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C5 A Huge Bet

Liu Quan glanced at Shen Linfeng, but the handsome guy didn't want to get involved in their childish bet.

So, Liu Quan could only clench his teeth and do it himself. He took out a glass bottle from his pocket with a round pill inside.

"I'll bet a Qi and Blood Pill! How about it? Do you dare?"

Liu Quan said fiercely.

"How did Liu Quan get the Qi and Blood Pill?" the bespectacled boy exclaimed out loud in the crowd.

"This is a Tier-2 pill! Liu Quan's family isn't that rich, so how could he have it?" A fat man beside him also cried out.

"The market price of a Qi and Blood Pill is 50,000 Hua dollars. The price of a good quality Qi and Blood Pill is even higher! This is a huge gamble!" the short-haired girl also muttered.

Qi and Blood Pill?

Ye Yang had also heard about this pill from some of the richer students in the class. He did not expect Liu Quan to have one as well.

This was a Tier-2 pill. Its effects were at least five times better than Beast Blood Pills!

However, the real question was, why did Liu Quan have one?

"How about it, Ye Yang? Do you dare? If you lose, you will have to compensate me with a Qi and Blood Pill!"

Liu Quan said with a ferocious smile on his face.

However, in his heart, he was a little uncertain.

This Qi and Blood Pill was actually his cousin, Liu Wei's. property He had temporarily left it with him.

Before taking it out as a bet, Liu Quan was still feeling a little panicked in his heart. However, when he thought about how he still had a trump card, he calmed down. There was no way he could lose.

Even if Ye Yang somehow got some money to buy a Beast Blood Pill and forced himself to become a Tier-1 martial cultivator, it would still be futile.

A martial cultivator did not only rely on brute force!

Liu Quan didn't think that Ye Yang could defeat him if he really put his heart to it. He must have been careless just now.

The reason why he was so confident was naturally because of his cousin, Liu Wei.

Liu Wei's family ran a dojo!

As long as he asked him to teach him a move or two, he would definitely be able to surpass Ye Yang!

Once Ye Yang lost to him, with so many people serving as the witnesses, he would definitely not dare to renege on his bet. At that time, Liu Quan might even be able to obtain a Qi and Blood Pill!

Ye Yang gave him a profound look and lightly coughed. "Alright, I agree!"

Liu Quan was stunned for a moment. He then laughed loudly. "Okay! Everyone, did you hear that? Ye Yang has agreed to this bet! In the afternoon's second-grade exam, we'll have a showdown. The bet is one Qi and Blood Pill!"

"Has Ye Yang gone crazy? He actually agreed?"

"I heard that Ye Yang is an orphan. How could he have the money to compensate Liu Quan?"

"Ye Yang is a madman. He doesn't treat money like money!"

The short-haired girl frowned. She was also an orphan adopted by the welfare institute, so she initially had some sympathy for Ye Yang. But that wasn't the case anymore.

This guy didn't treat the welfare institute's money as anything! He was just squandering others' kindness. What an ingrate!

The short-haired girl snorted and turned around to leave.

"Why are you all gathered here? Aren't you all going to class?"

Just as the crowd was getting excited about the bet, a cold and fierce voice suddenly interrupted their discussions.

Immediately after, a middle-aged man's figure appeared at the entrance of the academy.

Everyone was shocked and turned silent. They felt like a mouse seeing a cat! This was the natural pressure from an expert!

Among the crowd, only Ye Yang's facial expression remained unchanged.

He had his maximum level Basic Will! It wasn't just for show.

Could the pressure of a powerful warrior really suppress him? What a joke!

"Host has received the pressure of a powerhouse. Basic Will has been upgraded to Pressure Resistance. This ability will automatically reach the maximum level."

The middle-aged man noticed Ye Yang's expression. He threw a glance at Ye Yang. Although his cultivation base was ordinary, his mind was very firm.

"Director of Technique Impartation, hello!"

All the students bowed slightly. Ye Yang was no exception.

He respected Vice Principal Yang Yan very much. Such a person was worthy of his respect.

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