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Strongest Penguin Space/C1 I Kicked Him out of the House
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C1 I Kicked Him out of the House

"Is there still hope in my leg?"

In the Xiong family's villa in Dragon City, a young man in a black shirt was sitting in a wheelchair with his back facing Doctor Li. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

Looking at the dim light in the room, he had a tall nose, thin lips, and sword-like eyebrows. If he did not look at the wheelchair under him, it would be perfect.

He did not dare to look directly into Doctor Li's eyes because he was afraid of seeing a helpless expression. Every time Doctor Li came to examine his body, he would ask the same question.

Doctor Li shook his head and stood silently. His mouth was slightly open, but he did not make any sound.

"Okay, I got it." Xiong Yi said lightly.

"Young Master Xiong, I'm sorry. I may not come back in the future." Doctor Li said with a guilty face.

"Okay, I got it. You can go!"

After the car accident, his legs had been crippled for more than ten years. His father had consulted many orthopedics specialists when he was still alive, and they were all at a loss for what to do.

Before his father passed away, Doctor Li had always been the one to examine his body. However, not long after his father left, Doctor Li did not come. This should have been arranged by her stepmother, Xiong Yi thought.

Hearing the light sound of the door closing, a deep sense of despair rose in Xiong Yi's heart. He picked up a glass of wine beside the bed and quietly looked out the window.

Outside the window was the second month of the flying moon. Listening to the chirping of birds outside, Xiong Yi fell into deep thought. It had been a long time since he went out. It had been so long that he almost forgot what it felt like when sunlight shone on his body.

"Knock, knock, knock, knock..."

With a creak, the door was pushed open.

Xiong Yi suddenly turned his head and saw Dun Qin standing at the door snappily.

Dun Qin was Xiong Yi's stepmother. After Xiong Yi's father passed away, she controlled 40% of the Xiong Corporation's shares.

"What's wrong? Are your legs crippled and your ears deaf?" Dun Qin crossed her arms over her chest and stood at the door. She said angrily.

"Aunt Qin, is there something wrong?" Xiong Yi ignored her angry expression and asked with a faint smile.

His father had only been gone for three months. Dun Qin's attitude towards him had changed 180 degrees. In the past, she would pretend to be a white lotus step-mother in front of her father. Now that she had the power, her ugly face was exposed in front of Xiong Yi.

"Xiong Yi, your brother will be getting married next month. Look, there will be a lot of people in the future, making a lot of noise. In order not to affect your recovery, why don't you move out?"

Looking at her face, which was full of ambition, Xiong Yi felt disgusted in his heart. "Okay!"

Ever since his legs were crippled, in order not to be harmed again, Xiong Yi restrained his brilliance. He never showed his extraordinary intelligence. He was usually as gentle as a little sheep at home and never fought for it. In the eyes of others, these people were completely useless and could not do anything.

"Your legs are not convenient. I have already asked someone to pack your things. You might as well choose a day." Dun Qin smiled and called a person over. "Little Wang, go and send Young Master Xiong to Sunshine Community!"

"Young Master Xiong, let's go." Lil'Wang heard Dun Qin's instructions and pushed Xiong Yi's wheelchair out.

All of this happened too quickly. Before Xiong Yi could react, he was pushed outside. "You guys..." Xiong Yi turned his head and pointed at Dun Qin.

Before he could finish, a suitcase was thrown out with a clank.

Xiong Wei stood at the door and said with a wicked smile, "Big brother, remember to come to the wedding next month!"

Which one? Open? Could it be her? Xiong Yi thought silently as he arrived at Sunshine Community.

Little Wang took her luggage and left, leaving Xiong Yi alone.

This was an old-fashioned community. The room was only 90 square meters, and it was the place where Xiong Yi and his mother used to live. The furniture inside was a little old, but it was still considered clean.

Looking at everything familiar here, Xiong Yi thought of the happy times he spent with his mother when they were young. Back then, his mother was still there, and Xiong Yi's legs were not broken yet. The two of them lived a carefree life together.

Things were different now...

The phone broke Xiong Yi's train of thought and rang.

Xiong Yi looked at the phone number and picked up. Before he could say anything, he heard the person on the other end say, "Xiong Yi, I don't want to marry a useless person. Our engagement is canceled. I hope you won't disturb me. "

"Open..." Xiong Yi didn't say a word the whole time, and hung up the phone.

He snorted coldly and the corner of his mouth curled up unnaturally. He laughed self-deprecatingly. In this situation, who would be willing to marry him?

His engagement was made when he was very young.

At that time, Xiong Yi's father and his father were very young. Both of them studied together. Later, Father Xiong established the Xiong Pharmaceuticals and the Zhang Corporation at the same time. He provided the Xiong Pharmaceuticals with a lot of necessary herbs every year.

Later on, because the two families had been working together for a long time, as well as their original friendship, Thus, they decided to strengthen their relationship. Therefore, when Xiong Yi was young, Wei Xiong Yi and Zhang Kai had agreed to an engagement. Although Xiong Yi's identity as an illegitimate child was not honorable, he was very talented. He had been much smarter than his peers since he was young, and was very popular with Father Xiong. Father Xiong also promised that in the future, the Xiong Family would be handed over to Xiong Yi to take care of.

In the beginning, Xiong Yi had a good relationship with those who had opened their relationship, and they often played together. Until the year Xiong Yi turned twelve when he got into a car accident...

In fact, Xiong Yi did not have a deep relationship with her. He had been influenced by her since he was young and treated her as his future wife. He thought that he would spend the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, everything had changed now.

After the marriage agreement was broken, Xiong Yi did not feel as sad as he had imagined. He was just unwilling. Why was the heavens so unfair to him? Could it be that he had to accompany the wheelchair for the rest of his life?

Xiong Yi slid across the wheelchair and looked around. His eyes stopped on the bookshelf in the corner of the room. There were some medical books on the bookshelf. On the top of the bookshelf, there was a box. This box was the most precious thing for his mother.

Before his mother died, she put a key in Xiong Yi's hand, telling him to take good care of this box. After so many years, he had never opened it.

Xiong Yi held the wheelchair and slowly stood up. His left hand tightly grabbed the edge of the bookshelf. His right hand reached out and touched the box. He slowly reached his hand out.

He had been living in the wheelchair all year round, so his legs did not have any strength. He was supported by an arm. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. The moment he took the box, his left hand suddenly could not hold it anymore. He let go of the bookshelf and fell to the ground.

As Xiong Yi fell, the wheelchair beside him slid to the side due to the pressure from his body. The right hand holding the box fell to the ground. A wound had been cut on his pinky at some point in time, and there were traces of blood seeping out.

Xiong Yi did not care about the wound on his hand. He directly took the key from his neck and opened the box.

He thought it was something important, but he did not know that there was only a small white porcelain bottle inside the box. It was so stingy that there was not even a pattern on it.

How could something that was so precious to her mother be so simple? Could it be an antique? With this thought in mind, Xiong Yi reached out and picked up the small porcelain bottle to carefully examine it.

The bottle looked a little old, but it was well-preserved. There were no blemishes on its exterior and its shape was a bit like a snuff pipe. However, it was clearly not. When he poured the bottle over, there was surprisingly a word "empty" printed on it.

Empty... What did that mean? Before he could figure out what was going on, the blood on his finger touched the bottle. Xiong Yi felt as if he had been electrocuted. His body shook and his vision turned black.

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