Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C10 Successfully Concocted the Pill
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Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C10 Successfully Concocted the Pill
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C10 Successfully Concocted the Pill

"You wait here for me. I'll go find my mentor right now!"

Tang Liuxiang seemed to have thought of something and immediately ran out.

The entire alchemy room fell into a dead silence.

Liu Quan, who was waiting to laugh at Ye Yang, had his smile frozen on his face. His expression looked a little funny.

He actually succeeded on his first try!

The other students were in a similar state. They had genuinely been shocked today.

No, it must be fake! But they still refused to believe it.

Su Qingyan stared at the Beast Blood Pill in Ye Yang's hand. Although she was taken aback, she quickly revealed a determined look again.

Ye Yang could do it, so could she!

She was confident that she was not weaker than anyone!

Su Qingyan nodded and was about to focus on her alchemy table.

But then she saw Ye Yang suddenly take out the second set of ingredients.

He wanted to refine a second batch?

Su Qingyan was stunned for a moment. After recovering her emptions, she shook her head.

She felt that Ye Yang just wanted to show off after he got lucky.

Even trained alchemists, who had practiced for a few years, could not refine two batches of pills in a row.

Ye Yang had lucked out on his first try. However, Lady Luck would not always be smiling at him. He would not go too far on the path of alchemy if he relied on his chances every time.

The corner of Su Qingyan's mouth curled up into a confident smile as different thoughts ran in her mind.

Just now, although her furnace had exploded, she had touched the feeling of refining Beast Blood Pills. At most, she would fail one more time before successfully refining her first batch of Beast Blood Pills.

"Ye Yang wants to continue refining?" Ye Yang's actions had also attracted the attention of others. A classmate pushed up his glasses and muttered in disbelief.

"He's too confident. He succeeded in the first batch purely out of luck. I don't believe that he could succeed in the second batch too," a girl couldn't help but say. That guy was such a show-off.

"Let's just wait and see him fail. If he wastes a dozen or so more batches, I'm afraid he won't even be able to compensate for the cost." Another student also sneered. They were all feeling jealous of Ye Yang.

As the discussions grew louder and louder, almost everyone's gaze focused on him.

Ye Yang smiled faintly.

What a bunch of noobs. With the [Beast Blood Pill Proficiency], he would definitely succeed in his concoction.

The reason why he wanted to continue concocting the pill was naturally because of the rules of alchemy that he had just read.

If he refined ten Beast Blood Pills, he only needed to fork out one as the cost for the ingredients. The remaining nine Beast Blood Pills would all belong to him!

He could earn 90,000 Hua dollars in an instant!

"How about we make a bet? I guess the furnace will explode within five minutes..." The bespectacled student from the crowd earlier had an excited expression. At that moment, everyone quietened down.

They saw Ye Yang calmly open the furnace lid, then use his two fingers to clamp a Beast Blood Pill and take it out.

The important thing was, this Beast Blood Pill's color was even better than the previous one! He succeeded. Again.

"Don't just stare at me. Continue refining the Beast Blood Pill," Ye Yang lightly coughed and said.

The bespectacled student hurriedly lowered his head with a stupefied expression.

But this was not the end.

Next, they witnessed a scene that they would never be able to forget in their lives.

Ye Yang refined batches after batches of Beast Blood Pills without stopping... This guy was like a precise machine, churning out pills like a factory.

He only stopped when he finished refining all 20 sets of ingredients on the refining table.

Then, Ye Yang looked at the other people's ingredients with a strange expression.

The students beside him hurriedly protected their refining tables like a hen protecting a chicken.

After throwing them a glance, Ye Yang lined up the twenty Beast Blood Pills in a row.

Right then, green smoke exploded out of Su Qingyan's side with a bang.

Looking at the twenty Beast Blood Pills and then at her pill furnaces emitting smoke, she was a bit confused. She could not understand why she kept failing.

Liu Quan's eyes turned red when he looked over. He almost pounced over at Ye Yang.

Those Beast Blood Pills were all money! He could almost imagine Ye Yang rolling in the cash.

Ye Yang casually picked up a Beast Blood Pill and put it into his mouth.

"This is your first time consuming a Beast Blood Pill. [Pill Poison Resistance] activated. Automatically maxed out."

After a long while, there were no other sounds in his mind.

Ye Yang felt a little helpless. His [Basic Body] had pushed his body to the limit of body refining stage. So, all the low level pills were useless to him. They wouldn't provide him with any benefits.

He had yet to feel the Beast Blood Pill stimulating his qi and blood.

Still, it was not that bad. He could sell the extra Beast Blood Pills for money. Ye Yang happily put the remaining Beast Blood Pills into his schoolbag.

This scene was seen by Liu Quan.

He rolled his eyes and immediately shouted, "Ye Yang! You stole the ingredients from the alchemy room! The pills you refined are not yours, but the academy's! You can't take them for yourself!"

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