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CHAPTER EIGHT The Emperor's birthday party startled him. "Greetings, father. Your son pays his respects to you." Li Xuanfeng respectfully bowed and said to Li Shijie, who was eating.

"En, you slept well last night. Have you eaten? Come and eat with me."

"Reporting to father, I've already used it. I'm preparing to leave, so I'll pay my respects to father first."

"Mm, you can go now. It's not peaceful lately, so be careful."

There seemed to be no difference, but there was not even the slightest bit of emotion in their words. It was only a mechanical copy. They could be considered a weird father and son pair, as if they were strangers.

As soon as he left his room, he saw that the servants were already waiting at the entrance. The carriage had already been loaded and was headed towards the imperial city. The purplish-red city wall stood there with its heaviness, like a monster luring everyone towards it. If one did not submit to its might, then one would have no choice but to sit in that position.

"It seems that there is a huge dragon hovering in the sky, and this is precisely the location of the dragon head of the palace." Li Xuanfeng raised his head to look, and saw that the old dragon still carried an enormous amount of power, even though this Daoist technique was still one of the most powerful ones in the world. This was the power of humanity, and it instinctively rejected people like Li Xuanfeng.

"How annoying. Every time I come here, I feel the urge to run away. I really don't know how those ministers of the royal family live here all day." Li Xuanfeng wiped off the sweat that did not exist. With great difficulty, he mustered his courage and walked towards the purple-red door.

Because it was not the morning court, no one would come to the palace except for the servants. Even the guards stood there lazily, unaffected by the recent atmosphere.

"Please take out the command token." Since they were all officials and nobles, they didn't make things difficult for them. They just followed the procedures, and of course, they couldn't make any mistakes. He took out his identity token, and a leader of the guards ran over.

"Young master, are you going to meet the crown prince?"

"Yes, otherwise, who would want to come to this damned place? This is not something an ordinary person would want."

The guard commander laughed, "Only people like you would think that this is a haunted place. It's impossible for so many people to enter."

"Hur hur." Li Xuefeng didn't say anything else. He bid his farewells and prepared to enter.

A few guards behind him chattered, "Captain, who is that? You're being so polite."

"Isn't he the number one genius of the kingdom? To think that the few of you would want to meet him all day, how could you not know him when you meet him?"

"Really? I can't believe he's an immortal master at such a young age." "Is he really that capable?" Some guards did not dare to believe it and asked doubtfully.

Another year's worth of imperial guards added, "Don't underestimate him. The immortal masters in the palace haven't even treated His Majesty with respect today. What do you think?"

"Shut up."

From a distance, another carriage came over. This time, they did not even need to check the carriage, and just by looking at the carriage, one could tell that it was the six kings that had shouted the loudest.

A faint voice came from the carriage, "Who was it that just entered?" It gave off the feeling of Mu Qingfeng that the title of 'Prince Xian' was well-deserved.

"Your Highness, it's Immortal Tong Li." The empress dowager actually called him an immortal child. When the emperor found out, he laughed loudly and said, "Since Imperial Mother said an immortal child, then I'll recognize this immortal child. I've done a great deed and am imbued with immortal energy."

Thus, the immortal child's reputation spread far and wide. Using this time to reply to the six kings was truly a second.

"He's just a Daoist from a foreign land, what qualifications does he have to be called an immortal child?" Although it was scolding, there was still a certain elegance to it.

The carriage went straight along the pipe as it moved further and further away.

… ….

Looking at the person before him, it was the other party who spoke first. "Long time no see. How is your body?" The golden colored clothes and the engraved dragon were vivid and lifelike, and looked even bigger than Li Xuanfeng. Who would have thought that the person in front of them was only eleven years old!

"Alright, at least I won't let you die here." Li Xuanfeng replied.

"Really? Then I'll have to rely on you to protect my little life. It's time for you to pay your debt." He then looked at Li Xuanfeng and chuckled, "Why do I look like I'm getting older and you're getting younger? I'm really envious of you!"

"The strangeness that I felt after not seeing you for so long seems to have been swept away." The strangeness that I had after not seeing you for so long seems to have been swept away.

"Don't worry about it, you always said that when we were young, take me out for revenge and then let me accompany you to get beaten up."

Li Xuanfeng's face was rather thick, and at the moment, he was feeling somewhat hot. Fortunately, a green-robed eunuch had walked over to help him out of the encirclement.

"Greetings to His Highness the crown prince and the young immortal child. The emperor heard that you entered the palace, so he specifically asked me to come over to speak with you."

"About that, I'll be leaving first. I'll see you again when I get the chance." He quickly ran, how could he have the demeanor of an immortal child? He only allowed the eunuch to shout from behind, "Immortal child … Immortal Child, slow down. "

When he arrived in front of the group, that handsome and elegant little immortal child once again appeared in front of them. Who would have thought that it would actually be the person that was scared to death just now?

The dragon aura had also reached its peak. The giant dragon in the sky seemed to be nailed to the ground with one eye, and Li Xuanfeng felt as if he was being stared at by a giant beast from the prehistoric era. It was really uncomfortable. If not for something else, he would have already gone to that deep mountains and forests. Who could bear to have a knife hanging in front of their face? At that time, they didn't feel it, but now, this feeling was so strong that no normal person could endure it.

"Come in!" Following the sound of a rather weak voice, the pressure in the air slightly lessened, and Li Xuanfeng was able to walk in.

An old man was weakly lying on the golden soft couch. Upon seeing Li Xuanfeng enter, he forced out a smile, "Little immortal child, why haven't you come to see this old man who's about to die?"

"To me, the most terrifying one is Your Majesty. Where did he come to throw away his life?"

"Eh?" After a moment of confusion, he smiled and said, "They said they were afraid of me, but I'm the sickly old man that they are least afraid of. You look like you're not afraid of me, but you still remember me as the emperor."

As he spoke, he laughed coldly, accompanied by a series of coughs. Li Xuanfeng couldn't help but think to himself, "The power of the human path may look powerful, but it doesn't really belong to you, so what? It's just that after dozens of years, it turns to dust and dust.

Opposite him, the old emperor continued, "My son sent you quite a few of the treasures in the secret treasury. Now, he's probably dragging me down with him!" A gloating expression appeared on his face.

"Didn't the empress dowager plot against this commoner? Even His Majesty dares say she didn't."

"Hehe, you're right. Then, just help my son this once!" As he spoke, he looked at Li Xuanfeng with a burning gaze. The colossal dragon in the sky once again enveloped Li Xuanfeng under its imposing aura, sensing the viciousness of the emperor.

"Can I say no?" Li Xuanfeng still had the heart to smile, but his expression looked somewhat bitter.

"What do you think!" He did not reply, but his imposing manner increased by three points and he gave his reply. As expected of the emperor, as long as he was alive, he would follow his will and defy his will, and he would die.

"Alright. It was originally to cut off the mortal dust, so let's break it as well! " Speaking of the final same resolute and decisive, the cultivation of Dao, how reluctant to repair, the past will be a good memory!

He became that kind-looking old man again, and said slowly: "Alright, there's a treasure in the secret treasury that my emperor of Zhao had the good fortune to see a man fight against a flood dragon for. I'll give it to you now."

Li Xuanfeng naturally did not care about whether this treasure was bloody or not. He only knew that he had obtained something extraordinary, and it seemed to be a legendary magical artifact. Of course, he did not dare to be sure.

Thus, he happily took out a broken mirror and left. Who would have thought that this treasure would be so easily obtained? It was worth it.

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