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C1 Steamy Night

Denzel Hobbs stood silently in the shadows of his dim lobby. He had his hands in his jeans pocket as he leaned forward to the window facing the street. His whole body tensed, his dark brown eyes scanning the sidewalk with intense focus hoping to see her walk through.

"Where the hell is she? It's past seven already". He gritted.

He felt Kara might not make it as planned. They had met at the restaurant few days ago just as he was about leaving. They exchanged contact and he made sure she saw him entering his Lamborghini before zooming off. That was his little way of telling her that he was rich enough.

Later that night, they were already having a dinner date and tonight she was supposed to come and spend the night.

Denzel had already f*cked a lot of women who were more attractive and more sophisticated but for the fact that he hasn't f*cked Kara before made him feel a tinge of excitement in between his legs.

His eyes still fixed on the street; Denzel readjusted his position as he was already becoming impatient. He was already getting aroused by the mere thought of what he could do to Kara this night.

"How long before she gets here?". He wondered as he continued to look out of the window checking his watch and his phone at intervals.

Was he beginning to like Kara? It looked as if his whole body was yawning for her.

"Hell no". He replied himself. There was no way he was going to fall for that prank called love ever again. All wanted was just to catch his fun and go his way.

Denzel glanced an approaching figure; his mind almost went wild. He saw Kara dressed in a short black, leather mini-skirt. He immediately ran down the stairs to meet her at the door.

He did a surprised double-check as she got closer watching her s*xy figure come fully into view. He gaped when he finally got to see her face again.

"Damn, she's so beautiful". He whispered to himself as his eyes ravaged her beauty.

"Hey Kara, glad you could make it". He said with a smile stretching out his hands for a hug. They embrace and he couldn't help but feel her musky scent which sent sweet sensations down his spine causing his manhood to react almost immediately.

"Welcome to my house". He said with a smile. Kara smiled back as she walked in.

"Wow." she gasped seeing how amazing the whole place looked. "Looks so amazing".

"Thanks. You care for something to drink?" He asked as he took her to a seat.

"No thanks, I'm fine"

Seeing how hot Kara dressed made it very hard for him to keep it together, he was already horny and so hard. The fact that so many things he could do to Kara kept running through his head made him so hard that he felt his manhood would burst through his pants.

"Damn, you're gonna get laid". He breathed.




Denzel twisted and turned, searching with his hands for his partner who he had just spent the night with, but she was nowhere to be found. He quickly opened his eyes just to clear his doubts but Kara wasn't lying in the bed.

He quickly Looked perhaps she would be sitting somewhere by the window starring at the beautiful morning but she was nowhere in sight. He got up, scanning the room but no sign of her he quickly got his robe from where it hung neatly. He threw it over his body and headed towards the kitchen.

He got to the kitchen but stopped by the door as he met Kara sorted with a cup of hot coffee while starring outside the window.

Seeing her in that position, thoughts of what happened the previous night flooded back into his head. It was a night he was never going to forget in a hurry.

He approached her from behind as she started out of the window. She dropped her cup of coffee on the kitchen table beside her as Denzel's soft hands caressed her shoulders.

"Good morning lovely". Denzel said as he planted a kiss on her lips.

She threw her head backwards holding his head in a bid to urge him to continue. He kissed her as his hands drifts down her shoulders towards her breast. This caused Kara to relax more as she threw her head further back as she enjoyed every bit of the morning tease.

Denzel continued as the top of his fingers traced the contour of her collar bone, slipping inside the neck line of her top, under the strap of her bra and followed it up the over towards her back.

"Oh!". She gasped in ecstasy.

His right hand worked with his mouth alternating between kisses and light nails on the base of her neck. He felt her head move in circles, exposing her sensitive skin to him and encouraging his exploration. His hand traveled up the back of her head, his fingers entwined with her hair.

Her whole body hums with anticipation, with so much desire. Kara felt a warmth as moisture begins to gather between her legs again. She had actually lost count on how many times she had c*m since she arrived at Denzel's house the previous night. She had come to Denzel's hoping to get laid but not in the way it has turned out to be since the previous night. They seemed not to have enough of each other as they f*cked in possibly every corner of the house.

Denzel placed his hands on her back, his hands against his shoulder blade and stroked his hands from her down to her waist. His thumb following the course of her alone, sending cold shivers all over her body.

"You're so irresistible". Kara mouthed as she stood up facing Denzel.

