Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C2 Beautiful, Noble, and Powerful
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Strongest Instant Upgrade System/C2 Beautiful, Noble, and Powerful
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C2 Beautiful, Noble, and Powerful

Ripple Microstep? Ye Yang finally obtained an active ability.

Ye Yang looked at his own body and saw his character panel.

Ripple Microstep: This ability provides the host with ghost like footwork, possessing both attack and defense functions.

He had nothing to say to the skill description. It was indeed mighty!

Ye Yang sneered. With this ability on his hands, the agility test of the academy was a piece of cake for him.

The Shangjing Martial Academy was not far from Ye Yang's rented house. In just five minutes, he had already run past three blocks and arrived at the entrance of the academy. His face was neither red nor was he gasping. It was like he had just walked here.

"How can you still come to school?" Just as the school bell rang and Ye Yang was about to sneak inside, he heard a cry from the side. He stopped in his tracks.

Ye Yang looked up and saw two young men walking over. The one in the lead was tall and handsome; he had a cold expression adorning his face. More importantly, Liu Quan was behind him like a lackey.

Liu Quan was staring at Ye Yang with a surprised and bewildered expression on his face. He couldn't fathom how Ye Yang was still on his feet after that heavy dose.

"What's going on? Didn't I ask you to do something so that Ye Yang can't come to school? How's he still here?" The tall youth frowned and coldly snorted.

Liu Quan hurriedly apologized to the handsome young man, "Mr Shen, I don't know either. He must have drunk the sleeping medicine I gave him. Logically speaking, he should definitely sleep for more than three days!"

"I really don't want to see him again in the future. You should know what to do." The handsome youth suddenly turned around and left. He found it beneath himself to stay here any longer than necessary.

Liu Quan hurriedly nodded. "Yes, I understand!"

After saying that, Liu Quan faced Ye Yang. The flattering expression on his face instantly turned into a vicious one.

Ye Yang stared at Liu Quan. "I didn't expect you to give me sleeping pills. I always thought that we were good friends."

Liu Quan laughed out loud as if he had heard a joke. "Friends? You have been in school for two years, but you haven't even reached the standard of martial cultivator of the First Rank. You are not qualified to be my friend."

"Ye Yang, we're about to graduate from the academy. We're no longer the little pets in the ivory tower!"

"I won't get anything from being your friend. But once I became Shen's subordinate, he gave me a Beast Blood Pill on the spot! The next day, I became a martial cultivator of the First Rank!"

Ye Yang's expression changed.

Shen Linfeng indeed had a prominent family background. He could easily give a Beast Blood Pill like handing out candies.

Ye Yang had wanted to buy it before, but when he heard that a Beast Blood Pill cost ten thousand Hua coins, he immediately gave up on the idea. It was too much for him.

"Ye Yang, seeing that we had a good relationship in the past, let me give you a piece of advice."

"Give up on the test and quit school. Never try to get in touch with Tang Xian'er. Perhaps you can still live."

"Otherwise, if Mr Shen really gets angry, I'm afraid you won't be able to keep your life!"

Liu Quan sneered as he said this.

Ye Yang raised his eyebrows. He was wondering why Shen Linfeng wanted to harm him, even though they had no grudges in the past.

As it turned out, it was because of Tang Xian'er.

Tang Xian'er transferred from the Yandu Academy and was Ye Yang's deskmate.

She had both power and beauty. Moreover, it was rumored that her background was mysterious. The speed of her body refining cultivation had already surpassed the publicly acknowledged most talented Senior Wei Yihui in the academy.

She usually didn't come to the academy. When she found they were deskmates, she gave him some pointers on how to train his body.

Unfortunately, Ye Yang's talent was too poor, so he couldn't understand her at all.

Perhaps Shen Linfeng had seen them when she was teaching him. He didn't like the scene, so he wanted to chase Ye Yang out of the Shangjing Academy!

Once he figured everything out, Ye Yang became angry.

Shen Linfeng was too vicious!

Just because Ye Yang chatted with Tang Xian'er a few times, Shen Linfeng wanted him to miss the exam and cut off his future.

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