Strongest Immortal Reborn In City/C1 Immortal Sovereign Has Been Reborn
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Strongest Immortal Reborn In City/C1 Immortal Sovereign Has Been Reborn
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C1 Immortal Sovereign Has Been Reborn

At two o'clock in the morning, the silvery moon was shrouded by the clouds, causing the Kuajiang Bridge of Jiangzhou City's Xing Cheng District to instantly fall into darkness.

Right at this moment, two tall figures carried a struggling gunny sack as they sneakily arrived at the end of the bridge.

"Oh, I can't take it anymore. Put him down first and rest for a while. My back is sore," Biao shouted.

Wei Laosan frowned and urged, "Keep going, let's quickly throw this brat into the river so we can go back and claim the 100,000 yuan from Boss as soon as possible."

Biao replied while grinning cheekily, "Third Brother, let me take a break. After catching my breath, I'll immediately throw this brat down. The woman from last night was amazing, I've almost broken my waist."

After Wei Laosan scolded Biao while laughing, they put down the gunny sack. At the same time, the man in the sack kept on struggling and kicked Biao's waist with strength. Immediately, Biao cried out miserably and became furious. He then kicked the gunny sack and cursed fiercely, "Brat, I'm going to beat you to death!"

Wei Laosan also stepped forward, and together with Biao, they gave the person inside the sack a violent beating. Both of them were well-known gangsters in the Xing Cheng District. As long as they made this student named Meng Ran disappear from this world, they would receive 100,000 yuan. Since they had agreed to do this business, they would naturally deal with it ruthlessly.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound of bone cracking rang out. Biao actually broke two of Meng Ran's ribs with just a kick!

Due to Meng Ran's mouth had been sealed with tape, the moment he felt the piercing pain, he could only screech continuously.

After beating him up for about ten minutes, the two strong men had also felt slightly tired. Looking at the motionless sack, Biao clamored, "Why don't you keep shouting?! Weren't you shouting loudly just now? As a poor student, how dare you fight over the campus belle with the others. Brat, remember this, the person who hit you is Biao! Later, I'll throw you into Long Son River to feed the fish!"

After saying that, Biao ruthlessly kicked the gunny sack twice, yet it remained motionless and the person inside did not make a sound too. Perhaps he had already fainted.

Biao and Wei Laosan leaned against the railing and panted heavily. They no longer looked at the gunny sack, instead, they were all beaming with joy as they discussed where to spend their money after receiving it.

At this moment, Meng Ran, who should have fainted, suddenly opened his eyes. There seemed to be a radiant flash past his black coal eyes.

"Biao? Long Son River? This was a thousand years ago, when I was murdered at the age of 18."

Meng Ran could feel his frail body and the emptiness in his Qi points. Out of a sudden, he realized something, "I am not in the heart demon illusion! But I have really returned to a thousand years ago!"

At this moment, all of the memories flashed past his mind like a tidal wave. The youth in the sack was the arrogant Immortal Sovereign Tairan who had suppressed all the races within the universe to the point where no one would dare to look him in the eye.

The Immortal Sovereign Tairan's cultivation level had reached Great Perfection of Tribulation Crossing Stage. He was going to go through his last Great Tribulation in Time Secret Realm the most mysterious place within the universe, but unexpectedly, due to the invasion of the internal demon, he was killed by the Heavenly Tribulation.

And for some reason, he, who was originally dead, had been unexpectedly reborn as the youth from a thousand years ago!

Back then, Meng Ran was framed by villains on Earth, causing his family to be destroyed, his parents to die, and the woman he loved to commit suicide by jumping into a river!

All of this was because of Lu Shaoqian!

Meng Ran, who should have died at that time, had unexpectedly transmigrated to an immortal cultivation world. With his supreme talent and a brave heart, he only spent a thousand years cultivating into the Immortal Sovereign Tairan, who conquered the universe!

"As expected, heaven won't put an end to my life! Lu Shaoqian! You destroyed my family in my previous life. The Maple Birch Group that my mother worked so hard for half of her life was destroyed by you. My father who has always been uncorrupted in the bureaucracy was framed and being sent to prison by you. It's ridiculous that I thought of you as a good brother back then!"

"If it wasn't for you stabbing my heart with a dagger in front of Qingxue's grave, I probably wouldn't have known the truth even after I died. You did all of this to prove that I'm a good-for-nothing and to step on me with your foot, wanting me to look up to you as well as envy your glorious achievements! You wanted to prove that you are stonger than me in front of Qingxue, to make her love you!"

"Lu Shaoqian, with all the schemes you've set up, you must have never expected that Qingxue and I were faithful to each other until the end. She rather suicides than being together with you!"

"Lu Shaoqian, in my previous life, not only did you destroy my family and caused me to lose my true love. Furthermore, because of you, I died due to an internal demon's invasion when I was going through the Immortal Sovereign Great Tribulation. Since I've been reborn, then I'll return all the humiliation I suffered!"

After Biao and Wei Laosan finished smoking their cigarettes, they threw the stub down and stamped it with the soles of their shoes. When they turned around and were about to throw the gunny sack into the river, they realized that the gunny sack had already been opened. The sack was empty!

"Where is he?" Biao and Wei Laosan's face turned ashen instantly.

At this moment, a sneer sounded behind them.

"Are you looking for me?"

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