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He returned to the manor, looking at the familiar people. Who would have thought that an ordinary hunt would be so dangerous? Fortunately, he had made it back alive, and everyone only wanted to say one sentence: "It's good that he is alive." He thought of his fellow comrades who had only been hastily buried, and his heart was filled with sorrow.

When Li Xuanfeng saw this, he immediately instructed, "Soldiers, take good care of his family members. If he is seriously injured, give me a heavy reward."

"It was His Highness who was merciful."

However, Li Xuanfeng was unwilling to accept this. "This is only a matter of duty, a calamity brought by me. Everyone, rest easy!" After saying that, he rode his horse without thought. He said that there was a great terror in the face of death, but Li Xuanfeng could clearly feel it. If he didn't waste his time any longer, he would fight even before his death.

When he returned, he only told the Left Protector to take care of the half-dead Cyan Bird and went into seclusion.

The next day, Li Xuanfeng, who hadn't slept for the entire night, felt the thread of true energy that was still lacking in his body. He only saw an astonishing scene.

Several maids were holding all sorts of unknown bird food, while the Cyan Bird who had recovered his spirit stood aside arrogantly. He was looking down on the delicacies in the maids' hands. His arrogant appearance made him look like a queen; he didn't seem like he was in trouble at all.

"You are feeding the canaries in the cage. All of you, get down." After speaking to the maid, he turned to the haughty Queen and smiled, "You should at least have some to eat, it's not worth being starved to death." After saying that, he picked up a Snow-striped Cake from the table and handed it over.

This bird seemed to understand human nature. After hearing Li Xuanfeng's flattery, it pecked its lips and finished it in a few bites.

At this time, Li Xuefeng sat to the side and prepared to eat breakfast. The little bird that had just sat down at the side also flew over, standing upright on Li Xuanfeng's right shoulder.

"Hurry up and go down." Just as the attendant was about to drive him away, a green light flashed and he felt a sharp pain on his hand.

"Ouch!" He cried out in pain. A wound had appeared on the manservant's hand, and blood was flowing out.

Li Xuanfeng was surprised. He didn't even clearly see the speed earlier, and was confident that he wouldn't be able to dodge it. When he thought about the speed of the little bird yesterday and the obvious unhealed wound on its left wing, the little azure bird was truly extraordinary. It faintly felt that the little bird that was fleeing in panic was not as simple as it seemed.

Shaking his head, Li Xuanfeng felt that there was nothing to be curious about as a person close to four. No matter how he escaped from the clutches of that demonic beast, what did it have to do with him?

However, he had just picked up a Cloud Bean and was about to put it into his mouth when there was another flash of green light. The Cloud Bean was no longer on his chopsticks.

Li Xuanfeng did not get angry, but he found this a little funny. The next breakfast was spent while the little fellow fought with Li Xuanfeng over the breakfast. Not to mention that the surrounding maids had never seen their young master playing so happily, even Li Xuanfeng could not remember playing like this in his life.

Ever since he had started cultivating the《 Heavenly Thunder Arts》, he had been rushing around to have fun. As his cultivation increased, the surrounding people no longer dared to get close to him. There was only respect and alienation. Li Xuanfeng was puzzled. "Is this what it is like to be at the highest point of a mountain? It's indeed abnormally cold."

He didn't know if he should be glad that there was another bird or sad that there was only one. In short, after being disturbed by this proud little bird, he no longer felt that tiredness and immediately went to take a look at the tiger cub that he had brought back.

Ali arrived at a small courtyard, and the hunter who had survived yesterday was also there. When he saw Li Xuanfeng, he immediately knelt and said, "Participating in Young Master."

"Hmm, how are those three baby tigers?"

"Not bad, I found two female dogs to feed them. I can't believe they can eat so much. "

Sometimes being able to eat was also a type of talent. Li Xuefeng smiled and said, "Fortunately, I didn't waste my time." Walking over, he saw a small wooden house, and three little tigers were drinking their milk. The two black tigers were constantly fighting over the milk. While drinking the milk, they didn't forget to fight. On the other hand, the other white tiger, who owned a female dog, didn't even see the two black tigers jump around.

At first, he thought it was left behind by the White Tiger, but now, it seemed like he brought it along with him. It was obvious that his innate talent was quite good, so he curiously rubbed the White Tiger's furry head.

"Roar!" It was impossible to tell that Little Nine had the ferocity of a tiger. He pointed his finger at Li Xuanfeng, and blood immediately began to flow. The White Tiger seemed to have discovered something new, and it only gave up on its nipple and firmly bit onto Li Xuanfeng's finger, refusing to let go.

"Young master..." The old hunter ran over and tried to separate them.

Li Xuanfeng refused, "Don't." There was no need to mention how pleasantly surprised she was at the moment. The newborn baby tiger was able to leave a wound on his hand that was hard to injure with swords and sabers. This innate talent was truly terrifying, and she remembered the tiger's hiss when she returned, "I'm afraid I've stirred up some great trouble."

Then, he thought about what it had to do with him. If he couldn't break through, there was no room for worry.

He held the White Tiger in his arms while biting his finger. On his right shoulder was the arrogant Cyan Bird. It had been walking towards the mountain that he hadn't gone to for a long time. He didn't believe that he would be stuck here.

The ascent of the mountain was just at the beginning of the new sun. It cleared the layers of mist on the summit of the mountain and insisted on bringing the infinite light to the earth. Standing on the summit of the mountain and looking at the rising sun, he felt that he was the most insignificant person. However, the Cyan Bird that had been standing on his shoulder all this time let out a loud cry, not even putting the sky and earth in his eyes.

After absorbing Li Xuanfeng's blood that carried spirit energy, the infant tiger in his arms didn't dare to fall behind, and it let out a young yet domineering roar. The two beasts' quarreling only brought the contrast between the mountain and the outside world.

Seeing the two beasts with higher hearts than the heavens, he, Li Xuanfeng, also roared at the heavens. It was as if he was unwilling to accept this outcome, and his ambition was even greater than the heavens'.

He felt the rapid circulation of true qi and assumed a posture of "five hearts facing the sky", sinking into a deep meditative state.

The long tempered and vigorous Zhen Qi was like a tide that rushed towards the dam that was blocking his path. It washed over and over again, wanting to break through this barrier.

It was true that he had been stuck at this barrier for a long time now, but the barrier had also weakened a lot. After being washed away again and again, it finally had a crack in it. With an opening in his meridians, the Zhen Qi flowing in his meridians rushed up without any regard for his life. The wall in front of him was on the verge of collapse.

"Just a bit more, just a bit more... Come on, you're clearly about to fall from the sky, but you're not willing to be defeated. Right now, your meridians can't take it anymore and they also have cracks in them. I'm afraid that you won't be able to see the sun tomorrow if you try to attack again.

"Is it still not possible... "No, even if I die, I still have to break out." At this time, a flow of cyan colored true energy suddenly gushed out from his left shoulder. Li Xuefeng no longer had any time to think about where this ancient energy had come from, and he controlled this energy with all of his will to make a final attack on the barrier.

If he succeeded, he would live; if he failed, he would die.

"I'm heading for the checkpoint with my last thoughts." Rumble … Feeling the Qi that was no longer obstructing the flow of his broken meridians, he forced out a few words, "I... "I won."

Unable to hold on any longer, he fainted.

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