Strongest Penguin Space/C15 Human-headed Snake
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Strongest Penguin Space/C15 Human-headed Snake
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C15 Human-headed Snake

At this moment, a hissing sound was heard. Xiong Yi's face remained calm, but he released a wisp of Divine Sense to check. Sure enough, he found that the sound came from a tree outside the house.

Xiong Yi slowly approached it. In the next second, a bloody mouth appeared. It was extremely fast and agile. In the time it took to catch its breath, it had actually arrived in front of Xiong Yi.

However, this was enough for Xiong Yi who was ready to strike.

He swung his right hand and three silver needles, which had been hidden in his palm, shot out and hit the monster's upper, middle, and lower three silver needles. This needle had already used 30% of its strength. If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely die on the spot.

"Creak, creak, creak..." The monster let out a miserable cry. Its entire body trembled as it rolled up. It looked extremely uncomfortable.

Xiong Yi looked around and took a deep breath.

What was this thing on the ground? How could it not recognize it?

It was a meter long and had the face of an innocent child. It had the body of a snake. What it spat out was a snake's tongue.

According to the ancient books, this snake was called the Human-Headed Snake. In the folklore, it was a demon with the body of a human snake. It had the head of a cute child and it was used to attract people over. However, once people went over... Then it was over.

Due to the snake's cold nature, if one held their breath and did not move, it would be like a dead object. It was very difficult to be discovered. If it did not make a sound, it would be very difficult for Xiong Yi to defeat it in one move.

Looking at the writhing snake on the ground, Xiong Yi walked over and tightly gripped its seven inches.

"Hiss..." The snake actually spat out its forked tongue at Xiong Yi fiercely.

"Hmph, you little thing, how dare you claim to be the king of your territory? Let's see if I can skin you alive today!" Xiong Yi snorted coldly.

To his surprise, the snake monster seemed to have understood Xiong Yi's words. It stopped its snake tongue and revealed a pair of big watery eyes. It was like a child who had been wronged. It made people's heart ache.

"En? You can actually understand human language?" Xiong Yi's heart moved, and he said in a stern voice, "You treacherous bastard, don't think that I will let you off just because you pretend to be pitiful. The more you act like this, the more you can't be allowed to live. Otherwise, if you do evil in the future, you will hurt even more people."

As Xiong Yi spoke, he increased the strength of his hand, which was holding on to the seven inches.

"Squeak squeak..." The snake seemed to know that it was going to be unfortunate. It kept wailing as it looked pitifully at Xiong Yi.

"Are you begging me not to kill you?" Xiong Yi asked coldly.

When the snake heard him, it immediately nodded its head.

"Eh?" Xiong Yi couldn't help but ponder. This thing looked very clever. If he gave it to Brother Penguin as a playmate, it could help him relieve his boredom.

After pondering for a moment, Xiong Yi decided not to kill this snake. He then inserted a Divine Sense imprint into its brain. With this Divine Sense brand, this snake would never be able to think of any thoughts of resistance in the future.

"From now on, I am your master. You cannot have any disloyalty towards me. Otherwise, you will definitely be crushed into pieces, and your body and soul will be destroyed." Xiong Yi said coldly.

The snake was so scared that it trembled and nodded its head repeatedly.

"Alright, since the matter is settled, you can follow me." After saying that, his psychokinesis moved and the snake was sent into the button space.

After dealing with these matters, Xiong Yi once again checked the 9th courtyard. As expected, he felt that there was no longer the cold air here. It seemed like there was no longer any danger.

After confirming all these, Xiong Yi decided to renovate this place. He would open a Health Hall on the first floor and move to the second floor.

After finishing all these, he took a taxi home.

At this moment, in the button space, the Little Penguin was startled by the sudden appearance of the snake.

"Yo! This Xiong Yi is really interesting. I haven't seen him for a few days. " He actually gave me such a big toy. " After saying that, he chuckled and walked forward.

"Hiss hiss..." When the snake saw the Little Penguin approaching, it attacked with its forked tongue.

"You think you can deal with me? This space is mine. Everything here is under my control. When you get here, you can only serve me tea!" The Little Penguin revealed a look of disdain.

"Hiss hiss..." This human serpent had never suffered such humiliation before. Besides suffering a loss at Xiong Yi's place, it opened its mouth and was about to eat the Little Penguin.

At this moment, a wooden stick that the Little Penguin had obtained from somewhere flew into the snake's mouth in an instant. It directly held up the upper and lower half of the snake's mouth.

The snake's mouth was wide open, and it tried its best to close it. At the same time, it rolled on the ground in pain.

The Little Penguin was laughing loudly at the side. It was having a lot of fun...

The next morning, Xiong Yi got up and found a construction team to repair West City Street Number 9 Courtyard. At first, no one took up the job, but they could not resist the temptation of Xiong Yi's money, so some bold foreigners took up the job.

Xiong Yi went to the driving school.

In the Xiong family's villa, Dun Qin heard that not only did Xiong Yi come out of the 9th courtyard safely, but he also found a construction team to repair it. Her face immediately twisted in anger.

"Xiong Yi is really lucky! I have found an opportunity to teach you a lesson!" Dun Qin gritted her teeth and said.

"Maybe it is a coincidence. I want to see if he can hold on until the day he enters." Xiong Wei said with a look of disdain.

"Then let's wait and see a good show." Dun Qin said in a gloomy manner.

In the afternoon, Xiong Yi just returned from the driving school and received a call from Su Rou.

"Miss Su, is something the matter?"

"Brother Yi, tomorrow at my best friend's engagement ceremony, you will invite me over. Can you pretend to be my boyfriend and accompany me?" Su Rou asked earnestly.

"Yes, okay."

Hearing Xiong Yi agree, Su Rou's worried heart finally calmed down. She said happily, "Then I will go and pick you up tomorrow."

"Okay, see you tomorrow." Xiong Yi smiled gently.

The next day, Xiong Yi and Su Rou went to the engagement party.

The engagement ceremony was outside the room. The hotel provided a romantic and beautiful place for the newlyweds.

A long white rectangular table, a long piece of cloth hanging down, and a table full of fresh flowers and champagne.

The expensive air transportation roses decorated the arch road, coupled with the blue sky and the colorful balloons, created a romantic and luxurious atmosphere. This was the place where rich people were getting engaged.

Su Rou saw this beautiful scene and could not help but sigh, "It is so good to be engaged in such a place! Right?"

When Xiong Yi heard Su Rou say so, he smiled and said, "With Miss Su's family status, it will only be better in the future."

Su Rou reproached, "I already said that I will pretend to be my boyfriend today and call Miss Su Miss Su Miss."

Seeing Su Rou's slightly pout, Xiong Yi's heart suddenly became soft. He could not help but reach out to scratch Su Rou's nose and softly said, "Yes, Xiao Rou."

"Oh, you just entered the house and you are showing off your affection. Who are you showing it to?" It was Yin Mengqi who said this.

This Yin Family was in the real estate business. They did not lose to the Su Family in terms of power at home. However, in the recent few years, their development was rather fast, and they were faintly showing signs of surpassing them. Yin Mengqi was the apple of the Yin Family's eye. She had always been arrogant and despotic, and never put others in her eyes.

As the two of them were intoxicated by the romantic scene the moment they entered, they did not pay attention to the movements of the people around them.

At this time, Su Rou heard someone talking and turned around. She saw Yin Mengqi holding onto a handsome man standing in front of her. She could not help but frown and said in a deep voice, "The speed at which you change boyfriends, I really can't catch up to you!"

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