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C3 What a Fantasy

It was time for school, the school was most crowded at this time. More and more students saw the three of them confronting each other. They immediately gathered around to watch the show. They wished they had popcorn to fully enjoy the episode.

Some of the students knew the three of them. Therefore, they felt that it was their responsibility to explain the situation to others.

"That tall and handsome man is none other than the famous genius of our Shangjing Academy, Young Master Shen Linfeng! Although he's only in the third year, he has already become a martial cultivator of the Eighth Rank! It's only a matter of time before he steps into the Inner Energy Stage!"

"There's more. I heard that Shen Linfeng's grades were among the top in the first and second grades. The second place's assessment score was over a hundred points lower than his!"

"Next to Young Master Shen is a second-year student, Liu Quan. He's currently a martial cultivator of the First Rank. He didn't train his physical body before entering the school, so it's not that bad for him to be at the First Rank in his second grade."

"As for the last person, many people know him already, right? He is the infamous Ye Yang, ranked last in the Shangjing Academy. Although he is in the second grade, he might not even be able to defeat a freshman. He's obviously very weak."

"What is Ye Yang trying to do? Is he going to confront Shen Linfeng? I can't believe he has such guts!"

"I don't know either. Perhaps Ye Yang offended Young Master Shen in some way?"

The sarcastic remarks of the surrounding crowd didn't shake Ye Yang's mind at all. In the past, he might have been affected by others' opinions of him. However, after obtaining the system, he was no longer the Ye Yang of the past!

"Host is unaffected by the jeers of others. Basic Will is activating. This ability will automatically reach the maximum level."

After thinking through everything, Ye Yang calmed down rather than flaring up. He pointed at Shen Linfeng, whose back was facing him, and sneered. "Shen Linfeng, I know you want me to disappear from the Shangjing Academy. You know what I will do instead? I'll become stronger step by step, right here in the Shangjing Academy. I'm going to make you kneel and slap yourself in the face!"

"What is this guy talking about? He doesn't have the ability to act tough here!"

"He really has the balls of steel! He even dares to say such insulting words? Ye Yang will make Shen Linfeng kneel on the ground and slap himself in the face? I can't even imagine that scene!"

"What did you say?"

Shen Linfeng suddenly turned around and glared daggers at Ye Yang.

On the other side, Liu Quan was even more furious than the insulted party. After all, Shen Linfeng was his backer, his ticket to a bright future. How could he let Shen Linfeng be insulted by a good-for-nothing?

He immediately threw a punch at Ye Yang!

Ye Yang did not dodge, though. He replied him in kind and also threw a punch at him!

Against all odds, Liu Quan was sent flying by the punch!

"The host was attacked. Basic Body has been upgraded to Iron Shirt. This ability will automatically reach the maximum level."

Iron Shirt: It can train the host's skin and tendons, dissolving all ordinary attacks from martial cultivator of the Ninth Rank and below.

"The host just gave the enemy a heavy punch. Basic Fist Palm has been upgraded to Three Fists of Farmer. This ability will automatically reach the maximum level."

Three Fists of Farmer: With this ability, the host can kill a master with three punches. After reaching a high level, host can unleash a hidden force, which is enough to fight an Inner Energy Cultivator.

Ye Yang's chest was filled with joy.


This was too awesome!

Being punched actually helped him unlock an active ability!

In this world, who could be more powerful than him?

Liu Quan's miserable howl resounded outside the school entrance.

He really couldn't believe that as a martial cultivator of the First Rank, when he faced Ye Yang, who wasn't even a martial cultivator a day ago, he actually had no ability to resist! He was powerless in front of his punch.

The surrounding students all let out cries of surprise. Gasps of astonishment filled the scene.


Everyone knew that Ye Yang's ability was the worst. How could he defeat Liu Quan?

This was no longer nonsense. It was something that could never happen!

Shen Linfeng's gaze immediately turned sharp. With his eyesight, he could naturally tell that Ye Yang was no longer an ordinary person. He had become a martial cultivator.

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