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Li Xuefeng refused to believe that the Third Brother of the Hu Clan, who he had been carrying on his back for the sake of a simple meal, was a good monster that could send him far away to the Void Essence Mountain.

After two flights, they were both high up in the sky, and the underground could only be seen very faintly. However, this time, they were all able to see the old tree, which was a hundred years old, and all the strong creatures were either dodged or forcibly charged over by Hu HanSan. Most of the danger was avoided by one man and one cow.

Yes, most of them, ever since they left their territory two hours ago, they had been stuck in this endless swamp. It was obvious that they were just floating dirt, but once you stepped on it, you would immediately sink in.

Seeing the rhinoceros charging at him, Li Xuanfeng couldn't help but ask, "Senior, is there really no other way? If this goes on, I'm afraid my mission will be finished."

"Nonsense, do you think I want to go this far?" "Sizzle..." Without waiting for Hu Lao San to finish speaking, Li Xuanfeng's Treasure Mirror flashed and when he looked again, a bolt of lightning had already struck a group of yellow fishes to the ground.

Li Xuanfeng waved his hand and magnanimously said, "No need to thank me. It's just a small matter."

"Yes, it's a small matter. If you move it a little further, I'm afraid that I will die. I don't want to be some eunuch in your human palace."

"This, I am really sorry!" "I accidentally missed." Li Xuefeng smiled embarrassedly, then changed the topic. "What? You know about our human imperial palace?"

"Of course. Back in the day, the three of us took up a large part of the territory. "It's not like this is a person …" As he said this, he immediately stopped talking, but then he realized that the person in front of him was his own kind as well.

As if he knew what Hu Lao San was thinking about, he lightly said, "It's alright, humans eat beasts. Beasts can also eat humans, not to mention, how much more does it matter if humans eat humans?"

"I'm not the Chief. I'm a Diremonster."


No one said anything, because the edge of the swamp was already there. It would be even better if there was no one behind them.

"You really make me wait!"

A slender figure, a snake's body, a deer's horn, and an eagle's claw. If it wasn't a dragon, then who else could it be? Li Xuefeng couldn't help but cry out in alarm. It had to be known that they all respected dragons, not to mention the fact that every one of the True Dragon Armored Guards had a dragon tattoo on them.

"It's just a flood dragon, but it's still a hundred thousand miles away from the real dragon." However, the loud voice only made Li Xuanfeng feel that the man in front of him was lacking in confidence. Although they hadn't been together for long, Li Xuanfeng had already understood the demon clan's style of dealing with things.

If one looked carefully, they would indeed see that although it looked like a real dragon, its four claws only had three toes. Although it was only one toe away, its strength was like heaven and earth.

Hu Lao San then asked, "How do you know my path? Only the five of us know."

"Don't you already have the answer?"

"It's naturally impossible for us three brothers. In that case, we can only rely on Elder Yuan and that simple-minded big brother." After pausing for a moment, he seemed to be thinking about something, and said uncertainly: "That silly guy only knows a general idea, it's impossible to sell it that accurately. Then only Old Yuan would sell it, why would Old Yuan sell us brothers?"

The flood dragon opposite him let out a breath of air. The huge sound wave caused Li Xuanfeng to step back a few steps as he heard it, "Haha. He had three hundred grandsons in my hands, so he wasn't afraid that the old monkey would not comply. It was only adding a little bit of material to the monkey wine, so you didn't feel the wine was fragrant. "He didn't look at the unsightly expression on Hu Lao's face and continued saying," You guys only thought that you could safely finish this road if you delayed it.

"The King of Black Cove is quite scheming. I hope it isn't too late for that." The voice came from Li Xuanfeng, and from Li Xuanfeng's shadow, a shadow flew out and gradually grew bigger before landing on the ground in an instant. It was taller and stronger than Hu Lao San, and it seemed to be no other than Hu Lao's brother.

The opposite black-horned king's expression changed slightly. Surprisingly, he said, "Why did you, Hu Lao San, come here? It seems that the simple-minded master has no way of tricking you."

"What? We can't even come if you come?" After answering him with a question, Boss Hu didn't wait for an answer. Instead, he shook his hind legs and stood up straight. When he looked again, he saw that there was a pair of hammers on his front hooves. He swung them towards the horn.

"Since when did Boss Hu learn not to declare his strength in battle?" Without panicking, he swung his huge tail at Boss Hu. Hu Lao San, who was at the side, also opened his mouth and spat out a mace. The spikes on the mace flickered with a cold light as if they were going to kill someone.

Hu Lao San also jumped towards the horned head and smashed it.

It could be seen that if this strike were to hit, then it would definitely be quite painful, but what was even faster was a giant claw that was about to grab Hu Lao San's abdomen.

"No." Seeing that his brother was in danger, Boss Hu tried his best to change his target by risking the injury on his back. He swung his hammer at the incoming dragon claw and used his right hand to block his back.

"Pfft …" From the sound of the voice, he could tell that Boss Hu was in trouble, let alone a giant figure that was sent flying.

Hu Lao San was furious and said, "Black Cove, you have gone too far. Watch how I, Wu Man, transform." With that, his body rapidly grew to a height of over a thousand feet, and he transformed into a suit of ferocious armor with the head of a rhinoceros. With another breath, his mace also grew in size, and with it in his hand, he rushed towards Black Cove, who was now like a small snake.

"Hehe, you three brothers are all here and I'm still afraid of you. What do you want, just you, Hu Lao San?" Even so, the tiny black horn was still there, ready to fight. It too spat out a cylinder.

Very soon, a mass of spiritual energy clouds formed, and a pentagonal golden dragon could be vaguely seen soaring through the clouds. This was the dragon pearl that Black Cove had refined for a very long time according to his inherited memories, and it would become the true dragon pearl once it became a dragon in the future.

When the mace and the dragon pearl collided, there was no earth-shattering sound. There was only a crisp sound as the mace and the hand holding the dragon pearl shattered. Hu Lao San was sent flying back towards Black Cove.

He saw Black Cove's face turn pale and fall as well.

Surprised, he flew up again at an even faster speed the moment he landed on the ground.

When he looked again, he saw that Boss Hu had appeared behind Black Cove without him knowing. One of the horns was glowing with a blood-red light, indicating that it was in the dark. Black Cove, who was flying in the air, cursed: "Damn that Boss Hu, harming people in secret isn't a hero at all."

"We brothers don't care about these things in this life or death situation."

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