Strongest Penguin Space/C12 Ghost Doctor 13 Needles
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Strongest Penguin Space/C12 Ghost Doctor 13 Needles
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C12 Ghost Doctor 13 Needles

Back home, Xiong Yi turned on his computer and wanted to find a reliable driving school.

However, the moment he turned on the Baidu, Xiong Yi was completely stunned. He had suddenly become popular. All the headlines, browsers, and news related to Xiong Yi could be seen everywhere.

"The girl on the sixth floor is a light student. She was caught by a man passing by with his bare hands!"

"The Godly Doctor has reappeared, Hua Tuo has been reborn, and the young man has been cured with three needles!"

"The magical ointment has appeared. It takes three minutes to remove the scar without leaving a scar!"

Wait, a series of such titles dazzled everyone. At this moment, his phone rang. Xiong Yi took a look and found that it was actually Su Rou calling.

"Brother Yi, you are popular!" A burst of pleasant surprise immediately entered his ears.

"En, I saw it." He hung up the phone after saying that.

There were thousands of messages under each video.

"Wow, this little brother is so handsome! Please contact me! "

"He's handsome, his heart is beautiful, and his skills are good. He's really the ideal type in my heart!"

"What kind of needle technique is this? It can cure depression. Is this for real? " It can't be that he's trying to fool me! "

"How can there be such a magical ointment? Who knows where to buy it?" ...

Looking at the comments, Xiong Yi felt a little happy in his heart. It was like a minor character that had been unknown for many years had suddenly become popular one day! Furthermore, becoming famous this time was also a good thing. After all, he was planning to open a Health Hall. Now, he even saved on advertising fees.

This incident had not only caused a huge sensation in Dragon City, but it had also attracted the attention of the entire nation.

As for the hospital in Dragon City, the largest century-old courtyard in Long Cheng, an old hospital director who was 80 years old was completely shocked when he saw this video. His hands trembled as he repeatedly observed, hoping to see through the acupuncture treatment for depression.

Looking at this acupuncture method, it was extremely similar to the "Thirteen Needles of Ghost Doctor" that had been lost for many years. However, this array formation had long been lost and no one had seen it before. Just based on what was written in the book, it was simply impossible to figure it out. Furthermore, in the video, Xiong Yi had only used three needles. It was simply not enough to see it.

On the other side, in the Xiong Family's villa, Xiong Wei and Dun Qin saw the video and started thinking again.

"Mom, do you think Xiong Yi got some kind of magic treasure? Why is he always in the limelight!?" Xiong Wei looked a little indignant.

"The people we sent last time didn't find anything. What a waste! "Looks like he really hid it well!" A trace of gloominess flashed across Dun Qin's eyes.

"Boss, according to the people we sent out last time, Xiong Yi seems to be very mysterious and very good at fighting." Li Yong, who was at the side, echoed.

"Oh? It seems like it won't be easy to deal with. " Since it's too hard, then go soft. " The corner of Dun Qin's mouth revealed a sinister smile and a trace of scheme flashed across her heart.

In Sunshine Community, Xiong Yi was just about to refine Spirit Gathering Pills when he heard the phone ring again.

Xiong Yi picked up the phone and looked at it. He randomly let out a cold snort. It turned out that it was Dun Qin calling. Last time, he did not do anything to harm her, so he did not know what tricks she was going to play this time.

"I want to see what you want to do!" Xiong Yi thought to himself. He then picked up his phone. "What?" Hello?"

"Xiong Yi, I heard from Xiao Wei that your leg is healed? This was a great occasion, and he should really celebrate it. "Do you have time tomorrow at noon? "I've specially arranged a banquet for you, so that our family can gather together."

Hearing these hypocritical words, Xiong Yi felt disgusted. However, on the surface, he still pretended to be very obedient." Okay. Aunt Qin, I will go over. "

After hanging up the phone, Xiong Yi immediately went into the button space.

As the saying goes, there are many people who are popular. Who can guarantee that no one will be jealous and harm others in the future? In order to ensure his own safety, Xiong Yi felt that he still had to speed up his cultivation.

