Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C17 Surging Waves Fist
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Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C17 Surging Waves Fist
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C17 Surging Waves Fist

After that, Su Qingyan came to an empty space with a strong body. In front of her was a tennis launcher.

Zhang Biao counted down to three, two, and one. The tennis ball launcher was instantly turned on. 30 tennis balls were shot out in a row. The most important thing was that the speed and strength of these 30 tennis balls were completely different.

Su Qingyan's eyes focused and her body moved quickly. Her palm grabbed one tennis ball after another in midair.

"Capture twenty-seven! Two hundred and seventy points!"

Su Qingyan frowned slightly. This score was a little low.

"Your opponent is this third-year senior. Let's begin."

After resting for a moment, Zhang Biao called over a third-year third-grade martial cultivator and nodded.

A tier 4 martial cultivator naturally suppressed a tier 3 martial cultivator.

Very quickly, that boy was defeated.

"Skill assessment, full score, 250 points! A total of 740 points!"

All the students sucked in a breath of cold air. In the second grade, she had reached 740 points. In the fourth grade, Su Qingyan would definitely be able to break Wei Yihui's record!

Zhang Biao nodded in satisfaction, then turned around and said loudly, "Next, Liu Quan!"

Liu Quan rubbed his fists and was eager to give it a try. Soon, his results were out.

"Oh my god, this guy also became a Tier 2 martial cultivator. Isn't it too fast? 2,600 kg?"

"His Agility test is also very strong. He actually caught 20 tennis balls! One must know that this test is the most difficult!"

"Furthermore, he even lasted four minutes under the hands of a Tier 3 martial cultivator! Furthermore, that fist technique of his is very eye-catching! "

Zhang Biao nodded his head in slight surprise, "Strength assessment 130 points, agility assessment 200 points, resisting test 200 points."

"You just used the Canglang Martial Arts School's Canglang Fist, right? You have learned it well, continue to work hard. I'll give you ten points. A total of 540 points."

" Yes, Vice Instructor Zhang! " Liu Quan smiled proudly. He had followed Shen Linfeng, so Shen Linfeng naturally gave him a lot of good things. He ate two Beast Blood Pill in one afternoon in a row, and his blood and Qi surged. It directly turned into a Second Grade martial cultivator. The Canglang Six Fists even became an additional point for his resisting test!

"Ye Yang, it's your turn. I look forward to seeing you in despair." He said with a sneer.

Ye Yang smiled faintly. "Are you in such a hurry to give me the Qi and Blood Pill?"

He suddenly felt a little emotional.

As a dignified martial cultivator of the Ninth Rank, wouldn't it be bad for him to bully Liu Quan? Would he be called a bully?

His strength had become stronger, and his mentality had changed.

Liu Quan just sneered, "I advise you to think about how to raise fifty thousand after you lose!"

"Alright, quickly take the test, don't talk nonsense."

Zhang Biao said coldly.

Ye Yang coughed lightly. "Vice Instructor Zhang, I want to have the resisting test with Liu Quan."

When he said this, everyone was stunned.

Zhang Biao nodded his head and said. "Sure, but you have to ask Liu Quan if he agrees. Moreover, you can only get full marks after ten minutes in his hands."

Liu Quan was stunned for a moment, but then he laughed out loud, "I agree! I agree!"

He stretched out his arms and legs, and could not wait to beat Ye Yang down with his own hands!

The two of them came to the open space.

Liu Quan stretched his arms and legs as he said proudly, "Ye Yang, I'm actually quite sorry, because if you leave Shangjing Academy, I won't be able to mock you anymore."

"But I really didn't expect that you would take the initiative to ask for the resisting test from me."

"Are you courting death? Hahaha!"

Ye Yang looked at him with a funny face. Why didn't he realize that Liu Quan liked to put on airs so much in the past?

He still wanted to ridicule Ye Yang? Ye Yang would ruthlessly ridicule him!

"Ye Yang, I'll let you see the power of my Canglang Six Fists!"

Liu Quan snorted coldly and swung his fist at him. His fist was so fast that it seemed like he could hear the waves hitting the rocks.

This was the Canglang Fist that had been passed down in the Canglang Martial Arts School for decades. With this fist technique, martial cultivator of the Ninth Rank could also hurt Master of Internal Strength!

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