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For more than ten days, Li Xuefeng had been enjoying the music and dancing nonstop. Finally, he was a little annoyed, so he forced himself to continue walking towards the depths of the mountains with the help of his sick body.

After traveling for several dozen li, the old tree had its roots in the ground, and its leaves were piled up. At first, there was the sound of a tiger's roar, and he couldn't help but laugh as he said, "Who would've thought that today would be the start of a good fight."

In the bushes ahead, black and white stripes could be seen flashing. If one looked carefully, they would see a rarely seen white tiger. Looking at its size, this white tiger was at least three meters long.

As the arrow was shot from the bow and true energy was poured into it, the special steel arrow seemed to glow with lightning. The arrow was like a profound light as it shot towards the White Tiger in front of him.

A tiger's roar filled the air. With a single leap, he split the steel arrows into two. Li Xuanfeng was happy instead of surprised, as three arrows flew toward the eyes and mouth of the white tiger in a row. Right at this moment, the "King" character on top of the white tiger's head released a bright light, and a mist began to pour out from within, quickly transforming into a few figures. The three arrows were instantly corroded into powder.

There was a voice to it: "To be the accomplice of a tiger. This white tiger is on the verge of becoming a spirit, yet it has already cultivated the natural endowment of a tiger, Undead Spirits." Li Xuefeng panicked and muttered, "It looks like so many Undead Spirits have done a lot of harm, I won't forgive you today." With a wave of his hand, the knights behind him raised their longbows and shot thirteen arrows at the incoming Undead Spirits.

After all, the Undead Spirits had yet to become demons. Even though they could corrode arrows and consume a large amount of energy, the iron-blooded soldiers in the army could only shoot out long arrows to restrain the spirits. They could only disperse the Undead Spirits that were charging at them, while the remaining two arrows shot towards the White Tiger without slowing down in the slightest. With a sweep of the white tiger's tail, the two arrows were swept to the side.

After dodging the long arrow, Li Xuanfeng had no idea when he had arrived in front of the white tiger, so he punched the chest of the white tiger.

"Roar." The White Tiger was in pain. It twisted its claws in order to mince Li Xuanfeng's head. Li Xuanfeng spun and flew towards the waist of the white tiger as well. The White Tiger already had consciousness, and seeing this, it was overjoyed. How could a human's skinny and weak body be comparable to a demon's? It didn't care about risking its injuries to tear apart the detestable human in front of it.

In the end, this White Tiger was a beast, but it didn't notice that Li Xuanfeng's hands were emitting a cyan light. Just as he was about to touch Li Xuanfeng's head, Li Xuanfeng bellowed, "Heavenly Thunder Hand!" The claws swiped forward. There was only a mournful cry as both of its front claws separated from the body of the White Tiger. It then started to whimper as blood drenched Li Xuanfeng's body.

"Evil creature, let's see what else you can do." At this time, Li Xuanfeng was in high spirits, and only then did he have the demeanor of someone who was renowned throughout the capital. The knights behind him could not help but sigh, "This is the young master we know!"

At this moment, another accident occurred. When the White Tiger was injured, it roared loudly into the sky. A wave of air that could be seen with the naked eye spread out in all directions. Everyone thought that they would be injured today, but the sound wave didn't stop and only spread to the surroundings.

"What? Does this White Tiger still have to shout like that before it dies?" A knight laughed.

The Knights did not reply, only seeing how the White Tiger risked its life to let out a long hiss. Indeed, when the wild beasts around them heard this laughter, they immediately rushed over, and from the looks of it, it was clear from its scarlet red eyes that it would be hard for them to separate from each other. At this time, Li Xuanfeng seemed to have thought of something, and an ancient book from his memories appeared in his mind: Tiger Roar Mountain Range, a supreme sacred art that could awaken the King's bloodline of the Tiger Clan. It could command all normal demonic beasts to launch their most ferocious attacks without fear of death.

"Am I, Li Xuefeng, really going to die in such a nameless place?" Li Xuanfeng's heart was dispirited, and he once again recalled his promise to the moon that night. He once again said unwillingly, "I don't want it, I must charge out."

At this moment of life and death, his mind had become much more nimble, and he recalled that senior's guess. Although the Howling Tiger Mountain Range was powerful, it was guided by its scent. As long as one carried the scent of a person who had used a divine ability, they should be able to get past it. However, the Tiger's Roar mountain forest was originally used to attack the enemy. How could one touch the enemy's scent? Could one deceive the incoming demonic beast or its opponent? It couldn't give Li Xuanfeng a chance to live.

The white tiger was suspicious, so it naturally couldn't tell who the enemy was. Since the wild beast's intelligence wasn't high enough, it could be deceived. He immediately had all the Knights smear the tiger's blood on their bodies and surround the White Tiger.