With his free hand, he pinned her hands behind her back, with the other hand, he let go of her hair and stroke down her back. He reached the waist of her skirt, he hooked his fingers underneath, gathering in her panties too and lulled them down over her ass, down her legs until they are around her knees.

He pushed her legs wide as they were able, restricted as they were by the elastic of her skirt and her underwear and dragged his nails up the inside of her thigh, finding a familiar warmth and moisture between her legs.

He leaned over to her, pressing down his weight into her pinned arms and his fingers slide along one side of her p*$sy, to her bald mound. As his fingers returned back down her slit, over her cl!t, he spread her p*ssy lips wide until his fingers pass her hole and slipped between her butt cheeks. She cooed, enjoying every bit of the moment.

He looked into her eyes as he pressed his cock harder to the entrance of her pussy, enough for the head to sip between her pussy lips, but not enough to slide inside her. He gradually increased the pressure, her p*$sy hungry to accept him, and he felt her goosebumps rise as she ached for it.

He started to move her hips back and forth just a few moment so his tip could start to open her up, as he used his hands on her ass and in her hair to move her body in time with his. Her face and breasts slide back and forth on the marble, Denzel's cock always just slightly out of reach. Each time he pushed forward, He opened her up just a little more, until most of the head could enter her and he felt her p*$sy gripping him, trying to prevent him from leaving.

After what feels like hours of teasing, Kara felt him grip her hair and wrists harder. Denzel's body tensed and he pulled her back towards him as he slid firmly into her, stretching her wide around his fat cock, completely filling her up as his balls collide with her clit.

"Mmmmmmm, f*ck that's good” they said, almost in unison, as Denzel rested his full weight against her, expelling the air from his lungs, breathing and groaning in her ear.

His hips moved just a little bit so he barely moved inside her. Her body under his weight moving with him, pulling out just a centimeter or so and then back in again, ensuring she stayed completely full.

With his weight pinning her, his hand moved from her ass up and over her hips, down the outside of her thigh, and then inside finding their way between her legs. He lifted her right leg so that her knee now rested on the kitchen counter top, and his fingers gained access her cl!t. His fingers moved gently around and over the little button, coaxing it to give her more pleasure and bringing it out from its hiding place, so that her p*$sy spasms and clenches around his cock.

His thrusting moved to longer strokes, but his enormous size meant that still only half-length slid out of her. He lifted himself so his cock massaged the front wall of her p*$sy, seeking out her g-spot, trying to make her p*$sy explode.

At the same time her finger remained on her cl!t looking for the perfect pleasure spot, wanting to feel her p*ssy gripping him as he f*cked her. His other hand was in her hair still, pulling her head back so he would kiss and nibble her neck. Inevitably he bit her a little because she felt incredible. He loved the feeling of her hips trying to meet his thrusts as she got carried away, knowing that his using her like this was getting her close.

More of his length slid in and out of her and she felt him become more urgent, his hips now pulling his cock almost completely out of her so only the tip remained. His body started to tense and his thrusting became more erratic as he started to lose control, the action of his hips now slamming her body into the kitchen unit, pressing into her stomach.

His mouth on her neck and shoulders started to groan, and as he took her more roughly his fingers started to rub her cl!t more frantically, desperate to feel her cum. His cock moved fully out to the tip with each thrust before plunging back again, filling her to the point that he almost collides with her cervix each time.

She felt him tensed up behind her as his orgasm becamen inevitable. A few last erratic thrusts as deep as he could and with one last brutal lunge he buried it fully into her, his weight thrown forward on top of her. She felt his cock pulsing as his seed flowed into her in a torrent, y

her p*ssy gripping wildly around him as his orgasm pushes her over the edge as well. She was completely pinned and unable to move as her orgasm flowed over her, her whole body started to shake, sending shock waves up and down her spine and legs.

Finally, she felt His cock start to soften inside him and he lifted himself off, using her body to lift himself up. As she felt his cum start to drip out of her, he kissed and nibble down her back and over her ass, his hands going to each ass cheek as he crouches behind her, His elbows forcing her legs apart. He licked down the crack of her ass, over her butt hole, and further down to taste their cocktail pooling around her entrance, and then further still to her cl!t.

He flicked his tongue over her cl!t, determined to make her cum again, squeezing her ass with his hands and pushing her up further onto the counter to get better access. She spread her legs in response, knowing another orgasm is not far away. His tongue slid up and down her slit, loving her taste, their taste, before he moved back to focus on her clit - around it, over it, listening to her body and her moaning to find the perfect spot.

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