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At the same time, it was also the biggest city in the central five countries. At this time, the bustling city was having difficulty holding back the storm as if it was going to blow up at any moment, and even the pedestrians had their weapons ready.

"Halt! What are you doing? Dismount!"

Looking at the city gate which had clearly been checked more strictly, and when he normally saw a noble young master like Li Xuanfeng casually sweeping a glance over it, it was really his first time examining it after dismounting from the horse. Li Xuanfeng did not have the mood to waste here.

"This... Young Master, the Division requires everyone to dismount and be examined. "

Li Xuefeng was shocked in his heart. He didn't even use his Li family identity token. It seemed that the three kings that his father supported were in a very bad situation! He then took out a jade pendant from his waist. "This, how is it?"

The guard took the jade pendant and quickly knelt down, "This one has eyes but is unable to recognize Mount Tai. Please, my lord."

At the very least, he entered the city. At the same time, he explained to Ming Yuan, "When I left the capital, the crown prince was weak, and the three kings and the six kings were the most powerful. My father supported the three kings."

Ming Yuan was also intelligent as he guessed, "Just now, your family's identity token couldn't enter the city, which means that the three kings are now at the bottom. At least this Shang Jing cannot do."

"Worse, I'm afraid."

"Then what about the jade pendant?"

Li Xuefeng smiled wryly. "This matter involves the crown prince. When the empress dowager was still alive, she doted on the crown prince the most. Naturally, her position was stable. Only after her death would the three kings contend." He paused. "This jade pendant is the pair that the empress dowager has bestowed upon me and the crown prince."

"So you're saying that you've been pulled onto the weakest prince's ship?" After receiving an affirmative answer, he then asked, "Then why did you insist on taking it out?"

Li Xuanfeng's face was still ugly, "This jade pendant is not a secret, it doesn't matter whether I take it out or not."

After walking through the central Soaring Dragon Avenue and entering the inner city, which was somewhat relaxed after some investigation, Ming Yuan suddenly said, "I won't be going to your house. I'll just find an inn."

He naturally knew that this was a method of communication; as long as he shattered a talisman, the opponent would naturally be able to sense it. The power of an Immortal was truly unfathomable. He only heard Ming Yuan's words from far away. "In my opinion, His Majesty's views are still the most important right now."

That's right, whether it was the three kings that dominated military strength, or the six kings that praised the Prince in the middle court, or the crown prince whose status was unsteady and only supported by his family, none of them paid attention to the emperor's opinion. Even though that person had not done much in his life, he was still able to suppress the other parties who held great power over him for decades, just that His Majesty was so good at hiding his silence, as if he was just an ordinary old man.

This was probably what they meant when Li Xuefeng walked into that ice-cold home.

"Young Master, you're back." The attendant at the entrance was no longer there. Instead, six burly men stood facing each other.

"Eh, is father here?"

"Reporting to young master, the lord has gone to admonish the Third Marquis. Are you still staying in the garden?" Steward Wang hurriedly rushed out and answered.

Li Xuanfeng raised his head to look at the five words, "Great General Li's Mansion". Even with the word "bestowed", there was still a trace of decay within the word. He didn't say anything else and directly walked towards the garden.

"Hello, Young Master." No matter how bad his relationship with his father became, he was always the second in line to inherit the title of brother and second brother. He was also a mysterious cultivator, and no one in the mansion dared to disrespect him.

"Three... Third brother, how are you? " In front of him was a pretty little girl wearing ordinary clothes made of coarse cloth. In her hand was a large and heavy wooden basin.

Li Xuanfeng smiled and said, "Hello, Xuanhua. Why did you go and wash your clothes?"

"I... "I …"

Li Xuanfeng immediately understood. It was certain that the servants had not done their work properly, and even needed to wash their own clothes. He helped her carry the heavy wooden basin and said: "Let's go, I'll send it back to you."

"Oh!" Xuanhua was too embarrassed to reply, so he followed right behind Li Xuanfeng. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

It was only a few hundred paces from the garden when a small, secluded house appeared in front of him. Unlike Li Xuefeng's residence, this small house that was located in Xuanhua was not only isolated in its surroundings but also shabby. It was clear that it had not been renovated in many years.

Li Xuanfeng remembered that he asked them to move here before he left. It had only been two years, but they had become like this after he left. It was likely that he hadn't refurbished since he left.

Before he could reach the front of the house, a voice called out: "Please, give me some water, I'm really thirsty."

Another sharp female voice replied, "You're really spoiled. Isn't there still water in the well? Raise it yourself!" Then he heard, "I don't have the heart to wait on you."

When Xuanhua heard the sound, he hurriedly ran inside and cried, "Mother, your daughter will give you some water right now. Wait a moment."

Seeing the abnormally old woman in front of him who was struggling to get some water from the well, he couldn't believe that it was that little lady who had some color to her. He asked in surprise, "You're an aunt?"

"Greetings, Third Young Master."

In front of him was Li Xuanfeng, an aunt who was originally a servant of the mansion. Unexpectedly, one of the most common cases of drunken chaos amongst the aristocrats was actually pregnant. Li Xuanfeng's father, Li Shijie, was overjoyed. When he was born, he found out that it was only a girl, but he no longer cared about the mother and daughter. Only Li Xuefeng, who shared the same illness, pitied Xuanhua and allowed the mother and daughter pair to move to this place so that he could take care of them. He had never expected to see such a scene.

"How could auntie do this? Didn't I instruct the estate to take good care of you two? Could it be my father?" After saying that, his tone became even colder.

"No, no. It's just that, since Cousin Seventh Madame took a fancy to Xuanhua and wanted to marry her, she was unwilling to do so." It was easy to say, one could imagine how much pressure the person in front of him was bearing, but one could tell by the white hair on his temples.

Li Xuanfeng only asked the maid that was kneeling on the ground, "She should be that so called wealthy merchant's daughter, but a concubine calls her Madam." He then sneered, "You haven't found a good backer either!"

"Send a message to Housekeeper Wang. Tell me what happened. I'm not dead yet!" He instructed the maid in front of him, "Go to the Internal Affairs Division and collect the thirty soft whips."

He didn't have the mood to continue cultivating, so he turned to Xuanhua and said, "You and my aunt can move to the garden for me."

Even though Li Xuanfeng had not stayed in the garden for two years, he still had maids to clean up every day. They didn't dare to slack off in the slightest, as the warmth of a favor made one's heart ache, and the difference in status made one feel cold.

… ….

"What? Third Young Master wants you to take the thirty soft whips?" An even sharper voice could be heard, "Why is he here? Why is he here?"

In an extravagantly decorated room, a beautiful woman with heavy makeup looked at the maid kneeling in front of her and cursed angrily. It was the maid Li Xuefeng didn't even ask for her name.

He then thought of something and said weakly, "Alright, go and collect the three taels of silver. Go home and have a good rest. I will make the decision for you."

After sending the weeping servant girl away, a trace of hatred appeared on her face. She muttered to herself, "I would like to see what abilities you, the legendary Third Young Master, has."

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