Strongest Martial God
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The heavenly tribulation descended, lightning coiling around his body, and in an instant, the entire body of the Sky Tiger Demon Emperor trembled violently, as though it would split apart at any moment. Evidently, he could not hold on any longer, and would be reduced to ashes at any time. "I'll give you a chance. If you answer honestly, you might have a chance to live. Tell me, who is the one beh
At this critical moment of life and death, the peerless cripple actually began to frantically absorb spiritual energy, transforming into the number one divine body of the heavens! The reversal of fate, let's see how he massacres the world! Ye Chong did not go crazy, he did not become a god. He helped the beautiful lady master solve all the riddles, and Ye Chong massacred the sky, vowing to become the Most Powerful Martial God. Rivers and mountains like a painting, how many heroes of the moment; life like a dream, to ask who the world.
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