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It was said that there were clouds in the depths of the mountains, and it was not so easy to climb the mountain now as to watch the mountain run and kill the horses. Elder Wang was sent out of the small town's stowaway carriage, leaving Li Xuanfeng alone to sorrowfully follow Old Daoist Qing Xu.

This old Daoist looked thin and frail, and his steps were not slow at all. He was leisurely walking, but no matter how Li Xuanfeng chased him, there was always a distance of one meter between them. Later, Li Xuanfeng also learned, whether you are slow just follow your own steps, I will walk my own path, let the north, south, east wind.

When the old Daoist Qing Xu, who was walking at the front, saw this, he revealed a satisfied smile. The young can truly know their goal and not be attracted by the side of the road, only then will they have a chance to climb to the top of the road. He thought to himself, "This child is not bad, shouldn't we introduce him to be a disciple of Master?"

Unknowingly, when the sun had set, they had finally arrived at the famous Azure Sun Temple in the Great Gan Nation. There were three halls and seven pavilions, which were not as large as Li Xuefeng's original villa, but the spirit energy contained within was not something that the large manor could compare to.

It was as if only the old Daoist had returned. Two children were already waiting at the gate to greet him, "Welcome back, Master."

"Mm, you can arrange two guest rooms for this young master and his servant to stay for the night."

"This, master, those noble rogue cultivators have already filled up the inn, there's no way to leave now."

"Do you think I don't know about the benefits you've received?" The old Daoist angrily rebuked, "Hurry up and make the arrangements. Otherwise, we'll have to show you guys everything. Have you done your homework?"

"Yes, we have. We will arrange it."

… ….

Seeing that there was no one else, the younger boy said, "Senior Brother, is Master here? He even brought someone back this time. Isn't he the one that is the most troublesome for him?"

"Who knows? Anyway, hurry up and get those rogue cultivators to scram. Today is truly unlucky." The leading Eldest Senior Brother said.

"Really, I haven't done my homework yet!"

… ….

However, what the two did not know was that although Li Xuanfeng, whose cultivation was temporarily in mourning, had yet to be enlightened, after hearing the general idea, the old Daoist, who was stronger, naturally had no reason to not hear it.

Walking through the long corridors, one could occasionally see people greeting the old Daoist with all sorts of weapons.

"Greetings, monastery chief."

"The monastery leader is well. I'll be taking my leave now."

The usually amiable old Daoist, on the other hand, did not seem to be the usual person. He indifferently nodded his head and casually responded to the Spirit Pressure with a few sentences. He didn't look as confident as he usually did.

A cultivator who had the appearance of a young master came over and asked, "Greetings temple owner, but may I ask why you want to expel all of us?" After saying that, he turned to the people beside him and asked, "Everyone, are you willing to leave just like that?"

No one said anything, but it was obvious that they were unwilling. They did not dare to get angry at the old Daoist Priest, so they aimed their attacks at Li Xuanfeng who was behind them, "Since Taoist Priest wants us to leave, then why can this kid stay?"

"Yes, could it be that he's a new disciple?"

… ….

Old Daoist Clear Void did not say anything. He waited until everyone had finished speaking before coldly snorting, "Hmph, why is it that everyone is dissatisfied with me or with my Void Sect!"

As soon as he said that, the crowd's expressions changed. The young man who was the first to speak turned even paler as he hurriedly said, "This is not how it is in the real world. It's just a little strange that this young master is still here."

Li Xuefeng looked towards Qing Xu. He thought that Qing Xu would settle the matter and take a step back, but the old Daoist remained uncompromising and coldly said, "If you don't like the old Daoist, you can go to the Discipline Academy and find the old Daoist. Let's see how someone else treats you." He surveyed his surroundings and continued, "If you are unconvinced, all of you can naturally give it a try. Tell me where to go and what to do."

Noticing that no one had replied and yet, had flicked his sleeve and left, Li Xuefeng hurriedly went up even further. He was afraid that these experts would vent their anger on him if he went too late.

It was another sunny morning. There were Taoists who had risen from bed early in the Azure Sun Temple, who were gathering and absorbing energy from the mountains, who were cultivating various Tao techniques, or practicing martial arts and exercising their muscles and bones on the school grounds.

Since that day when he expelled all the rogue cultivators in the sect, the person who broke off their path of wealth was naturally implicated and had a very poor staff. Fortunately, Li Xuanfeng did not come here because of this, although his body had not recovered, his meridians were gradually recovering and he was practicing the body forging technique passed down by the Old Daoist Clear Void.

This punch was truly strange. One moment, he used his right hand to cover his back and the next moment, he used both his hands to cover his head. If it wasn't for the effect on the table, he would have stopped practicing. He looked at Elder Wang with a bit of envy.

He was also practicing his fist art like a tiger or a tiger. He was practicing his Eight Trigrams Steps while his fist was moving like the clouds in the sky. It was undoubtedly fatal if not for the fact that the old Daoist had instantly turned into a powder upon hitting a rock.

"Alright, how is your practice?"

Although the Five Revolutions Fist was strange and completely useless in actual combat, it had a miraculous effect in healing the internal and external injuries of the body. Even though he was exceptionally bitter, he endured it, wiping away his sweat before facing the cynical old Daoist in front of him and praying: "Many thanks for your care, senior. Now that I am in good health, I should return to the capital and say my goodbyes to senior."

"What, isn't it good for this old man to stay here?" Old Daoist Qing Xu pretended to be angry.

"There's nothing we can do about it." He then requested, "I, Little White, would like senior to take care of him.

Looking at the current Lil 'White, he didn't know how many good things the old Daoist had fed him. Not only was his fur smooth and glossy, it even contained a bit of the might of a tiger.

"Haha, good, hurry up and f * ck off!"

There was nothing to clean up. As Qingzhuang prepared to leave the mountain, a voice came from afar: "My little disciple is the most disappointing. Let him see Shang Jing's prosperity!"

As expected, Li Xuanfeng's only good friend was already waiting for him at the entrance. The person in front of him was tall and slender, wearing a green Daoist robe. He was a very handsome little Daoist Priest.

He asked with a smile, "What, did your little Daoist Ming Yuan think of himself? Then, I'll take you to Snow Moon Street to have a look."

The opposite young Daoist immediately blushed. "Dao brother I am not such a person, please don't speak nonsense."

"Hur hur, alright, I won't speak nonsense."

The two of them led their horses and rode their horses out of the dust cloud. They went to a house that was not home to face a new test. He did not expect it to be so ordinary. The emperor was old and weak, the crown prince was young; outside, a great general was in charge of the army, and the civil and military forces were not on good terms with each other. It was clear that a new test had been placed in front of his family, Li Xuefeng. He did not have that mindset to get involved, and was only prepared to cut off his ties with the mortal world. His goal was not to live in the secular world, but rather to enter the legendary world of cultivation.

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