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C18 The Hall of Health Opened

For the sake of the Health Hall's smooth opening, Xiong Yi had been busy refining various kinds of Beauty Ointments, beauty pills, and so on. When he was free, he even got a driver's license.

The Little Penguin and the little ghost head were quietly watching from the side. Sometimes, they would even help collect some essential medicinal herbs. This little ghost head was the name that the Little Penguin had given to that snake. Because even though it was a snake, it had a human head. Thus, the Little Penguin simply called it little ghost head.

During Xiong Yi's busy days, the Little Penguin and the little ghost head had become good friends.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the Health Hall's opening day.

Early in the morning, all the big families of Dragon City had actually sent flower baskets and congratulatory gifts. Outside the entrance of the Health Hall, rows of luxury cars were parked. There were Maybach, Maserati, Rolls Royce, and so on and so forth.

Su Rou called early in the morning to congratulate Xiong Yi on the opening of his new shop. But because something happened to her father, she could not leave. She could only send someone to deliver the gifts.

Xiong Yi stood at the entrance of the shop early in the morning to welcome a group of distinguished guests.

"Mr. Xiong, congratulations!" Lady He got off a brand new Bentley and walked straight to Xiong Yi. She extended her hand and gave him a generous gift.

Ever since she used Xiong Yi's Beauty Ointment, Madam He had thrown away all the cosmetic products that she had used before. Now, her skin looked even more beautiful than before. The reason she had come this time was to buy more.

"Thank you, Madam He. Please go in and see if you need anything." Xiong Yi received the congratulatory gift and said respectfully.

There were dozens of saint grade beauty products in Health Hall. In addition to the Beauty Ointments from the previous time, there were also many new products, such as quick white cream, tender skin cream, skin cream, and so on.

Due to the matter of the engagement banquet last time, Xiong Yi's Beauty Ointments were rumored to be miraculous. Hence, they were basically sold out in less than two hours, and the other products were also almost sold out.

In addition, the Health Hall had also specially set up a pharmacy and acupuncture room. This acupuncture could treat many kinds of difficult and complicated diseases. In the following period of time, it was unanimously sought after by the public. Of course, that was all in the future. Nowadays, many people did not know much about acupuncture. They also didn't know how wonderful it was. And this pharmacy was specially used for Xiong Yi to refine medicine.

Most of the people who came today were socialites and upper-class ladies. They were all here for Xiong Yi's Beauty Ointment.

There were also many reporters gathered outside the door. They all wanted to record the bidding trend brought about by the holy medicine to raise one's appearance, so that they could become famous.

The Health Halls of Health Hall were not very expensive. It was about 11,000 thousand bottles. To these socialites and ladies, it was just a bag. It was not worth mentioning at all.

"Xiong Yi, I didn't expect you to be the one who opened the Health Hall."

A beautiful woman in a long white dress with long hair draped over her shoulders walked towards Xiong Yi. She was like a fairy that had walked out of a painting, attracting everyone's attention wherever she went.

"Miss Bai, long time no see. Are you here to return the car?" Xiong Yi teased with a faint smile.

"Yes, if it wasn't for something happening at home, I would have come long ago. Yes, my lord." As Bai Bailing spoke, she stretched out a string of keys and handed it to Xiong Yi.

Xiong Yi caught it and said, "I have a lot of cosmetic products here, do you want to go in and take a look? I will give it to you for free."

"Sure." Seeing Xiong Yi being so polite, Bai Bailing did not hesitate at all and followed him in.

Just as everyone was in high spirits, a disharmonious scene appeared.

They saw a woman angrily barge in. That woman wore a mask on her face, only revealing her two small eyes.

As soon as she entered, the woman ran in front of Xiong Yi. She pointed at Xiong Yi and cried, "You black shop! You cheated me of a hundred thousand yuan, and you made my face look like this.

Give me back my money!"

Everyone heard the sound of the wind and gathered around. They saw the woman slowly take off her mask, revealing a shocking scene. Her face was covered with red rash, and there was not a single good spot on her face. Everyone sighed.

"Everyone, look! I spent several years' worth of savings to buy Beauty Ointments. I didn't think that it would be a scam. "My face was ruined the moment I touched it!" When the woman saw that the crowd had gathered, she raised the volume of her voice.

"Didn't you say that the Beauty Ointment is a holy item for cosmetic purposes? Why did you make your face look like this?"

"Luckily, I haven't bought it yet."

"It's really too scary. I don't even dare to use it anymore. "I don't know if I can refund it."

"I have personally witnessed the miraculous effects of this Beauty Ointment. How could such a situation occur?"

Everyone was talking about this.

At this moment, the reporters outside the door saw that there was a good show. They hurriedly gathered around, taking pictures and recording. There were even some bold people who walked in front of the woman and asked about what had happened.

"I came here early this morning to buy things. This is the money I saved for several years. I originally thought that I could make myself more beautiful, but who would have thought? Aiya, my mother, this is a scam!" The woman sobbed and said.

Seeing this scene, everyone pointed and pointed at Xiong Yi.

Bai Bailing, who was standing beside Xiong Yi, pointed at him. She said: "Sister, you must touch your conscience when you speak. Don't frame a good person. Big Brother Xiong Yi definitely won't sell fake goods."

Seeing Bai Bailing not asking anything and directly defending him, Xiong Yi's heart instantly felt warm. He patted Bai Bailing's shoulder with a smile to express his gratitude.

Then he said, "Are you sure there was a problem with my Beauty Ointment?"

Xiong Yi revealed a playful smile and stared at the woman.

The woman's forehead broke out in cold sweat when she felt that burning gaze. However, she still fiercely said, "Of course, it's this bottle." As she spoke, she even took out a bottle of Beauty Ointments.

Xiong Yi did not take it, but said faintly, "Did you smear your entire body?"

He immediately grabbed her arm and rolled up her long sleeve. At this time, her arm was also densely covered with red rash that looked like her face.

"Oh..." Everyone let out a sigh.

Everyone knew that this Beauty Ointment was worth one hundred thousand. For someone like her who had saved up for several years before she could afford a bottle, it was impossible for her to use this hard-won Beauty Ointment to apply it all over her body. It was simply a waste of heaven's gifts.

At this time, the woman was not willing to be outdone and said, "I, I'm allergic. It's you, this Beauty Ointment, that makes my entire body allergic."

This was quite possible. Everyone looked on with interest.

"Whether or not my Beauty Ointment makes you allergic, we'll know when we go to the hospital."

"If you want to go, then go. Who's afraid of who!?" The woman had an arrogant look on her face. Obviously, she was not afraid that the matter would be exposed. She guessed that there was an expert behind it.

Thus, she accompanied the many people who were watching the show and the reporters to the hospital in Dragon City. Dragon City Central Hospital was Dragon City's largest and best hospital. It was also the most authoritative hospital.

Although the hospital in Dragon City was named after TCM, it also had Western medicine. In the courtyard, there was a specialized TCM building and Western medicine building. Furthermore, Western medicine was also ahead of other hospitals.

At this time, they came to the Western medicine building's dermatology department.

The doctor who was in charge of the consultation was a doctor with the surname Huang. After inquiring about the situation, Doctor Huang gave a series of orders for the woman to do a blood test to find the source of the allergic reaction. At the same time, he did a check on the ingredients of the bottle of Beauty Ointments.

The results came out very quickly.

"The results show that the Heart Piercing Lotus in this Beauty Ointment causes this lady to have allergic symptoms." Doctor Huang held the receipt in one hand and adjusted his glasses with the other as he spoke seriously.

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