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C8 Investigate Xiong Yi

"That's right, it's me!"

When he thought about the days he had been squeezed by the mother and son, Xiong Yi had a feeling that he could finally vent his anger. In the past, it was inconvenient for him to move. In order not to be persecuted by them, Xiong Yi had to swallow his anger. In front of them, he had to act obedient and obedient.

However, they had done so in front of their father. In front of their father, they were brothers and sisters. Their mother was kind and filial to their children. Once their father left, they immediately chased him out of the house, regardless of whether he lived or died.

It seemed that in the future, they really had to properly punish this pair of black-hearted mother and son, and take back what belonged to them.

"Is your leg healed?" Xiong Wei looked at Xiong Yi from head to toe, and his eyes fell on Xiong Yi's leg. There was a flash of displeasure in his eyes.

"Xiong Yi, your leg..." The man standing next to Xiong Wei opened his mouth and asked at the same time.

At this moment, Xiong Yi finally noticed that the man who opened his mouth was together with Xiong Wei. Both of them were holding hands as they walked in. It looked like they were very close.

Today, he had opened his mouth and wore a black one-piece dress. He was wearing a ten-centimeter tall Hate the Heavens dress, and it looked like he was about the same height as Xiong Wei. With thick makeup on his face, his fiery red lips opened and closed when he spoke. It was especially dazzling.

"Oh, you guys still don't know? My legs are already healed." Xiong Yi had a playful expression on his face.

Why did his leg recover after not seeing him for two days, and he even came to buy a car? Xiong Wei's brain was spinning rapidly.

"You came to buy a car? Where did you get the money?"

"Me, I had a dream last night and picked up a lamp in my dream. The lamp said it could satisfy three of my wishes, so I made a wish to be healthy, rich, and beautiful. " But when I opened my eyes this morning, all of this was realized. Haha... "

Xiong Yi laughed complacently. He pointed at an Audi R8 and said to the female shop assistant beside him," I want this car. I'll go and settle the paperwork right away. " After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave.

"You, you, you..." Xiong Wei pointed at Xiong Yi. He was so angry that he could not even say a complete sentence. His face was red from holding it in.

"Xiong Yi, I have something to tell you." Seeing Xiong Yi's back, he opened his foot and stepped ten centimeters high. He took small steps and followed closely behind, trying to hold Xiong Yi's hand.

Although she did not have any relationship with Xiong Yi, Xiong Yi was very tall and handsome. He was 1.9 meters tall, had a tall nose, thin lips, and a heroic spirit between his brows. Just his appearance alone could charm millions of girls.

If it wasn't for the fact that Xiong Yi's legs were disabled and her father had been encouraging her to say that Xiong Wei was the heir to the Xiong Pharmaceuticals, she wouldn't have abandoned Xiong Yi.

With Xiong Yi's looks, even if he didn't have money, he would still have a lot of girls sticking to him.

"Miss Zhang, please take care of yourself." Xiong Yi said word by word.

At that moment, the phone in his pocket rang. It was Su Rou.

"Miss Su? Is something the matter?"

"We agreed yesterday to treat you to a meal. I have booked the Dragon City Hotel. The food there is delicious. VIP Room 01. See you at 6 PM."

Su Rou finished speaking in one breath. In order to prevent him from saying a reason to refuse, she did not wait for Xiong Yi to speak and quickly hung up the phone.

Xiong Yi shook his head helplessly, and the corner of his mouth revealed a faint smile.

Because he had been disabled for many years, Xiong Yi did not have a driver's license. So he waved to the staff and asked her to send the car to Sunshine Community. Then he took a taxi and left.

Looking at Xiong Yi's back as he left, a flash of ruthlessness flashed across Xiong Wei's eyes.

"What? Are you telling the truth?"

In the Xiong family's villa, Dun Qin was sitting at the table in the garden, trimming the flowers. When she heard that Xiong Yi's legs were fine, she was so shocked that she almost cut her fingers.

"I saw it with my own eyes! Not only did his leg get better, but he also bought a car!" Xiong Wei paused for a moment and continued, "Mom, tell me. Was he faking it in the past? Did Dad give him some property privately? "

This Xiong Wei was Dun Qin's biological son. He had grown up in her hands since he was young. Dun Qin took care of all the matters in her life. No matter what he did, he had to ask his mother. He was a man worthy of his mother's name.