"Shield Formation, dismount." The leader of the knights had ordered everyone to dismount one by one. Even though they knew that it was useless in the damp, they still made the best plans according to their habits. A dead horse could not just wait with his eyes closed. A shield was quickly formed and the surrounding horses were formed into a circle, forming the first line of defense.

When they got closer, they saw the usually docile rabbits, and the pheasants' eyes were all red as they charged directly at them. All the creatures on the way attacked like madmen, and even those Knights who had been through hundreds of battles trembled in fear when they got close. You can imagine the kind rabbits, the birds, the squirrels, and the meat gnawing madly in their mouths. Even though their bones were already out, they would still not give up.

"No." Looking at the warhorses that were as close as comrades being crazily attacked, and listening to the wails, some people couldn't help but draw their sabers and rush out immediately.

"Don't go." This is an order. Everyone could only bear with it.

The horse in front of him suffered first. In just a few moments, it turned into a pile of white bones.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" In the end, he still couldn't bear it anymore and rushed out. Even if they were going to die together, it didn't matter if he died early or played with them. Li Xuanfeng saw someone rushing out as if he was courting death, so he could only comfort, "Endure it."

When they arrived in front of the White Tiger, the other beasts finally understood. Looking at the wild beasts that were only a finger's length away, it would be a lie to say that they were not nervous. All of them held their breaths and kept quiet. He had only given his fate to the young master that he trusted. Although Li Xuanfeng was nervous, he could only pretend to be calm. He could only hope that the speculations of some senior would be able to be relied on.

It could be said that every day was as long as a year. Seeing that the beast tide had finally subsided, they all let out sighs of relief. It was just too suspenseful.

Right now, he could command everyone here. The white tiger's skin and tendons could be seen, and the bones of the dead knights could be seen. It was a sight to behold. Li Xuanfeng looked at the peak of the mountain and instead said with a smile, "Today, even if I die, I will still go to the peak to see which mountain I will perish on."

"Li …" The cry of a bird could be heard. Li Xuanfeng looked at a little azure bird that had suddenly sprung out from the peak of the mountain. A giant eagle followed closely behind it as it scuttled out.

From the looks of it, it seemed to be chasing after the little bird. Unsurprisingly, the little bird had a chance of survival, but an accident happened. Li Xuanfeng laughed: "Since this little bird of yours has the will of a Ling Yun, I'll save you today."

After saying that, he drew his bow, and three steel arrows shot out. The giant eagle watched as the ants below dared to shoot an arrow at it with a flap of their wings. A profound wind was generated and descended from the sky.

"How could it be a demon beast? Am I possessing a decaying god today?" As he thought of this, his body automatically rolled to the side and he also called for everyone to dodge.

"Moo." In the depths of the forest, there was also a low hum. It turned out to be another demon beast. The eagle didn't dare to provoke them. It looked like the bird wasn't willing to back down.

Li Xuanfeng seemed to have escaped death, but his hair was disheveled and he was in a sorry state. Coincidentally, the little bird had also fallen down. However, Gu Fengyang smiled bitterly, "I am truly wronged." He then looked at the half-dead Cyan Bird in front of him and said, "Our party of brothers will depend on good fortune!"

Soon after, the white tiger was sliced in half. Li Xuefeng looked at the demonic beast that had been contemplating the battle, and then turned into a pile of demonic beasts, following the white tiger's aura to its lair.

After walking a few hundred feet, he saw a large green rock blocking his way. It seemed like there was no way out, but he couldn't fool a veteran hunter in the team. He pushed aside the lush weeds to the side, and a hole just happened to be exposed. The hunter turned around and disdainfully said: "Young master, although this tiger is powerful, it doesn't have this little ability."

Originally, two of the hunters had been brothers, but just now, his younger brother had been unable to escape. Now, the one speaking was his older brother.

The captain of the Knights who had been silent all this time said, "With that White Tiger Qi here, which bastard would dare to pull out the teeth of a tiger?"

As he bent his body and entered the cave, he found that there was a different world. It was similar to a small canyon, where three sleepy looking little tigers could be seen. There was also a pond beside them that was making noises.

The old hunter who had spoken just now said, "Congratulations young master, you will be a big help in the future."

It had to be known that cats of this genus would be hard to tame the moment they opened their eyes, especially this top tier monster. At this moment, the leader of the riders walked over and saw the white tiger cub and the two black tiger cub. He turned pale with fright. "Young master, these three cub cub actually have demonic Qi. I'm afraid …"

Li Xuanfeng also understood why the tiger seemed a little short of energy. So, it had just been produced, but the male tiger hadn't seen it yet. He immediately ordered: "Pick up the three young tigers and leave quickly."

The group hurriedly made their way back to the manor. From the looks of it, they could tell that they were going to run for their lives. After walking for an hour, an angry tiger roar sounded out from behind them, causing everyone to sigh at Li Xuanfeng's brilliance. Simultaneously, they whipped the horses beneath them, wanting to leave this damned place.

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