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C13 A Little Famous Mo Danqing

All the students around rolled their eyes.

Mo Danqing wasn't just a little famous.

He was very famous!

Tang Liuxiang also quickly said, "Ye Yang, aren't your martial arts level not high? If you follow Master Mo, even if your martial cultivator grade is not high enough, your life in the future will not be bad."

She really liked this student in her heart. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him. She even blamed herself in her heart for not discovering Ye Yang's Pill Refining talent in the past.

Mo Danqing said kindly, "How is it, little classmate? Think about it?"

Perhaps he was afraid that he would not be able to move Ye Yang, he paused for a moment and said, "How about this? I heard that you are the head of the Welfare Institute and you are usually in need of money. Come to my Pill Refining Room. I'll give you 5,000 yuan a month. How about that?"

The surrounding people immediately gasped.

5,000 yuan a month?

There were posts provided to poor students in the academy. The students helped to clean the public Pill Refining Room, but the salary for a month was only a symbolic five hundred yuan!

Elder Mo directly gave Ye Yang 5000 yuan salary?

He was too good to Ye Yang.

Su Qingyan couldn't help but ask, "Elder Mo, what did Ye Yang do that made you think so highly of him?"

Mo Danqing turned around and looked at the beautiful short-haired girl with a puzzled look.

Tang Liuxiang quickly said, "Teacher, this is the best student in Ye Yang's class with Pill Refining. She is very talented and hardworking."

Mo Danqing nodded. He thought for a while and said seriously, "What he did is currently confidential. I can't tell you, but it is definitely something very important."

Su Qingyan was completely speechless.

But in her heart, she felt that Ye Yang was very bad.

"Alright, let's continue with the exam. Ye Yang, come with us."

Ye Yang followed the two of them to the outside of the Pill Refining room. This was the Linyin Road behind the teaching building, and almost no one passed by.

"Ye Yang, we have agreed that you will come here every day to learn the Pill Refining Theory, and you will need to refine at least one cauldron of pills every day! Can you do it? "

Ye Yang nodded seriously. "Five thousand a month. Of course I can do it."

Mo Danqing was speechless.

He came for money!

But it was nothing. Mo Danqing did not believe that the Shangjing Academy would lose to such a talented Pill Refining.

"There is one more thing. I will write a thesis on the step of adding cold liquid into the Beast Blood Pill formula. I will put your name behind me. Are you willing? " Mo Danqing said again.

Ye Yang bowed slightly to Mo Danqing without hesitation. "Thank you, Elder Mo."

"You put me in second place. It seems you want to take away my contribution, but in fact you want to protect me. Thank you."

"Also, please help me sell these 17 Beast Blood Pill."

Mo Danqing looked at him deeply and nodded.

Not only was this child talented in Pill Refining, he was also very smart.

When ordinary people heard that his name was ranked second, they would immediately get angry. However, Ye Yang agreed without hesitation.

When Ye Yang left the Shangjing Academy and was once again illuminated by the afternoon sun, he was still in a trance.

A day ago, he was still worried about his martial cultivator assessment. He was still worried about whether he could continue learning in the Shangjing Academy. He was also worried about how to explain it to Old President from the welfare institute.

But now, he wasn't worried at all.

After reorganizing his thoughts, Ye Yang walked a few blocks and returned to his simple rented house.

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