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C15 I'm Coming

As a son, how could he not understand what his mother meant? She wanted him to raise that child as repayment for his kindness.

This was a small matter to him.

If this child's aptitude was good, Xi Yuhu would definitely be able to promote him to martial cultivator of the Ninth Rank.

Even if his aptitude was not good, Xi Yuhu could still let him have a job with considerable income when he graduated.

At this time, in the stadium of Shangjing Academy, most of the students from Year 2 Class 3 had already arrived.

The students gathered in groups of three to five and talked loudly.

The martial cultivator Vice Instructor, Zhang Biao, walked back and forth. His expression was not very good.

Liu Quan and a few students sat in a corner. His face revealed a cold smile.

"Did Young Master Shen give you special treatment? You must have already reached the second step of the martial cultivator." A boy said enviously.

Liu Quan pretended to be modest and smiled. "It's alright, I'm only 2600 kilograms."

"You are so awesome. Young Master Shen is really generous." The boy said with envy.

Liu Quan smiled and said, "Young Master Shen's biggest advantage is generosity. I will bring you guys to see him tonight. Maybe Young Master Shen will give you guys one even if he is in a good mood."

"Really? Thank you so much." They said excitedly.

Liu Quan nodded proudly.

"You will definitely be crushed by Ye Yang in a while. 2,600 kilograms against 1,000 kilograms, I dare not even think about it." The first male student who spoke laughed.

Liu Quan smiled and said, "It is not enough to crush him with just strength alone. I have already learned a few moves from my cousin. Today I must make him leave the academy with no dignity."

The scene of him at the Liu family's Dojo appeared in Liu Quan's mind.

Although Liu Wei did not agree with his idea of using the Qi and Blood Pill as a bet, Liu Quan promised him that he would give half of the fifty thousand Hua coin to him after winning. In the end, Liu Wei still taught Liu Quan two punches.

In Liu Wei's words, Liu Quan would definitely be in a crushing situation at that time.

The Canglang Martial Arts School had existed in Shangjing City for more than ten years. Liu Wei's father, Liu Heng, had relied on the Canglang Fist passed down from the ancestors of the Liu family to fight for the Canglang Martial Arts School's position in Shangjing City.

Although Liu Quan had only temporarily learned the first two punches of the Canglang Fist, it was enough to deal with a First Grade martial cultivator.

When the Canglang Fist was cultivated to a high level, it could unleash hidden force, and could even fight Master of Internal Strength.

Ye Yang was nothing to Liu Quan.

Even if Elder Mo thought highly of Ye Yang, so what if Ye Yang entered Elder Mo's Pill Refining Room? This world still belonged to the martial cultivator.

Liu Quan rolled his eyes and suddenly shouted, "Don't you all think that Ye Yang is too bold? He actually dared to raise his head in front of Teacher Zhang's examination. He is too much."

"He is indeed bold. I am still waiting to see your results. The bet is one Qi and Blood Pill."

"Do you think Ye Yang is afraid? He doesn't dare to participate in the examination."

"He dares to bet, but he doesn't dare to come. He is really timid."

The students beside Liu Quan understood what they meant and laughed.

Although the other students didn't say much, their faces revealed looks of disdain.

Bet was one thing, but Ye Yang not daring to take the exam was another.

If Ye Yang really didn't dare to take the test, he would definitely be looked down upon by everyone.

Zhang Biao was annoyed and shouted angrily: "All of you shut up!"

"Teacher Zhang, I'm coming!"

A voice suddenly rang out.

Everyone turned to look at the voice. It was Ye Yang.

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