"This..." Dun Qin fell into deep thought.

In Xiong Pharmaceuticals, Dun Qin had arranged for people to enter and exit the company a few years ago. Every cent of the company could not escape her eyes. Logically speaking, Father Xiong would not have left Xiong Yi some family property behind her back.

Regarding Xiong Yi's legs, this was indeed somewhat strange.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was something fishy about it. So he clicked on his phone and said, "Lee Yong, help me investigate Xiong Yi's recent situation. The more detailed the better!"

Lee Yong was the person Dun Qin trusted the most. This was the child of a distant relative of hers. All the important things that she did were handled by this one called Lee Yong.

A moment later, the phone rang.

"Boss, after some investigation, we found out that Xiong Yi moved out of the villa. When he left the house that night, his leg healed and he even went to the night market. The next day, he went to the antique market and went to the Audi 4S store today. It was said that he sold two pieces of porcelain from the Song Dynasty in the antique market. He got a lot of money. Our people didn't find out when his legs got better. "

Li Yong explained as much as he could about what he knew.

"Trash! You can't even find out such a small thing? Go and investigate again!" Dun Qin angrily roared," Also go and investigate how that antique came about? "

At this moment, she wished she could throw her phone away!

She originally thought that he was a cripple and had no money or power, so she could just chase him out. She did not expect him to hide it so deeply. Not only did he pretend to be disabled and not be discovered, he even secretly hid treasures.

In his heart, he faintly felt that he might become a formidable opponent in the future.

As he thought of this, a thought arose in his mind. It seemed like it was time to eliminate the root of the problem! He could not be soft-hearted anymore!

At this moment, Xiong Yi had just returned home in Sunshine Community.

When he thought of the date at night, he had an idea. Why not take this opportunity to promote himself?

Since he had the first bucket of gold, Xiong Yi had already planned to open a medical center. While selling medicine, he could also use the medical skills that he had recently learned to save people. Most importantly, he could earn money.

Although he already had a lot of treasures now, he could not sell his family property all the time. Wouldn't that make him a prodigal? Besides, it was the right way to rely on labor to earn money.

At this time, it was time to eat dinner. There were still a few hours left, and it just so happened that he could refine some Beauty Ointments first.

Xiong Yi flashed into the button space and picked some herbs in the herbal field. He took out another alchemy furnace and started to focus on refining Xiong Yis.

"Brother Hai, is this the place?"

"Sunlight Community, 302. That's right, this is the place!"

The two people at the door were talking sneakily.

Both of them wore black hats. One of them was short, short, and fat. It was his little brother. The other person was tall and strong, with dark skin and looked very strong. He was often called Brother Hai.

"Knock on the door!" Brother Hai ordered.

A series of knocking sounds could be heard from outside the door. However, Xiong Yi was focused on concocting pills, so he didn't know what was happening outside the spatial zone. A few minutes later, seeing that no one was talking inside, the short fatty used a card to pry open the door.

The two of them walked in gently, half supporting their bodies. After scanning the surroundings and making sure that there was no one around, they stood up straight and began to look around.

"Brother Hai, apart from some lousy books, there's nothing valuable here!" The short fatty had a dejected look on his face.

"Idiot, is your family's antique on the surface?" Brother Hai really wanted to smash his pig's head and look inside. Was it filled with paste?

"Why don't you be the boss and know a lot?" The short fatty chuckled and continued to rummage around.

In the space, Xiong Yi let out a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. When he opened the pill furnace, a rich medicinal fragrance assaulted his face. It was gentle and refreshing.

Xiong Yi knew that the medicine was done. The first time he refined medicine, he was able to succeed. Moreover, he was able to produce a medicinal paste with such good quality. Xiong Yi was very happy.

He took out the exquisite glass bottle that he had prepared in advance and placed all of the Beauty Ointments inside. He also carefully sealed the bottle's mouth.

These small glass bottles were crystal clear to begin with. When these white Beauty Ointments were placed inside, they looked both exquisite and high quality!

Seeing Xiong Yi leisurely tidying up, the Little Penguin slowly opened its mouth and said, "The house is in such a mess. You actually have the leisure to do this?"

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