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C5 Fake


"Sir, you can eat whatever you want, but you can't speak nonsense." The person who was selling antiques said nervously.

"Sir, I will check the antiques myself. There is no problem with that," the man said. Su Rou said very seriously.

The seller was also anxious. "Don't speak nonsense if you don't know. Do you know how long it took us to get this antique? " If you say it's fake, then it's fake? "Miss Su already said that there's no problem."

He looked very excited.

Xiong Yi looked at that person and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.

Although Xiong Yi had been paralyzed in bed all these years and looked like a piece of trash, he actually had more time to learn. In addition to some knowledge in the field of medicine and medicine, he also liked to study history and antiques. He also liked to watch some treasure inspection programs to pass time.

As for the antique appraisal, it could be said to be at the level of a master. Furthermore, after soaking in the hot spring, Xiong Yi discovered that all the antiques he saw had a kind of spiritual energy lingering on them. The older an antique was, the more spiritual energy it would have. Perhaps the reason why he had so many antiques in the spatial lock was to gather spiritual energy.

When he went out this time, the two antiques that he carried with him could be said to have spiritual energy wrapping around them. However, when he washed the pen in front of him, there was no spiritual energy at all. According to his many years of experience, This was basically a fake without a doubt.

That person was stunned, then lowered his head guiltily.

"As everyone knows, the Song Dynasty porcelain kiln is roughly divided into six series. They are: the Stabilizing kiln series in the north, the Yaozhou kiln series, the Jun kiln series, and the Maglev kiln series in the south; the Dragon Spring porcelain series in the south zone, and the Qingbai porcelain series in Jingde town. However, because the porcelain was not easy to preserve, and it had been over a thousand years. "The porcelain of the Song Dynasty is very rare, so it's worth a fortune." Xiong Yi said slowly.

When he said this, the shop owner who was standing next to Xiong Yi sneered. "So what? These three years old kids know what you are talking about. What are you showing off in front of us seniors?"

Xiong Yi didn't even look at him. He picked up the pen and washed it.

His movements were very casual, as if he was casually doing it. The thing in your hand is just a piece of shit.

Everyone present felt their hearts skip a beat.

This thing was a piece of porcelain! And it was held in his hand just like that?

"What do you know!? Don't pretend to know! " Hurry up and put it down. If you break it, will you be able to pay for it? "The person who made the deal wanted to give Xiong Yi a good beating.

Can you afford to pay for it?

Xiong Yi sneered, "It's just a fake. So what if it breaks?"

These words immediately angered Boss Zhao.

"Miss Su, what do you think?"

The face of the seller also turned ugly as he loudly said: "It doesn't matter if you don't accept it. Anyway, good goods are not afraid of not being able to find a buyer."

When these words came out, Su Rou's heart paused for a moment. This brush did not seem to have any problem washing it. It was exactly the same as the information she previously knew.

She bit her lips and hurriedly said, "What are you saying? I was planning to buy this brush wash, but..."

She subconsciously looked at Xiong Yi. For some reason, she subconsciously felt that what Xiong Yi said was right.

"Ah, Miss Su, it's just something! This person is not someone from our antique industry. He is purely here to cause trouble." The other bosses nearby also tried to smooth things over.

As they listened to others, they spoke one after another. The seller also snorted coldly and said, "Miss Su, I originally thought that your Su family was the most famous antique dealer in Dragon City. I thought that you must have unique insight. But now, I didn't expect that you wouldn't be able to see anything! "

"If that's the case, then which boss here wants my antique?"

As soon as these words were spoken, The few bosses who were watching the show at the side immediately began to ponder.

This was the porcelain of the Song Dynasty, and it was an extremely rare treasure. If they received it, they could double it! But if it was a fake...

Thinking of this, the few of them were a little conflicted.

At this moment, Boss Zhao was the first to speak. "Since that's the case, I'll take it!"

After he said that, the remaining people were unhappy.

"Boss Zhao, you're not being honest, are you? Such a good antique, are you going to take it all for yourself?"

"That's right. We've also taken a liking to it. No matter what, we have to share it with those who see it."

Another person at the side chimed in.

That Boss Zhao instantly rolled his eyes and snorted coldly. "Anyone who sees it will get a share? Who doesn't know whose hands this thing belongs to? Are you guys trying to snatch the item from me!? "

The few of them were arguing until their faces turned red. Su Rou also started to get anxious.

She quickly opened her mouth and said, "Everyone, I'm sorry. I didn't say I don't want this antique either..."

"Didn't say I don't want it? Then you didn't say you don't want it either. Miss Su, don't take up the outhouse and shit!"

"That's right. You heard that the thing is fake and don't want it anymore. Now that we want to take it, you come and rob us again. " How can there be such a thing in this world? "

One of them said.

Su Rou's fair little face instantly turned green and red and she did not know what to say.

"Miss Su, since that's the case, I, Old Zhao, will take the things."

When these words came out, everyone was stunned.

Especially Su Rou, who was so anxious that she stomped her feet. "It was my fault earlier. I should not have listened to other people's words. Since the price has already been negotiated, how could we not want it? " How about this, I'll add another 100,000. How about I apologize to you? "

Su Rou spoke very sincerely and even used honorifics between her words.

That person paused and then waved his hand. "Forget it, forget it. In order to avoid conflict, I will give it to you. But this thing of mine is not fake! "

Su Rou hurriedly nodded. "You are right."

"Someone, quickly go and prepare the payment."

Su Rou instructed.

She had to pay as soon as possible. Otherwise, if this person regretted it, the duck in his mouth would fly away.

But in the next second, he was stopped.

Xiong Yi walked up and smiled. "Miss Su, wait."

Su Rou was stunned.

He did not know what this person wanted to do.

Boss Zhao's eyes were full of disdain and he loudly said, "What? What do you want to get rid of again?"

"Miss Su, since Boss Zhao wants it, why don't you just give it to him directly? I have better things here. Do you want to take a look?" As she spoke, she shook the bag in her hand.

"Sir, you said it's fake. If you can give me an explanation today, I'll take all your things!"

Su Rou said confidently.

Xiong Yi sneered and threw the money on the ground. "Song Dynasty's Ruyao is gentle and gentle. It is not something this fake can learn!"

The sound of porcelain breaking could be heard in an instant. The broken pieces were everywhere.

Everyone was shocked by this scene. Especially the person who had made the deal. He started to stutter as he spoke. "You... What's wrong with you!? Do you know what you are doing? " Do you know how much this is worth? If you break it, can you afford it? "

Xiong Yi sneered and stared at him. This made him panic. He did not know why, but he felt like he was stripped naked in front of Xiong Yi. He was exposed in front of everyone.

He quickly continued, "Miss Su, how can you listen to this person's nonsense? What kind of antique does he know!"

Su Rou frowned and did not speak. At this moment, she suddenly felt that there was something fishy about the matter.

Boss Zhao opened his mouth at this moment, "Yes, Miss Su, how can you let an outsider speak nonsense? And that person was so audacious that he threw that pen and washed it! "

For a moment, Su Rou's heart was in a mess and she did not know what to do.

In the next second, a voice sounded.

"What are you all doing here?"

Hearing this voice, Su Rou's face immediately lit up and she quickly turned around, "Dad, you are here!"

Su Sheng nodded and walked over.

When he saw the broken brush being washed, his face instantly turned ashen, "What is going on!"

He spoke sternly. Su Rou was startled and did not know what to say for a moment.

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