Submission/C2 CHAPTER : 2
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Submission/C2 CHAPTER : 2
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"Rose! Wake up! We are fucking late for school! Get your lazy ass up!"

"Five minutes more please!"

"Oh hell no! You get up now Missy!"

With that warning, I was kicked out of my bed by none other than my best friend and my world Liza.

"Come on Liza! It's Friday! We can skip school...." My muffled voice echoed through the pillow.

"Oh really? Do you plan on losing your scholarship? Because I will not let you. So get up, get ready, and let us get going because we are already late."


It's just so strange when your life is one thing and then suddenly it changes. Maybe that is what happened to me when I got a scholarship to Bruckbane college. I never thought I would but here I was, sitting in the car with Liza, off to a destination which would have never existed for me a year ago.

I looked out the window and saw the mushy green trees with scattered bushes here and there covered with snow. The weather was cloudy, not that I minded much because I always loved the rain. Never the cold nor the heat but the rain. Maybe it had something to do with the season I was born in, a kind of biased likeability. Forks was quite the perfect place for a hideaway. That is the reason why I moved here and anyways it's closer to my college. So it helps I guess.

"Hey, do you mind if I plug in some music?" Liza popped the bubblegum and nodded her head in agreement.

"No prob Rose, but please do not start with Debussy. My ears are bleeding from listening to those same tunes again and again." Liza said as she steered the car to the frosty road on the left.

"Okay then, Ludwig Van Beethoven it is". A smile crept across my face as the melodic tune made it to my ears mixed with the crunch of the fresh snow underneath the tires of the car as snowfall softly pelted from the sky.

I was never very comfortable talking to people I have never talked to before. Always quiet unless asked a question, trouble with expressing myself and listening more than speaking up. It was not hard for people to lose interest because they would think that I didn't have any interest either. I was okay with it. Not interacting with people, keeping to myself, isolated and alone, until Liza came into my life.

I was never awkward between me and Lizzie. We could sit in absolute silence with each other and still be comfortable. We never even talked about each other's past because it's better that way but other than that we were poles apart. She was the more social and outgoing one whereas I was the shy and secluded one.

"Hey, did you know that there is a new music teacher coming to our school? I heard that he is kinda hot." She wiggled her eyebrows and looked at me with a suggestive naughty glint in her eyes.

"Eww! Lizzie it's gross to have a crush on your teacher." The frown on my nose distorted my facial structure as I looked at myself in the side mirror through the closed window pane.

"You wait Rosie. I am sure you will start drooling once you see him. After all, you are a young woman with hormones. So hold your horses before you say something which you will regret later. Anyway music is your favorite subject and you will have to spend more time with him and then..." She giggled as she stopped mid-sentence and took a peek at my glaring face before continuing. "You are not that tough Rosie, he would easily get charmed by you and finally, we will be able to have double dates and..." Her imagination running faster than reality as she dramatically spoke like a three-year-old and practically squealed with excitement.

"Whoa! Stop with that family planning, would you? I didn't even have my first boyfriend and you expect me to fall into a guy's arms that easily. Not to mention he is our teacher." The frown rose up to my forehead as I considered Liza's words but laughing still at her delirious imagination.

"Well, you never know what happens in life..." Liza said as her laugher slowly died down.


There is always that one thing in college that no one can ever hide from, PE.

So think about my condition when I get my schedule and the first thing I notice is none other than PE which happens to be before my favorite class, that is music. This meant that I will get all sweaty and tired by the time I reach my music class. Clumsy as I was, I wasn't quite bad at PE but I didn't like it either.

We were walking to our locker room with a dragging soul as a bunch of cheerleaders passed us by with their voices a little too loud talking about the new teacher who seemed to have become very famous.

"Geez! He is all over the school. Guess he is very handsome." Liza said while sending a text to Max, her boyfriend, and bumping my shoulder with hers without peeling her eyes away from the screen.

"What's up with the cheerleaders and mini skirts? Is it like their dress code or what? All they ever wear are mini skirts and skinny tops." I said ignoring her comment. This whole hot teacher thing is too much for me.

"Chill. It's a free country and a very poor attempt made by you to divert the conversation. By the way, Max and I are gonna skip the last period, care to join us?" Her lips quirked up in a wicked smile with the idea of a possible crime.

"Sorry, I can't. My last period is music and you know I can not skip it and I thought you did not want me to lose my scholarship? What happened to your I-am-your-strict-nanny-phase?" I smiled a little bit as I saw her smile as well.

"Okay! Okay! I am giving up on making-my-friend-cool-phase. Happy? And any ways I would not want you to miss your little date with Mr hot now would I ?" She winked and chewed on her bubblegum like one of those Casanova who would love to take anyone home.

Blurting the words out as quickly as she could, she scurried away to her class before I could punch her.


Changing back into my clothes after PE I dragged my body towards music class. I was a hundred percent sure that I would fall asleep on the piano even before I could hit a note. All those laps around the playground did not help the fact that my muscles were tense and sore. Not to mention the fact that I was completely drenched in sweat even in this cold weather.

My tired, lazy hand reached for the door to the music room, swinging it open as my eyes met with green, mossy green enclosed in eyes.

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