Xuanfeng did not embarrass himself. The surrounding demons no longer looked at Li Xuanfeng with contempt, as if they were saying, "This kid's cultivation isn't that high, but I didn't think he would still have such strength."

The banquet was about to begin. Li Xuanfeng could only look but not eat. Without any time to spare, he roasted the meat over the fire and saw that it was more or less done. Instead, he won a round of praise for it: "This meat tastes better with chewing."

The one in the front was the three rhinoceros brothers, who sat with the old monkey in the middle. The wild boar that was roasted just now was also there, but it was slightly weaker than the first few.

As for the remaining demons, they casually sat down. They waited for the few people in front to pick up the good stuff before rushing forward. They began fighting but they did not stop them from speaking out. The lowest of them were the demons that were forcefully demonized and had their wits lowered. They were dancing there and pouring alcohol for the firewood.

"Is this the society of the Monster race?" Li Xuanfeng asked Little Blue as he roasted the meat.

"How could this be? How could the God Beast Clans be like this? They are just demons with the bloodline of a God Beast." Although Xiaoqing's cultivation was low and any monster here could bully her, the disdain in her words was clear to see.

Li Xuefeng seemed to have thought of something. Looking at the group of demons that seemed unhurried, they were actually divided into different levels. The Monster race used the bloodline as the basis for the division, but weren't humans looking at your talent?

When he thought about the division among the various races, which was based on strength, and how everything was divided at the same time, Li Xuefeng seemed to have noticed that the cultivation world was not as beautiful as he had imagined.

Shaking his head, Li Xuanfeng continued with his barbecue. Although he couldn't hear what the people were saying, he could read the content of their conversation with a little knowledge of lip-reading.

Big Brother Rhinoceros said, "This Heart Cleansing Grass was acquired by us with great difficulty. Why would he, Black Cove, want to steal it?"

"What can I do... At most, I'll f * cking fight it out with that shit. " As Old Hu spoke, Li Xuanfeng saw that the rhinoceros' second brother was deep in thought. Even though he was speaking very quickly, he could only hear a rough guess from the other party: "Boss …" Not as good as others … Must. "Demonstrating weakness, void of essence …" Finally, he slowed down his voice and asked the drunk monkey, "I wonder if Elder Yuan has anything to teach us?"

"Your method is excellent, but …" "Eh, that brat is really going to be able to get on the line with the Yuan Kong Sect?" The old monkey called Old Yuan said.

"The Void Illusionary Sect is undergoing a trial with a simple character. It would be better to …"

Seeing that his second brother was looking his way, Li Xuanfeng hurriedly lowered his head. He did not want to get into any trouble, so what he heard from them was not a simple matter. It was better to avoid trouble.

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