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Strongest Penguin Space/C3 I'll Give You a Divination
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C3 I'll Give You a Divination

After a simple change of clothes, Xiong Yi left the room.

Although the Sunshine District was a little shabby, it was not far from the center of the city, and the surroundings were quite bustling. Because he lived in a wheelchair all year round, Xiong Yi rarely went out, and not many people knew him.

He walked aimlessly on the street alone, not knowing where his destination was.

At this time, a taxi drove past in front of him. "Young man, do you want to take a taxi?" The driver asked in a friendly manner.

Xiong Yi didn't know where he was going, but when he saw someone greeting him, he didn't say anything. He opened the car door and sat in it.

"Where are you going?"

"Is there a night market nearby?" In this city, Xiong Yi did not have any friends he could befriend. In places like bars and clubs, Xiong Yi was naturally disgusted. It was not easy for him to have a normal life. He wanted to enjoy the smell of fireworks here.

"What a coincidence. Recently, the street stalls have been popular, and a big night market has been set up nearby." Speaking of this, the driver became interested, "The policies are good now. Many unemployed citizens have a livelihood. It has been a long time since this place has been so lively. The smoke and smoke in the city has also come out..."

As the driver drove, he talked endlessly about the latest news. Not long after, he arrived at his destination.

Xiong Yi got out of the car and took out his wallet, only to find that he didn't have much money at all. All these years at home, he was like a young lady who was kept in her room. He didn't go out the door and didn't go out the second door. Naturally, he didn't need money, so his wallet was basically just for decoration.

Before he was chased out of the house, due to his physical condition, the things that Xiong Yi needed were things that Dun Qin ordered people to do. She was able to save as much as she could, so Xiong Yi's food, clothing, and accommodation were similar to the servants of the Xiong Family. Only when Father Xiong was at home could he have a good meal. Therefore, Xiong Yi did not have any living expenses at all.

This time, Xiong Yi was chased out. He only had a suitcase with him, and the clothes inside were all street goods.

After paying for the taxi, Xiong Yi only had less than 500 yuan left in his wallet. Looking at the dried up wallet, Xiong Yi sighed. He could only take one step at a time.

Entering the market. It was really bustling. There were stalls on both sides of the road. There were all kinds of snacks, barbecues, toys, clothes and jewelry. It was a dazzling sight.

It had been a long time since he walked on such a lively street. Even if it was just a walk, Xiong Yi would still be very happy.

After passing through the crowded crowd, Xiong Yi saw an old man wearing tattered clothes selling a bowl.

Xiong Yi walked forward and squatted on the ground. He picked up the bowl and carefully examined it.

"Young man, I sold this bowl to you for ten thousand yuan. It's really not expensive. If it wasn't for my wife's illness, I wouldn't have taken this out. " This bowl was left by my grandfather's grandfather. It's a proper antique. "

After saying so much in one breath, the old man looked at Xiong Yi with a sincere expression.

"Um, grandpa, are you sure this bowl is an antique? I don't have that much money on me." Xiong Yi carefully studied the patterns on the bowl.

"Country bumpkin, go to the side if you don't have money." At this time, the surrounding people were already surrounding them. The voice was from one of the people with a fat head and big ears. He wore a very thick gold chain around his neck.

This man was wearing Versace's clothes, which were very gaudy. Beside him was a young and delicate girl. The young girl was young, but she was wearing thick makeup. She was wearing black stockings and a short skirt, looking like a demon.

Xiong Yi saw him say that, so he stood up and said, "I can't afford it. How about you buy it?"

The fat man obviously didn't expect Xiong Yi to say that. He looked embarrassed and said, "If you want me to buy it, I'll buy it."

"You can't afford it either, right?" Xiong Yi provoked him.

"Who do you think can't afford it?" After saying that, the fatty took out a stack of red bills from his wallet and threw it in front of the old man. "I want this bowl."

"Sigh, there are too many swindlers nowadays. Even idiots aren't enough. There's no need for that." Xiong Yi shook his head and sighed slightly.

Although his voice was not loud, it was heard by Fatty. "Who are you calling a fool?" As he spoke, he charged forward.

Xiong Yi turned around and left, ignoring him. Xiong Yi didn't want to lower himself to the level of such a person.

When he thought about the counterfeit just now, Xiong Yi found it funny. It was probably worth ten or eight pieces. The words at the bottom of the bowl were only engraved within a month. This kind of thing could only be used to deceive those people.

After walking around the market once, he unknowingly returned to the old man who sold the bowls.

Seeing Xiong Yi walk over again, the old man took out a porcelain bottle from his pocket behind him.

"Young man, the Clear Green Flower, how about it? It was priceless. These were all things left behind by the old ancestor. "If it wasn't for the fact that my wife urgently needs money to treat her illness, I wouldn't have sold them. "If you sincerely want to buy them, the price can be negotiated."

Xiong Yi smiled," Uncle, I won't buy your things. Since we are fated, let me give you a divination. "

"Divination?" When the grandpa heard the divination, he was dumbfounded. "You won't cheat money, right?"

Obviously, the old man was very vigilant.

"Don't worry, I don't want money. I was just passing by and felt that I had fate with you. I stretched out my hand to take a look."

When the old man heard that he didn't want money, he cooperated and stretched out his left hand.

After Xiong Yi carefully looked at it, he said, "Uncle's family is a family of three, and they have a son."

"That's right."

"Your wife is suffering from cancer and is bedridden. Your son should have a problem with his brain too, right?" Xiong Yi asked.

After he asked this question, the old man was surprised. He looked as if he knew something.

Xiong Yi continued, "Uncle, there are some things that you should take care of when you see fit. If you commit crimes, you will die. I see that your forehead has turned black and your eyes are lifeless. There should be a car accident in the near future. Be careful when you go out. "

"Young man, why did you curse someone all of a sudden?" The old man was instantly unhappy when he heard about the car accident.

"No, I'm just reminding you. It's up to you whether you believe me or not." After saying that, Xiong Yi stood up and left.

For some reason, when Xiong Yi saw the old man's face, a series of information appeared in his mind. The knowledge that he had absorbed in his mind in the Depressed Space today suddenly popped up. Xiong Yi followed the memory and said what he had just said. As for whether it was accurate or not, even Xiong Yi himself did not know.

When the old man heard Xiong Yi's words, he was no longer in the mood to set up a stall. He packed his things and left. However, just as he reached the intersection, he saw a car flying over from the opposite side and knocked him away.

"Not good. There's a car accident. He's dead." Someone shouted from within the market, and the crowd went over to watch.

Xiong Yi was about to take a taxi when he heard the sound, so he went over to check. Wasn't this the old man who sold antiques just now? At this moment, he was lying on the ground with his face covered in blood. The scene was somewhat tragic.

Xiong Yi was shocked beyond words. How could it be so accurate?

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