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Li Xuefeng woke up in a state of great sorrow. He felt as if his body was being eaten by ten thousand ants. There wasn't a single spot that didn't hurt. Just as he was about to struggle to get up, a gentle male voice came from his side.

"Young master, do not move lightly."

Li Xuanfeng glanced sideways. An old Daoist priest with an immortal demeanor was currently looking at him with a smile. Beside him stood his manor's doctor, Elder Wang.

He subconsciously tried to gather his true qi and stand up. In an instant, he felt like countless needles were piercing through his body. He immediately let out a muffled groan.

"What happened to me?"

Elder Wang quickly opened his mouth, "Young master, yesterday you forcefully broke through and caused a great disturbance in your zhenqi, luckily that bluebird came back to report." He then introduced the Daoist priest beside him and said, "This is the Daoist leader of the Azure Sun Sect. When I see the immortal elder come to gather medicinal herbs, I especially request that you treat him."

The old Daoist then opened his mouth and said, "If not for your loyal servant kneeling for five hours, this old Daoist would not have come so easily." After a long while, he opened his mouth and asked, "Young Master has cultivated a technique that allows one to dual cultivate the spirit and martial arts of the ancient era?"

It could be said that this was his greatest secret, and besides that person, no one else knew of it. Now that he had been exposed with just a single sentence, he already had the urge to kill someone, and thinking about how he was able to see through his technique, this person was definitely not someone he could deal with.

Remembering that he did not know his current condition, he indifferently said, "Yes, Daoist Priest's Divine Vision."

The Daoist man was not annoyed, he maintained his amiable attitude and said, "Young Master has met the old Daoist and is considered lucky. Otherwise, even if Young Master could have saved his life, you would still be a cripple."

"How could that be? I was just a bit anxious during my breakthrough, so how could the seventh level not be the same as before?"

"Then Young Master, did you borrow demonic energy for your breakthrough?" Li Xuanfeng originally wanted to deny it, but when he recalled the last bit of sharp and weak zhenqi, he wondered if it was the legendary demonic energy. He looked at the Cyan Bird that was standing on the table. He nodded.

The Cyan Bird seemed to know that it had done something wrong as it tossed its head to the side.

This Taoist reverted from his previous demeanor of an immortal, and said in high spirits: "Do you know that although the foundation of the ancient dual cultivation method was the most solid, it required an innate spiritual energy the hardest to complete? It was eliminated long ago. Furthermore, to be able to borrow demonic energy to make a breakthrough is simply courting death. "

At this time, Li Xuanfeng was taught a lesson and asked again, "Fellow Daoist, my body …"

The old Daoist then continued, "Although it's demonic Qi, its quality is close to the heaven and earth origin energy, and its attribute is not too far from yours, that's why you can keep your life."

"Please save my master." Elder Wang, who was at the side, suddenly knelt down and greeted him.

"Forget it, running into me is naturally due to luck. Are you willing to follow me back to the Azure Sun Monastery to train?" He then explained, "With this body of yours, you will have to slowly recover and fly for a day."

Li Xuanfeng did not mind and replied without hesitation, "I am willing to follow Dao leader in cultivation."

"However, I have to painstakingly gather all these medicinal ingredients. I don't know how much effort I have spent, but I cannot waste it on you." It was hard for anyone to accept that an Immortal with an immortal demeanor had suddenly turned into a philistine merchant.

Li Xuanfeng was afraid that the old Daoist Priest did not have any requirements, so he immediately said: "I am willing to replace Daoist Priest to cultivate Guan Yu again, then forge the golden body, and offer you a thousand taels of gold."

"Alright." The old Daoist laughed heartily as he spoke, returning back to his pure and noble appearance.

The next day, a carriage drove out from the manor. The driver was Elder Wang, and the Daoist Priest who called himself Daoist Master Qing Xu sat cross-legged inside the carriage. It was unknown whether he was meditating or calculating how much he could earn this time.

Li Xuefeng looked at the old Daoist's slightly revealed pockets. Even the rich and powerful members of his family couldn't help but feel his heartache. The extent of his heartache depended on the old Daoist's satisfaction, and even the title "gongzi" had become a kind little friend.

After three days of travel, a continuous mountain appeared before their eyes. After a few days of travel, their hearts were always a little tired, especially Li Xuanfeng, who was currently inferior to ordinary people. The mountain in front of him was not considered tall, but it was only a few feet taller than the nameless mountain that Li Xuefeng cultivated in the past few days. The length of the mountain was not something that could be compared to that small mountain.

"There are a total of one hundred and thirty-five Li from the northeast to the southwest. It is also known as the number one mountain range in the Great Gan Nation. The place where spiritual energy is gathering is where our Azure Sun Monastery is located."

"He really is looking down on the heavens. To think I thought I was a Heaven's Pride." In the end, he had only moved to the Spirit Hidden Manor that he had built himself and did not come out. At the very most, he had gone hunting, and he was an extremely otaku, so he did not know about the famous Green Cloaked Monastery in the Great Gan Nation.

Another bird cry came from Li Xuanfeng's large bag, causing Li Xuanfeng to regain his composure. This was a brain that was too tired, and it was the Cyan Bird that Li Xuanfeng had retrieved. "Little Blue, do you want to take a breather as well?"

Seemingly not very interested in the name of Xiaoqing, he turned his head disdainfully to the side, attracted by the sesame seed cake in Li Xuanfeng's right hand, and ran up to peck incessantly.

The sesame seed cake was called a biscuit, but it was actually not much bigger than a nail. Not only was the newly named Xiaoqing, but Old Daoist Qing Xu and the White Tiger called Whitey were also very fond of her. At this moment, Li Xuanfeng also seemed to recall something. He quickly took out White Tiger, who had already opened his eyes. Ignoring the resentment in his eyes, he also quickly gave a handful of sesame cake to it.

"Little friend, this White Tiger of yours is truly strange. It is the best choice to become a Guardian Spirit Beast." With that, he said with regret, "Unfortunately, you've already been acknowledged as master. Otherwise, this old Taoist would have definitely brought you back to properly regulate you."

He picked up a handful of sesame seed cake and put it into his mouth. However, Xiaoqing, who was standing on Li Xuanfeng's right hand, acted as if she didn't see him, and used the same words to say, "A bird's nest is only made of birds, a plaything created by nobility."

However, Li Xuefeng had seen the speed of the bird before; even when its wings were injured, it was still able to escape from the giant eagle that was obviously a demonic beast. How could it be an ordinary bird? He only made Li Xuanfeng complain, "You old Taoist, you also have times where you don't know your stuff."

Although he didn't dare to say these words to the old Daoist, the old Daoist wouldn't let Li Xuanfeng go. "Although little friend can't use true energy right now, what you need most is more exercise. Walk up the mountain with the old Daoist!"

Although Li Xuanfeng complained in his heart, he didn't dare to say anything more and followed Qing Xu up the mountain.

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