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C19 The Truth Was Revealed

"Are you sure she's allergic to the heart lotus?" Xiong Yi asked seriously again.

"That's the result of the examination! Do you dare not believe in science?" Doctor Huang angrily stood up and pointed at Xiong Yi.

"It's not that I don't believe in science, but I'm afraid that you have done something to the list based on the fact that we are in the same group." Xiong Yi revealed a look of disdain.

"I have never dared to talk to me like this! You little brat, you sure have a lot of guts. Just you wait." As Doctor Huang spoke, he directed the reporters outside the door to come in.

He stretched out his hand and took out the results sheet, trying to let the reporters take a clearer picture.

"What's going on? Why are there so many people gathered here?" At this time, a white-haired old man came in and asked sternly.

The crowd made way unknowingly.

"President Jin? Why are you here?" When Doctor Huang saw Director Jin Chenggong, he immediately walked over with a flattering expression.

"I heard that someone is causing trouble here?" President Jin looked around. When he saw Xiong Yi, his eyes lit up. Wasn't this the person who knew the Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Doctor in the video?

"President Jin, it's that person. His Beauty Ointment is allergic to people. He refused to admit it in front of the evidence and even slandered me." Doctor Huang said as he handed the test report to President Jin. He had a smug look on his face.

In his opinion, President Jin would definitely believe him when he saw the result.

President Jin looked at the test sheet and then understood the sequence of events. He said to Xiong Yi, "I wonder what is there to explain, little brother?"

Looking at the kind face of the dean, Xiong Yi said firmly, "This person is not allergic to Beauty Ointments, but seafood. I don't know how this examiner did it, to be able to make such a mistake. "

Thinking that Xiong Yi might be the descendant of the Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Doctor, President Jin decided to trust him temporarily, so he said, "There will definitely be no problem with the test here, but if anyone dares to cause trouble, I will definitely punish them severely. I will give Little Brother justice. "

After that, President Jin once again sent someone to check it out.

When he heard this, Doctor Huang's face was filled with fear, and cold sweat flowed down his face. Even his calves and stomach were trembling non-stop.

As for the woman, she fiercely lowered her head and wanted to take the opportunity to escape. However, she was caught by Xiong Yi. "What? Do you want to leave?"

"I, I, I just want to go to the toilet!" The woman stammered with a guilty look on her face.

"I see. Then bear with it for now. The result will be out soon." Xiong Yi said lightly.

Because it was President Jin's order, the result was out very quickly. Not long after, a young nurse came over with a list.

President Jin took a look and immediately said angrily, "There is indeed a troublemaker! Doctor Huang, as a doctor, you actually neglected your duty. You don't need to come to work anymore! And those who participated in the test today, all are dismissed and will never be hired! "

When Doctor Huang heard this, he fell to his knees with a plop. "President Jin, this has nothing to do with me. I only spoke based on the results. I don't know what is going on. Please, give me a chance."

Whether I give you a chance or not depends on this little brother. " President Jin said with a cold face.

"I think this Doctor Huang is very capable. He can probably get a better position in other hospitals." Xiong Yi looked like he was watching a show.

In fact, he had seen through it a long time ago. This time, someone had done something behind his back, deliberately setting him up so that the Health Hall would not be able to continue operating. Needless to say, the person who hated him so much must be Dun Qin. It was just that he could not find any evidence against her, so he had to do this first.

After hearing Xiong Yi's words, President Jin immediately sent someone to throw Doctor Huang out. After that, he walked in front of Xiong Yi and said very respectfully, "Little brother, are you satisfied with this treatment?"

When they saw the dean bowing and bowing like this, everyone's jaws dropped. Was this still the high and mighty dean in their hearts? Why would he be so polite to a young lad at this moment?

Xiong Yi looked at the old dean, who had a respectful expression on his face, and his impression of him instantly increased. He replied with a smile, "Thank you, President Jin, for upholding justice. I, Xiong Yi, am very grateful!"

"Today's matter has made you suffer. Why don't you go to my place and have a cup of tea?" President Jin asked tentatively, afraid that Xiong Yi would refuse.

Looking at the sincere face of the dean, Xiong Yi guessed that he probably had something to ask him, so he agreed. At this time, Bai Bailing was also by Xiong Yi's side, following him to President Jin's office. As for the woman who framed Xiong Yi, she had already slipped away during the chaos.

Once they entered, President Jin invited Xiong Yi and Bai Bailing to sit beside the tea set and personally made a pot of tea.

"President Jin, are you looking for me for something?" Xiong Yi asked as he looked at the dean who was cooking the tea.

"To tell you the truth, a few days ago, I saw a video where a young man used acupuncture to treat a patient with deep depression. Today, I met Mr. Xiong and felt that she was very familiar. I wonder if you are the same person as in this video?" President Jin said casually.

"Yes, it is me." Xiong Yi said with a calm expression.

"Oh? So you really cured your depression?" Hearing the affirmative answer, President Jin obviously could not sit still. He unconsciously grabbed Xiong Yi's hand.

"Yes." Xiong Yi looked at the tightly held hand and felt a little uncomfortable.

"Is that the Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Doctor?" Speaking of this, President Jin became even more excited.

"Oh? President Jin has heard of this before?"

"To tell you the truth, I have read about this Ghost Doctor's Thirteen Needles in many ancient books, but because it has been lost for so many years, the introduction is not very detailed. I have studied it for most of my life, but I have yet to fully understand it. I did not expect that I would be able to see someone use it in my lifetime. "It's truly my great fortune." At this moment, Xiong Yi's grip became even tighter.

"That, President Jin, can you let go of my hand first?" Xiong Yi said with an awkward expression.

"Oh, okay, okay, okay." President Jin also realized that he had lost his composure, so he quickly let go of his hand.

At this moment, someone knocked on President Jin's office door.

"Come in!" President Jin heard someone knocking on his door and immediately sat up straight.

"President Jin, the chairman of the Qin Group, not only did he come to our hospital to treat his fever two days ago, but no matter what medicine we use, it doesn't work. He has used all the medicine in the western medicine. Now, he has difficulty breathing. He is being resuscitated in the Emergency Department." A young nurse quickly told him what had happened with a nervous expression.

"What? Old Qin is in the emergency room?" President Jin felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard the news.

This Qin Linhai was the chairman of the Qin Group and had a deep relationship with President Jin. Furthermore, the Qin family was one of the top powerhouses in Dragon City. If something were to happen here, it would definitely cause some trouble.

Thus, President Jin rushed over. Xiong Yi and Bai Bailing also followed.

Once they entered the emergency room, the ECG monitor that monitored vital signs suddenly stopped beating and turned into a straight line. President Jin's heart skipped a beat. He immediately walked over and extended three fingers to check Elder Qin's pulse.

There were no signs of life. It seemed like he could no longer be saved.

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