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C4 I'm Rich

It wasn't until he took a taxi back to Sunshine District that Xiong Yi slowly came back to his senses.

This was too accurate. Looks like I have to hurry up and sort out the knowledge in my mind. With this knowledge, I won't have to worry about anything when I go out in the future.

After that, Xiong Yi sat cross-legged on the sofa. He gathered his spirit and began to digest the knowledge in his mind.

The next morning, when a ray of sunlight shone on his face from the east, Xiong Yi opened his eyes and trembled with excitement.

He had combed through all the knowledge in his mind last night, and it was as if he had found a treasure.

First of all, he understood the method and level of cultivation. Theoretically speaking, all spirit cultivators could cultivate.

Cultivation was the same as cultivation, and the cultivation realm was divided into the Qi Cultivation Stage. Foundation Establishment stage, Golden Core stage. Nascent Soul Stage, Soul Formation Stage, and finally, Dao Ascension. Each stage was divided into four levels. They were the initial stage, the middle stage, and so on. Every time he wanted to break through one level... It requires spiritual energy to enter the body, to temper the body, Every time he advanced a level, his strength would become stronger. And in this world, There were some pure martial artists who only knew martial arts and not cultivation methods. It was called the Physical Training Stage.

In addition to the concept of cultivation, he also learned a lot of medical skills and alchemy knowledge. With these things, Xiong Yi believed that even if he could not ascend to become an immortal in the future, he would definitely become a Godly Doctor and leave his name in history. At the very least, he could still be like Zhuge Liang, able to predict things.

Ever since he soaked in the Spiritual Spring, Xiong Yi felt that his strength had increased by quite a bit. Compared to ordinary people, he could already be compared to ten.

He stood up and walked to the door, only to find that he didn't seem to have anywhere else to go. An idea suddenly occurred to him. Why not go to the button space and take a look?

With this thought, his psychokinesis moved and he arrived in the space. At this time, the penguin was still sleeping.

"Hey, wake up!" Xiong Yi shouted at the penguin.

"Who?" The Little Penguin was shocked and jumped up. It looked around and said, "Aiyo, why are you shouting so loudly? You have disturbed my dream."

"I'm here to inspect my button space."

"Besides, I don't have money and work. I don't even know what I went out for." He glanced around.

The environment here was very good. There were mountains and green trees surrounding it. There was also a courtyard house. The spiritual spring was in the courtyard house. Outside the courtyard was a medicinal field. A rough estimate would be about a few hundred acres.

Xiong Yi walked towards the herbal field. Penguin followed behind him. "Where are you going?"

Xiong Yi did not answer. He walked directly to the herbal field. There were more than ten thousand herbs planted there, including thousand-year-old ganoderma, thousand-year-old ginseng, and Sky Mountain Snow Lotus.

As Xiong Yi came from a pharmaceutical family, he was extremely sensitive to herbs since he was young. His family was a pharmaceutical family, and every year, he would spend a large amount of money to buy herbs. Due to frequent contact and being influenced by him, Xiong Yi knew a lot of medicine.

If he had these medicinal herbs, wouldn't he be able to save a large sum of money?

However, the Xiong Pharmaceuticals had already been taken over by Dun Qin. It had nothing to do with him. It seemed that this herbal field would not be of use for the time being. Thinking of this, Xiong Yi let out a slight sigh.

"By the way, is there anything valuable in this detachable space?" Xiong Yi turned his head and asked the penguin.

"Of course there is. My previous owner has a lot of magic tools and treasures. Unfortunately, he has ascended now, but his department's wealth is still here."

When it came to the previous owner, The Little Penguin was very tsundere, and it had a look of admiration on its face.

"You also know that it's the previous owner. Now, this space belongs to me!" Xiong Yi did not hesitate to submit to the penguin. In any case, he did not like his tsundere appearance. "Quickly bring me to see my treasures."

"A little..." The Little Penguin stuck out its cute little tongue, almost making a face.

They made a lot of noise along the way and arrived at the house. This hot spring was still emitting hot air like last time. Recalling the hot spring from last time, Xiong Yi felt every cell in his body was in an uproar, eager to absorb the spiritual energy of the hot spring again.

"Come in quickly!"

This shout pulled Xiong Yi back to his thoughts. He reluctantly turned his head and walked quickly to the room. He saw that the shelves in the room were filled with all kinds of treasures. Any one of them could be worth tens of millions.

There were more than ten boxes in the corner of the room. Xiong Yi walked over and opened one of them. His eyes instantly lit up. "So many!"

Wow, I'm rich! Who would have thought that I, Xiong Yi, would suddenly become so rich from an impoverished rich second generation? Faced with so many gold, silver, jewelry, and jade antiques. Xiong Yi estimated that he would be so excited that he would not be able to sleep for a few days and nights.

"Look at your lack of knowledge!" Penguin revealed a look of disdain.

What cultivation technique? What ascension? Xiong Yi instantly threw these thoughts to the back of his mind. In the past, when he was disabled, he didn't have the ability to enjoy it. He didn't care much about money, fame, and wealth. Now that he was in good health, he should enjoy his life when faced with the temptation of money.

Xiong Yi picked two pieces of porcelain from the Song Dynasty on the shelf, turned around and left the button space.

In Huaxia, gold, silver, and jewelry could not be circulated. Everyone used Huaxia coins, so Xiong Yi wanted to go to the antique market and see if he could sell these two pieces of porcelain.

He went out and took a taxi to the Antique Market. Pan Yuan Street was the most famous antique street in Dragon City. There were antique shops on both sides of the street. Xiong Yi was carrying a bag in his hand as he walked along the street. He looked around to find a suitable shop. He happened to see a shop not far away. There were a lot of people in front of the shop, so he walked over curiously.

A shop assistant said to a woman in her twenties, "Miss, this is the pen wash. The price is 30 million. We don't dare to make the decision on our own. Please make the decision."

The woman's long hair fluttered in the wind. She was wearing a very elegant white dress. She had put on some makeup on her face, and her slender and straight long legs were faintly visible under the skirt.

This person was none other than the young master of this shop and also the only daughter of the Su family - Su Rou.

The Su family was an antique family, and had always been involved in the antique business. This store was one of the many stores in the Su family, and it was named Jubao House. It was the largest store on this street.

At this moment, Su Rou had already walked forward and took a brush to wash it. She carefully looked at it.

Nowadays, there were very few porcelain pieces and the ones preserved in the world were even rarer. It was even rarer to see such a complete one. Nowadays, the number of ceramics sold on the market had already reached a sky-high price.

"Blue as the sky, jade-like face, sparse Morning Star, cicada's wings." Su Rou spoke slowly, "This price is considered fair."

The antique industry now paid particular attention to buying and selling. Now, they would buy it at a high price and then sell it at a higher price.

People in the antique industry relied on their knowledge and judgment. Only people who knew would buy it. Moreover, there was no refund rule when buying antiques and buying real or fake ones.

Seeing that the deal was about to be made, Xiong Yi snorted lightly. In the crowd, the sound was extremely ear-piercing.

Su Rou was stunned and looked up. A handsome young man was reflected in her eyes. Su Rou was stunned for a moment and instantly reacted. She asked, "May I know what advice does this sir have?"

"It's just a fake." Xiong Yi said lightly.

When he said this, everyone was stunned.

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