Within the button space, the Little Penguin was still sleeping.

"Hey, are you a pig? Every time you come over, you sleep! " I don't think you're a guardian, but a sleeping god. " Xiong Yi teased the Little Penguin.

The Little Penguin was woken up and jumped up to identify it. "You're the pig! It's been a few days since I came to see you, but you didn't bring me anything good. I'm bored to death."

After saying that, it pouted its small mouth. It looked very cute.

Xiong Yi held back his laughter and said: "Alright, alright. It's my fault. Next time, I will definitely find a female penguin to accompany you! "

" You only know how to tease me! Hmph, I won't bother with you anymore." After saying that, he ran off in a huff.

"What a cute penguin." Xiong Yi thought to himself.

This Little Penguin was Xiong Yi's first friend in so many years. It did not scheme and scheme against each other, and could be treated honestly. Although it could not experience the storms and storms together with him, and witness the great glory of China together, when it was depressed and happy, there would at least be someone listening to it.

As he thought, he walked to the medicinal field and gathered some necessary herbs to refine Spirit Gathering Pills. After he had prepared everything, Xiong Yi sat beside the pill furnace and began to meditate.

After a full three hours, Xiong Yi slowly opened his eyes. When he opened the pill furnace, a rich medicinal fragrance assailed his nostrils. Upon closer inspection, a black pill appeared at the bottom of the pill furnace.

This was the Spirit Gathering Pill.

It was this pill. It was something that could only be found by chance in the cultivation world. If not for Xiong Yi having such a medicinal field, it would be impossible for him to refine Spirit Gathering Pills. Just this essential medicinal ingredient, the Millennium Ganoderma, was hard to find in the world.

If this kind of medicinal pill appeared in the world, there would definitely be many people who would rush over like a flock of ducks. However, it did not take much effort for Xiong Yi to obtain it.

This Spirit Gathering Pill was extremely important for the advancement of one's cultivation realm. According to the records of the cultivation technique, there would be bottlenecks in every advancement of one's cultivation realm. In order to smoothly break through bottlenecks and raise one's cultivation base, one would need the assistance of medicinal pills. This way, the success rate would be greatly increased.

Xiong Yi stretched out his hand and picked up the Spirit Gathering Pill. He raised his head and threw it into his mouth.

The moment it entered his mouth, Xiong Yi hurriedly calmed his mind. He sat cross-legged and circulated the cultivation technique to absorb the medicinal strength.

After a moment, he felt a warm medicinal strength entering his throat into his internal organs. The Genuine Qi in his body instantly rushed forward like ten thousand horses, causing the surroundings to shake.

When the Genuine Qi gradually stabilized, Xiong Yi opened his eyes and instantly discovered that his sea of consciousness had become wider. He was immediately delighted, knowing that he had successfully stepped into the mid Qi Refining stage.

"Hey, hey, hey, you have entered the mid Qi Refining stage so quickly?"

Only at this moment did Xiong Yi notice that the Little Penguin had already appeared by his side.

Listening to the tone of the penguin, it sounded a little mocking. Xiong Yi instantly replied: "Hey, you penguin! Are you mocking me?"

"I wouldn't dare, I was hoping you would find me a partner." After saying that, he chuckled.

"Don't worry, leave it to me!" Xiong Yi patted his chest and said confidently.

In the blink of an eye, it was the second day.

He was going to take a taxi outside, but just as he went downstairs, he saw Lil 'Wang standing respectfully downstairs.

Xiong Yi couldn't help but feel a little amused when he saw someone he was familiar with. Wasn't this Lil' Wang who had sent him here back then? Today, it was him who had come to pick him up.

When he saw Xiong Yi coming down the stairs, he immediately went up to him and said with a smile, "Young Master Xiong, Madam has arrived. She told me to come and pick you up. Please get in the car."

The difference in attitude between them these two times was like heaven and earth. It almost shocked Xiong Yi's chin. It seemed that this Hong Men Banquet was not simple.

Little Wang said as he opened the car door. Xiong Yi took the opportunity to get into the car.

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