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C10 Ten

"Kate is awake,"

"How is she?" He asked pushing Eva slightly off him.

"She's gradually coming around but she is skeptical about coming back to the house. I've tried convincing her; I told her you're willing to increase her pay so nobody gets to know. I'm sure she's going to accept the offer".

"Whatever she wants, give it to her. Just make sure doesn't press charges or let the public know about this. I'll be there in five minutes".

"Huh?" Eva quizzed curiously, was he about to leave in the middle of their sensual love making?

"Are you there?" Denzel asked over the phone, ignoring Eva.

"No, you don't need to do that. I'm taking care of things over here. Just relax and get some rest."

"Okay, whatever happens, always let me know. I'll be here waiting." Denzel said as he ended the call.

"You were gonna leave in the middle of all these?" Eva asked motioning to her naked body. She was furious and at the same time disappointed.

"It's an emergency, I needed to be there but Kim is already taking care of things". Denzel said as walked over to his wine bar, pouring himself another glass of whiskey.

He took a sip as he stared at Eva who sat on the couch with her legs wide open. Seeing the beautiful sight of her mound glistening with her juices.

"You know you've still not told me what you are doing here?" Denzel asked taking another sip.

"I thought you might need me that's why I came."

"What exactly are you doing in my life? I thought I'd made it clear to you back then in school that I didn't want you anywhere near me?"

"But I need you everywhere around me. I've always loved you Denzel and I still do. I had to move back into town just to be close to you. Besides, what happened back then in school was just a mistake and I could live out all my life just to make it up to you"

She stood up from where she sat and walked up to Denzel. She tried to kiss him but he shoved her away. Eva didn't relent. She reached for his lips trying to kiss him. She knew he was going to wield to her antics. He was still hard and she knew he still wanted to f*ck her nuts. She succeeds this time around. She continued with the kiss, her tongue ravaging his mouth in a deep but passionate kiss. Her hand reached out for his rock-hard tool, grabbing and stroking with the aid of the pre-cum that had already gathered around it.

He cooed as he held her by the head pressing his mouth hard against hers. He lifted her off her feet and placed her on the couch, spreading her legs as wide as he could".

"Please f*ck me," she whispered in a pleading tone.

"Your wish is my command," He answered as he drove into her without warning.

"Ohhhhhhh ... mmmmmmm ... yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... fuck me ... hard ... deep ... like that ... yesssss ... yesssss ... F*ck me harder ... make me cum, lover ... I want to cum all over your big, hard cock," she moaned, breathlessly as her pussy gripped his cock even tighter.

His hips became a blur as he pounded into her. The Sitting room filled with the sound of their flesh slapping against each other and a squishy, wetness from between her legs.

Her fingernails scratched his back as her back arched upwards, pressing her tits against his body. Her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling herself up while pulling Denzel down, mashing her clit against the base of his cock. It was everything you'd ever fantasize about.

"So close ... so close ... I'm gonna cum... gonna cum ... gonna ...," she chanted until Denzel pulled away.

"WHAT ...?"

"Turn around, slut. I want to f*ck you from behind."

"Mmmmmmmmmm, my favorite," she said as she spun around, her ass high in the air. She dropped her head to a pillow. The sight of her wet, swollen p*ssy was matched only by the limited sight he had of her tits mashed against the Couch.

"Is this what you want, sl*t?" He teased, as he rubbed his cock across her outer lips making sure to rub against her hypersensitive clit, Making her wince as she thrust her ass even higher than she did previously to meet his cock.

"Yesssssssss ... pound my cunt. Drive into me, Denzel. Let me feel your cock ramming against the back of my pussy," she moaned, as she raised a hand and placed it on the hand of the couch to support herself.

Denzel's hands gripped her hips and as he pushed forward, while he pulled her back against me, making sure that my entire cock was buried in her. "Yes ... yes ... yes ... so good, so fucking hot ... gonna cum if I keep going like this," Denzel wheezed between thrusts.

"So ... who's ... stopping ... you?"

His pace increased once again, the desire to cum blocking out everything around them.

"Ohmigod ... your cock feels so good in my pu*sy. It feels so fucking big. Stretch me, lover. Stretch my cunt. I will always love having you f*ck me like this. Ahhh ... yes ... yes ... oh gawd ... don't stooooop."

The couch shook beneath them, the back of the couch slamming against the wall with each thrust. It was then that Denzel felt Eva's fingers wrap around my cock as she played with her clit.

Denzel felt her pussy tighten around his cock and knew it was going to be a race to the finish to see which of them would cum first. He leaned over and reached between her legs, capturing her clit between my thumb and forefinger. He gently squeezed as my balls slapped against her slit.

"F*ck my ass," Eva said out of the blue.


"Shut up and f*ck me"

She reached out to her purse and pulled out a lubricant. Denzel's eyes widened. She had come prepared. She poured a good amount of lubricant, rubbing it on her ass. She took a position, lifting up her ass high up enough. She took Denzel's cock and guided it to the ass hole.

Denzel who couldn't believe it, watched on as she took over, helping him guide his cock into her ass.

"F*ck" He mouthed as he penetrated her from behind. He couldn't believe how tight it was. He trusted her slowly but after a few thrusts, he began gaining momentum, and a few minutes later, he began pounding her.

"Do it ... pound me ... f*ck me ... ohmigod ... cum in me ... fill my ass with your cum," she said a voice so soft that Denzel barely heard her.

He thrust forward, burying his cock into her depths. He felt her ass wall clamp down around his shaft, like a velvety vise. That was all it took. Strand after strand of his cum rocketed from the tip, splattering and painting the walls of her ass. "Arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhh," Denzel groaned as his cum filled her. He saw bright colored lights flash in front of his eyes as his cock jerked and spasmed.

"ME TOO!" she wailed as she felt his cum fill her pussy. Her pussy muscles rolled up and down its length, milking every strand from him.

He saw bright colored lights flash in front of his eyes as his cock jerked and spasmed. I rolled over onto my back as the room around me slowly began to fade, whether from the amount I'd had to drink or the intensity of my orgasm I didn't know nor care.

It felt like the most natural thing in the world as she stood up, lay with him, resting her head on his shoulder.

The last thing he remembered was asking, "What are you doing here?"

It felt like the most natural thing in the world as she rolled on her side, resting her head on my shoulder.

The last thing I remembered was asking, "What are you doing here?"

"Shhhhhhhhh," she replied as she gently ran her fingertips across my chest. "I'll explain it all in the morning?"

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